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Perfect MatchOvercharged!

I signed up, was billed for 2 months - with supposedly 2 months free, total of $99.99. I had my doubts from the very beginning and asked for a refund. I was denied the refund and told that all the profiles I see are actual and active members. The total of 4 matches they sent me contained a total of 0 pictures, none of the so called matches answered a request to publish pictures. Then you have the search feature. Even if you select to see profiles within 100 miles, you get 200 miles and more away returned. You can write them, good luck, nobody ever answers. And nobody ever writes you. David Johns from Member Service, recognized in an email to me that most members check their emails very seldom. He could not provide me with any proof that there are actually real and active members. But they still refuse to reimburse the money. My next step is the BBB, and I recommend all to do the same. Those who did not sign up - don't do it! I honestly don't think there is anything you get for your money!

Perfect MatchBeware of this scam!

Perfect Match -

Beware!!! If you sign up with perfect match for only one month you will be automatically charged for the next month unless you go into your account and cancel your membership... There is no "one month" participation program... I got tagged for three additional months because i did not pay attention and even though the agreed i signed up for only one month... They were not willing to give a refund. This is a scam... The program does not work... Only those not datable are available... Beware!!!

  • Dj
    D-Joy Apr 16, 2014

    Perfect match is a scam I agree. I had 58 letters from men. all but two of the letters were almost identical. They all had the following quotes, "Waiting to read from you", "Hoping to get a read from you", "I would love to be your man", "here's my phone number/email. just send me some pictures and I'll send you mine." And the emails were usually filled with dashes and slashes etc. to try to disguise the email so that the perfect match apparently wouldn't stop it from going through. I found many of them giving me names telling me they had facebook and wanted my facebook account as well. I checked them out and found that all but one had any facebook account. One guy's name was some almost naked ladies website. The other thing that was frequently said was "I am a bit shy and new to this online dating thing, I hope we can get to know each other, I would love to be your man." I signed up for the 3 month super special they just had for $59.95. I followed all the steps, processed my credit card and when finished it didn't really give me any kind of clear confirmation I just went to my email and opened my last mailing and was able to get on and open the 58 waiting letters. Once I opened them and read them all when I tried to go back to my account later that day they said my access was rejected. When I wrote to them they asked me for the following
    * The full credit card number that was submitted.
    * The amount that you were billed in US dollars.
    * The handle for your account.
    * The site you joined.
    * The details of your situation
    What is the handle for my account mean? And what site did I join? THEIR account! They don't know their own account?
    stay clear of this one and any other and trust G-d to bring the right person to you at the right time.

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