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Payday loanTook money out of my account

I applied for several Payday loans last week, so I am assuming that is where this company got my information. HOWEVER I never gave my information to this company specifically. I noticed that 29.95 was debited from my account today along with a $35.00 overdraft fee. I wrote to my bank to let them know what happened and made sure they stop any future debits from occurring. I then researched this company and found SO many complaints its ridicules! One person said that they got a hold of a customer service person who directed them to this website I went there and logged in and was able to cancel the transaction and request my money back into my account. I should have it within 1-5 business days. We will see! It shoudl be against the law for people to do this!

Payday loanfraud

I applied for a loan with cash net usa, I was denied because I did not
know the state I live in does not allow payday loans. I just received a call from
a man that I could barley understand, he claims that a transfer was made into
my account, and a warrant for my arrest will be filed within 2 hours, and he claims they'll stop my SSI disability. I called my bank, they went back on my statements from when I opened my account, there was no transaction from cash net usa, I called the "agent" back at a 408 area code I told him that there was no transactions into my account my account and I needed the ACH tracking number, he refused to give it to me and told me to hire a good attorney. I will file s complaint with the FTC and the BBB.

  • Ks
    kstraub Jun 14, 2012

    I am just curious what happened. This same situation is happening to me and I didnt even take a loan with them. I tried to explain to them I had not received any money from anyone and he started to raise his voice so I hung up. Can you tell me if you ever had anything else happen.

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  • Wi
    williquinta73 Dec 13, 2012

    requests information on a loan which I never received, and I was deposited in my account now I have in collection and can not find a telephone number to which call for someone to clarify this situation, do not understand how in this country supposedly so sure the government allows these agencies operate fraud

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  • Mi
    Michelle H Jan 21, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Someone did that to me years ago but when my attorney called them calls stopped

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Payday loan — harassment

This Man call me at my job on Friday 9/23-11 and threaten me with a sued of $10, 000 or 2 years in...

Payday loanrip off fees

I was scammed on a payday loan . Borrowed 500 bucks intending to pay it back pretty quick. Found these creeps on the Internet, (Cash Yes) Should be cashless, They said a payment could be skipped and I could take my time paying off the note. Surprise when I opened my E mail only to find these ### hats tacked another 150 dollars to the balance after debiting my bank account for 45 dollar fee. This is some very expensive money. I was never given all the details in the initial interview. People steer clear of these legalized loan sharks. I will be paying them off this week . WARNING. that 500 dollars turned into 650 in one week, I wonder if this is even legal.NEVER AGAIN.

  • Jk
    JKDE Jun 09, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Legalized loan sharks is correct.

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Payday loanFraudently took money from my account

My bank was able to pull up a electronic check in the amount of $99.95, which was fraudently taken from my checking account. The check reads, Pay to the order of National Platinum, amount $99.95, and where the signature would of went, it says, Authorization On File. On the bottom left hand side there is a customer service number. When I called the number I couldn't even hear anyone on the other end; it sounds like they are miles away. There is also an order number in the same spot as the customer service number which is: #[protected]:00EST 05/09/2011. On the back of the check it reads, Pay to the Order of Public Savings Bank, [protected], For Deposit Only National Platinum, [protected]. This was a fraudlent transaction. I never authorized anyone to take $99.95 out of my account.


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Payday loanScammers!

Scam Alert! These Indian men keep calling me and saying that I took out a payday loan which I never did, they gave me a fake account number thinking I was stupid enough to not call and check (Which I did) and suprise suprise no account found. These people are very agressive and very vulgar, they have called me every name in the book. They need to be stopped! If these people contact you, do not give them any information and call the Federal Trade Commission right away and turn in the number they are calling from so they can continue their investigation! Help bring these ### down!!! Now calling from [protected]

  • Mg
    mgatt99 Jul 01, 2013

    I feel for you. I received 57 calls in 1 week. I asked them nicely to stop calling, they were rude and then had the nerve to call back 5 minutes later with threatening call. I even had one identified one who stated he was an Officer and if I didn't pay. He would have the FBI come to my residence and arrest me. I asked him what crime I committed, he was unable to tell me.
    When I told him I was a retired Law Enforcement Officer with over 30 years of experience. He hung up. Phone from this group is as follows.
    818-538-7971 ( claimed to be an Officer)
    Don't except the American Government, or your local State Attorney to assist you. They usually file your complaint under garbage and you'll never heard from them.
    Piece of advice, If you see a number you don't recognize. Don't answer it or block it if you can. Good luck

