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Phone4UThe sales person, misled, decieved basiclly lied to me about the contract phone i aquired!!

I took my spiro phone back to phones4u because it was playing me up. The sales woman fiddled with the phone for a bit and then asked if i'd thought about a contract phone i said i had but wanted ideally a phone where i could connect to my computer and continue with my home learning i.e. so i can learn while at appointments or going places in general. The woman said have i ever had a contract phone before i said "NO" (big mistake)...she asked another member of staff and they said xperia mini10 pro, she said" The minimum it would be would be £30, i could call ANY number, i HAD to take out phone insurance for at least 2 months...i asked when i would have to pay and she said in a months time; i said good for i do not have the money in my account...this was 29thDec 2010. on the 11th of Jan 2011 i got a whopping bill of £71.05p!!?? Baffled by this i contacted Vodafone i queried my bill...with out saying the man on the other end of the phone said "LET ME GUESS YOU WENT TO PHONES4U"... "YES" i replied (says it in itself)...the man from Vodafone told me that what the sales woman said was FALSE!! If i had not caught this in time it would have put me in serious debt with £15 a day bank charges. I urge anyone if they want a contract phone go to the shop you want a contract with!!!



i started working in phones4u 7 month ago and never been happy the way the dealing with people. i approached my manager explaining my situation and i felt harass of loosing my job. i will explain to you all how it works and how they cheat on people. we work with vodafone, orange and O2. virgin and tmobile are the worst network for us and we get less commission on it so the manager advise us to go for the other network so that he can get his commission as well. (How the money works) basically every phone they sell they get an amount of GB that appears on their computer. the oldest phone they sell like the J700, U600, Nokia6500 they receive quite lots of GP. so what they do is suppose someone comes in and say he want a phone with good camera, music and memory and he want the N95. we all know that this phone is a new and expensive phone so the tariff will be high too and the customers might not go for it because of the tariff and there is not much GP to earn from selling this expensive phone. so we to the office pretending to get the phone, where the manager waits for us there and give us a different phone which is cheap and where there is more money to earn. Now i come back to the customer saying that this phone is similar the the one you looking, it has good memery, good camera and you can play music with it. the best this is if you take as you said you do not want to spend too much of you tariff, i will do a discount for you today. " in my head i know that my manager has already told me that if i sell this phone the company will earns £200 so the max we can spend on the customes is £120) . so i say to this client, if you take this phone today, it will be free of charge and the tariff that other network providing is £30 what i do, i make it £25 for with the same amount of mins and text. Once the smile comes on the customer face, we start processing his documents. when he sign his contract, it says £30 instead of £25.. then we say right what am gonna do is i will give you £90 cash today so when your bill comes £30 every month you just take £5 from the £90 to make £25 pound and that the whole 18 month contract. BUT WE ALL KNOW ONCE THE MONEY GOES TO OUR ACCOUNT, IT WILL VANISHED IN COUPLES OF DAYS AND WE WILL ENDED PAYING £30 INSTEAD. (INSURANCE) if we dont sell insurance to customers, the manager get very angry to the staff as if we sell a phone to a customer with insurance, the company earns lots of GP and the staff and manager get more commission. so once we selling the phone, we say to the customer "this is premier plan inclusive to P4u, if you read page 7to 9 till i go and get your phone) when the customers says sorry but i have home or bank insurance that covers my phone already so am not going to take it, then because we know that if we sell this phone to this customer we will received lots of GP so we take some money out from the company money and tell the customer, you know what how about i give you 2 month free insurance by paying your first 2 month, here you are £2o cash in your hand. after that if you want to cancel feel free to do it. the reason they give 2 month its because if the customer cancel it before 2 month, they loose the commission and GP.
the company always tell us not to sell Tmobile because its crap network, one morning i went to work my manager told of us that Tmobile sent a fax saying that every phone we sell today they will gives us extra £5 on top of the commission, and the manager told us that every single customer who comes today, tell them about how many minutes and text they can get, if they happy with that just process the deal, dont worry about the network as long the customer is happy with the deal.

(The Matrix) every morning we get to read a note call the matrix which says which phone we will sell today will make the company earns more money. as usual all the oldest and cheapes phone that makes more money, so the manager will guide us by selling all those cheap phone instead where they can earn more money more commission and more Gp for the company. and told us if we sell those phone there are lots of cash to give, so offer the customer as much cash the matrix says just to make sure he get this phone. for example the customer might say well i like the phone but i wanted that one. so we will reply, to be honest they both the same but the best with this one is you get more mins and text and if you take it today i might see if i can offer you a free gift, if he says what kinda of gift and i go looksdo you like playing PSp, customer says yes, okie here you are £150 cash for you in your hand go next door and buy yourself a PSP today.
There is more to say regarding inside talk about customers, please reply and i will answer as much as i can.