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Philippe Richard CookwareRebate

Bought philippe richard cookware at jc pennys in april and sent in my rebate with the receipts and the bar code off the box. I never received anything back from the company and they have no website to contact them by. I contacted jcpennys and they told me that there is nothing they can do for me it is a manyfactures issue. I think that they need to stop selling this brand until this problem is taken care of. I'm not the only one who has had this problem. The rebate was the only reason i bought this particular brand because after the rebate they were cheaper but after i didn't received my rebate i ended up paying more.

  • We
    webopolis Nov 24, 2010

    Philippe Richard Cookware is manufactured by Table Tops Unlimited. The Phillipe Richard brand is sold exclusively at JC Penny. Here's their Web site:

    Good luck.

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  • Mj
    M. J0yner Mar 07, 2011

    I bought the porcelain 13xxX2 baking dish for Thanksgiving 2010. I used it for the second time on yesterday and the handle on the top broke off in my hand. I will be contacting the store and anyone else that can rectify the situation NOW. M.J. in Tampa, FL

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  • Su
    Susan Bennett Jan 21, 2016
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    Verified customer

    I only found table top unlimited and Phillipe Richards on facebook, so have posted my issue there. I also have complaint.

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Philippe Richard CookwareMy rebate

I called that number [protected], and I got a message after message to nobody, I need my $30.00 dollars rebate and it passed 8-10 weeks, can I please get so help so that I can get my money, I will never buy anything from J C PENNEY, that involue a rebate because never this problem from macys or any ofter stores, for my money, I brought it on a J C PENNEY credit card, and I still can't get any help.please help me.

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    Adevalady Mar 24, 2010

    Try this site and this number 1-800-497-4959. I too purchased the set but after reading the comments i think i will take it back and forget about the rebate. However, I called the 800# and was told there was a three week back up on processing the rebates because the had an influx of rebates over the holidays although the receipt did say give 8-10 weeks for the refund to arrive and it will be in the form or an American Express gift card. Hope the info helps.

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  • Mi
    Mika24 Apr 12, 2010

    i just purchased a 21pc set non-stick cookware 2 days ago & i mailed in the rebate i hope i dont have that problem

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    Deborah RObertson Apr 17, 2010
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    I purchased the philippe richard cook wear on jc penny's catolog And this cook wear is awful I have had the cookwear for 3 mts and i must tell you DO NOT EVER PURCHASE THIS COOK WEAR... It is not dishwasher safe all the backing codeing is washed off .. I'm afraid this cookwear can poison someone...I have tried to contact the company but always get the run around...

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  • Se
    sells Jun 23, 2010

    i agree i bought a set on christmas and we are in the end of june i still havent heard anything about the rebate i think they are a scam and i will never buy anything with there name on it
    i cant belive how unprofessional they are...

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  • Jo
    john nick Oct 22, 2010

    i have not received my rebate for two months. thats ok i will not shop at J C Pennys agin...

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  • Do
    Dont buy JCPenny May 09, 2011

    They sent me a letter saying I did not qualify because I did not send my upc code. I triple checked to make sure I folllowed all the guidelines and that everything was placed in the envelope. I made a copy of it too.I messaged them several times. No reply back. I contacted JCPenny and they claim that is not their responsibility, I have to go to Philippe Richard company. So I asked JCPenny for contact number to them and the don't have it. If I was JCPenny, I could be concerned about my customers more. But I guess they dont want my business anymore. This is definately a scam. Plus JCPennys stuff has gone down hill. Bought my husband some shirts there and the arms shrunk by many inches in length after a few washes.

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  • Mi
    MikaSaur24 Aug 27, 2012

    We are sorry for any inconvenience we may have caused you. We ask that you please contact our customer service department if you would like to resolve this issue. Below we have included the correct web address, e-mail, and phone number. We look forward to resolving this issue, as your satisfaction is of the utmost importance.
    [email protected]
    (310) 549-6000 ex: 1432

    Tabletops Unlimited, Inc.

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Philippe Richard CookwareNot substantial

I purchased two (2) sets of Philippe Richard Cookware. The retail value stated was $99.00. I paid $59.00 for each set as they were on sale. The quality is terrible. I had given one set as a gift and kept the other set for myself. I was very displeased with my set, but the person I gave the set to saw me and said, "I know you gave me that set of cookware, but I hate it and I'm going to throw it away."

The pieces became discolored after the first use and, therefore, look very old. Everything sticks in the skillets, and it is impossible to clean them.

I am very displeased, and would like a refund, or a gift card to the store or something.

Philippe Richard Cookware — Fraud and cheating

Like another report I read here, i also purchased a set of Philippe Richard, cookware at JCPenneys. I sent in...

Philippe Richard CookwareCookware

This is the worst cookware that I have ever owned. Everything burns to the pans regardless of how low the temperature is. I have owned these pans for two months and they look like they are 10 year old and need to be replaced. I purchased them at JC Penny and am unable to find a website to lodge a complaint with the company. I would rather purchase Tromantina cookware from Walmart than these pans ever again.

  • Co
    colin a wright Feb 05, 2014

    The phillipe Richards pressure cooker is the worst i have bought, in using it two times since it has literally squirted the food out the sides on every occassion and makes a weird sound when it start pressuring then steam + food water comes out the side under the rim

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Philippe Richard Cookware — Bad cookware

My husband purchased a 5 - qt. Pressure cooker and it has been used not that often, one of the handles broke...