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Payday loanHarrassment / Scam

A foriegner (probably India) called me at least 25 times whithin an hour at work. He said his name was Matthew Hope. He stated that I owed an outstanding balance on a payday loan I recieved online, but would not tell me how much the loan was for or when I recieved the loan. He was SO RUDE, threatend me, cursed me, did everything in his power to try to scare me into paying him. He stated that a $3K lawsuit was being filed against me, along with fraud charges. I believe he needed to look in the mirror when he said "fraud charges" because this is a SCAM! Luckily I googled the company "United Cash Services" and it brought up so many fraud and harrassment complaints. He asked to speak with my Supervisor and when I finally let him speak with her, he hung up on her because she was asking him details that he obviously didn't know. The number showed up as 0000 on the caller ID, but he gave me [protected] to reach him. He also gave me his fax [protected] and told me that I must fax him photo ID and a statement saying when I could pay (he also gave me EXACTLY what to write on the paper). When he proceeded to call me, I told him that I knew it was a scam and he cursed at me, hung up, and has not contacted me since! I guess that's the way to get him from stop calling you! Threaten him like he threatens you!! lol

Payday loantook money from my account and have not refunded

On 12-17-2010, $49.98 was taken out of my checking account. I have tried numerous times to have this money put back into my account. I keep getting the run around. I believe this is a scam and people should be aware of this company. Do not agree to anything on their website nor give them any personal information like I did. I made a big mistake but learned a valuable lesson.

  • Pa
    paigemilano Jan 11, 2011

    still, that may be the only way for people to get a loan, I guess. I took one also, and this "membership" I was not aware of. That ###'s cancelled, and my moneys back where it belongs but that's another story. maybe point here is, I guess we just have to read that awfully long terms and conditions, Well for one thing, I guess what I'll do next time (should there be one) would be to not proceed at all with anything if I feel fishy things are to happen. oh and yeah, no personal infos so these mofos can't rip me off.

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Payday loanThreaten to arrest

This company has been paid I believe 10 fold yet they constantly call me with threats of arresting me at my job! Payday loans are the worst things I ever got myself involved into, I need help in getting them away from me and my job, please!

  • Ti
    Timothy Stull Aug 20, 2012

    Payday loan collectors are very aggressive. You need am aggressive line of defense to stop them. Filing Federal complaints & utilizing the FDCPA are the only methods that will stop them. We are ex-bill collectors that now offer collection defense ~ have defended the debtor for the last 12 years. Feel free to call us at 877.297.7011 or visit

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Payday loanharrasment

About a month ago i applied for a loan through this website. They told me they could not offer me a loan at this time because i did not make enough money. So today i got a call from a strange number, i answered it and the man on the other end told me this web site was pressing 3 different felony charges against me because they claimed they put $819.00 into my account and i never paid them back. The man was asking me if i have a lawyer that would be able to represent me in court. THESE PEOPLE ARE A SCAM DONT FILL OUT THE APPLICATION... they are going to get ur account number and make fake documents that they gave you money and try to take you to court. thank god i have bank statements to take with me to court because tomorrrow morning at 11 est an afidavit will be placed in my name and a supena will arrive by the end of the week with my court date on it...

Payday loanScam and Fraud

I was called by this guy from Cash Advance USA saying I owe them $4000.00 on a payday loan supposedly taken out in March of 2010. I asked them where they sent the loan and they said Meta Bank. I have no bank account with Meta Bank I(I called Meat Bank to verify and I was told that i did not have an account with them. They also told me in order to open an account you would have to physically walk in to do so. Meta Bank handles pre-paid cards via I Advance. They gave me their number and I called them to. I Advance told me I did not have an account with them either and this was a scam. Meta Bank told me this was fraud. I was laid off in 2006 and closed my account with Desert School Credit Union. I have no accounts anywhere. Cash Advance USA was very ugly and told me to go to the Court House and pay the $4000.00 then a few minutes later tells me I do not have to pay the 4 thousand dollars. I asked them to please email me copies of loan information and they refused. They refused to send me account verification also. Can you please help?

Payday loanDefault on old payday loan

I just got another call from a representative stating he was "Officer Jeff Anderson" and he had a warrant for my arrest for Monday. (Today is Saturday)

I did not even let him speak this time. The last call (from California) was from some one who said I owed money from an old payday loan I had acquired and defaulted on and that I had a warrant for my arrest and was to be arrested the following Monday. I never had a payday loan from these people and although they had the correct bank name I do business with now (scary), I did not have an account with them at the time the supposed loan was deposited to my account. The caller ID says "VOXBONE SA [protected]"

Here's the thing. If a man calls stating his name is Officer Jeff Anderson or any other plain name like that, and he has an Indian accent as thick as Alibaba, this should automatically send up a red flag to you not to believe anything he says is true.

The same thing happened a few months ago, but this time I just did not have the patience to listen. I told him he should be ashamed of himself for trying to scan people, especially in this economy and told him to take his warrant and shove it. I felt I had handled it quite well considering I could have really blasted him out. So, BEWARE. and be very careful when filling out any type of payday loan application on the internet. Try AMSCOT. The are much more fair and I have never had any problems with them.

P.S. I DID notify my bank of what had happened the first time, with details and names and origin of call. So keep that i mind, especially if he mentions the bank you are using at this time. Thanks for listening!!!

Payday loanAdvertisement

I completed a loan on line in December with a coupon saying receive 50% for first time applicant. I printed the coupon took it in with all my other documents. I ask the rep about the coupon and she stated that I will receive $40.00 as a cheque with 45 days if I dont miss a payment. I paid that loan off within two (2) weeks and open up another loan never missed a payment on the first loan. The second loan I received was for a higher amount. Pay a lump sum to bring the amount lower. Since it is the Month of March way over 45days. I call the store on taylor street and ask the rep LaCecilia as they called (CC) about the check, and she stated to me that the check will be mailed out on the week of 3/15-19. Its is now 3/24 still no check. So again I called the store to inquire about the check the rep stated to me that there is no record of the coupon but will process it again in 45days. How can you process and dont have a coupon they say. So I decided to call the Corporate office spoke with one of the rep she took the information to research and call me back. The rep from corporate call me back and stated she spoke with marketing and they dont have coupons that was printed in Texas. So I decided to go back on line there are coupons that are on line as the same one I had. I called corporate again spoke with another rep that was very RUDE and she stated to me that the store dont have a coupon in my file. I ask her was it possible the rep at the store could have lost the coupon. The rep at corporated stated it is possible and said you can $40.00 if I referred someone. Why are they call corporate and didnt even try to offer anything.



  • Pa
    paydayfreedom Jan 26, 2013

    Payday loan is a great way to boost your credits and build a good credit profile. Just be responsible and knowledgeable in terms of your payments,
    do balancing and check monitor interest charges. Be responsible to avoid trouble in paying the monthly payments every month. Think positive.

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Payday loanScam

I just recieved a phone call from [protected] and a guy with an accent claiming to be officer Jack Anderson from finicial crime investigation. He left a voicemail to call him back at [protected] and I did. He claimed I had charges against me and wanted to know if I would settle out of court or in court. He knew my name, address, last 4 of my social security number, and what bank I belong to. I asked for more explaination and he just said be prepared for legal action and hung up. I called the local police and told them all about it. They told me that it probably was a scam and when they figured they couldn't get anything out of me they hung up and I wouldn't hear from them again. I am afraid after reading some of the complaints I might and be harrassed by these dummies. It scares me that they had so much information on me. So if anyone knows what I should do about this please let me know.

  • Co
    concrndcitizen Apr 12, 2011

    What you need to do is get a copy of your credit report and make sure there is nothing out of the ordinary on it, and then keep track of the numbers that they call you from and report them to the Federal Trade Commission, they will be the ones to do the investigation, last of all, ignore these creeps! I know it doesn't feel like much, but I really hope it helps give some peace of mind!

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Payday loanfast cash never took the payment instead they keep rolling over loan and taking extra money off of me.

I borrowed a payday loan from fast cash. It was to my understanding that the next time I got paid they would take the payment of 260.00. Instead fastcash kept rolling my loan over and charging me 60.00. They rolled the loan over 4 of my pay weeks. Then on the 5th pay week they started to take out extra money. They took out 60.00+50.00 and then the following pay week they took out 60.00+45.00. They never just took out the money owed to them which was 260.00. They took out a total of 455.00 out of my account. I sent e-mails to the company with no response. I had my husband call the company because I work 12 hours a day and by the time I got home the company was closed, and that didn't work. All I want is for them to keep their 260.00 and return the 195.00 of over payments back to my account and then I want my account closed and away from

Payday loanPayday Loan

I think I filled out an application for a Payday Loan with Last Chance I really cant remember because when I filled out one application another one would pop up and so on. I did not hear back from them and did not receive a loan by a couple weeks later realized that they took out $33.98 from my checking account. I looked like they had all my bank info but my SS# was incorrect. I first called and cancelled the somecalled subscription with ID Theft Protection and called and spoke with a person online who stated that they would not refund me my money because I was binded to the contract that I signed. First of all I did not sign any contract and second I did not give them authorization to take out money from my account. I than called and spoke with a Customer Service Rep over the phone who stated that when I completed the application the ID theft info was in the term and conditions of the contract. I did not see any information about ID theft protection and then just hung up on her. Fortunately, my checking out was not overdrawn but I swear I didn't see any info on ID theft proctection when I filled out the application. They stole my money I want it back and I hope they get prosecuted for this.

Payday loanphone call

Help!! I received a phone call this morning from National Advance Payday. A rep--Kelly Martin stated I had committed 3 counts of fraud & would be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. She said I had taken out a loan & not repaid. I have taken out several loans with different companies (which I'm ashamed of) but she said they represented numerous payday loan companies & could not tell me which was not pd. She said I needed to pay $1250 immediately or face charges & My due amount would go up to over $5000. She said I could pay $300 today, $450 by Friday, & the remainder by next Friday. She keeps calling back to get my permission to run my card & wants me to fax a letter with an apology & permission to charge my card these amounts. She said if I don't Legal action will be taken tomorrow & my job will be notifed of my charges. What do I do?

  • Do
    donotbefooled Aug 06, 2009

    donot under any circumstance pay these people, this is apparently a new scam, using the internet. They have no paper trail, no signatures, no signed wage garnishment authorization forms. your employer will notify you before acting on any wage garnishment agreements. this will give you a chance to prove this company a fraud to your employer. crime monitoring said national advance payday tried to withdraw funds from my account, but the bank didnot honor them. I checked with my bank for the time frame they said they tried to withdraw funds and my bank had no record of them. DO NOT be afraid of them. I have sent a complaint to my states attorney office about both companies to have this investigated and to have something on record, in case they try any funny type of legal stuff, regarding this bogus loan.

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  • Pa
    Paydayloanrscam May 14, 2010

    I just had the same situation happen to me and i really dont know what to do>>>

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Payday loanthat I took a loan

I recieved a call from this company at work this morning threathing me with fruad, "running away" with $300.00 and bad checks. They have all my information including names of references. They threahten to have the police and have me arrested for $5, 000. dollars in lawyer fees. The womans name was Felicia Jones and she had a middle eastern accents and she transferred me to her "supervisor" Justine McLane who also had a middle eastern accent. What scares me is that they have all of my info including the last four of my social and they called my job.
Who are these peolpe and how are they getting away with this?

  • Sh
    Sheeyah Jul 03, 2009

    The government has information about how to handle this.

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  • Ye
    yeller Jul 18, 2009

    I just received the same phone call. They claim they are from California and were threatening a law suit if I didn't do something. The more I questioned them the more forceful and threating they became. How did you take care of this?

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  • Gi
    ginger19 Nov 17, 2010

    i received the same call this morning from a shon parker. the number on the caller id was not a real number. he also had a middle easter accent & threatened to sue me, garnish my pay & ruin my credit for i loan i repeatedly told him i never got. I am also scared simply because they have my social. He could provide no information whatsoever about this loan. As the same with Yeller, the more i questioned him the more angry he seemed to become. What do you really do??

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Payday loanStealing Money from bank accounts

This company is the biggest ripoff I have ever seen. My husband took out a loan for 300.00 and we have already paid them more than 700.00 and they continue to attempt to debit our account. We have issued a stop payment, but they continue at least 2-3 times a week to take money out of our account. There is no way of contacting them and we've filed complaints with officials. Do not ever borrow from this company!

Payday loanFraud Unauthorized Withdraws

There was 17.97 withdrawn from my account by check. When I called the bank the gave me the name of PLRC LLC and a phone number of [protected]. When I called I was told I signed up for there services and that she could cancel it but could not refund my money. When I told her I wanted my money refunded she told me to file a police report. I was looking for a payday loan but I never wanted anyone to take money from me if I was looking for money. The woman barely spoke english and told me I could not speak to a supervisor. All I want is for my money to be refunded back to me and the company to be closed. They are theives and they are getting away with lots of people's money.

  • Sh
    shirleynakamiyo Nov 21, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    On 11/21/08 discovered Yolanda Rue attempted to take $130 out of savings account instead of the agreed date of 11/24 for account 431892. Since she attempted the withdrawal w/o permission and caused the $25 NSF fee then before 11/24 the balance due is only $105 via moneygram as agreed!!
    She is not professional along with Mr. Combs that was very rude before transferring.

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  • Ka
    kaylasmom91799 Dec 02, 2010

    I applied for a loan, went through all the process of givng my information, got to the final part to authorize and noticed you had to join a program.At that point I exited out of application and went about my business. Checked my bank account a few days later and noticed an electronc check for $49.98 taken out of my account.
    Was told by company I approved this transaction, but that they would refund.They also could and would not provide proof that I autorized this.Now they are telling me my refund would be sent out in 7-10 days.Stay tuned.

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Payday loanKevin Johnson

Yesterday, I received a call from a "Kevin Johnson" who claimed to be calling to collect on a debt owed on a payday loan. He spoke in a thick Indian accent. I informed him that I was filing chapter 7 bankruptcy and gave him my lawyer's information. Today, he called me back from [protected]. He left a call back number on my voicemail asking to call him back on this number: [protected]. Then he called me back this evening and would not give me any information except to tell me that he was collecting for a payday loan from Cash Advance. I have never heard of this company, first off. Second off, he was very rude and hung up on me when I was trying to get information. He had my social security number and said he had an affidavit for my arrest. I am very concerned b/c I have read on the internet that this is a scam and this guy has my social security number. I am going through a bankruptcy and I am hoping to establish some credit and I don't need some wierd scammer with my social...

  • Ju
    justinalynn Feb 25, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This same kevin Johnson called me today he also had my SS#, address, Bank name! Freaked me out. He was calling about a payday loan I never took out. He was very rude and hung up on me when i told him I was calling the BBB. I have his number and keep calling him back but he will just pick up and say nothing! What a creap!

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Payday loanHarassing Phone Calls

We took out a payday loan in October of this year. We actually applied with a generic application, and received several "offers" - we had no problem with the loan we took out, we repaid it and all was well. Then we started receiving calls from a foreign-sounding man, saying he was coming to arrest us for fraud for an unpaid payday loan from 2007? Not possible. He continued to call a few times a week, yelling and screaming and demanding our credit card number? The number he calls back says it is disconnected when we dial it back?

  • Ju
    justinalynn Feb 25, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Call them at 214-628-5290 or 469-522-9129

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Payday loan$ 19.00 unauthorized ACh on my checking account

This company debits a non-refundable $19.00 fee from your checking account and does not communucate with the applicant once an application is submitted, does not return emails or have any live people to talk with through any way of contact. When you decline services once you learn of the $19.00 fee prior to submitting the application they charge it anyway a few days later. My bank is reversing the charge but said I should make a complaint.

Payday loan — Payday loan at amscot deducting from my other bank account, that i did not use which is Regions Bank and it is a joint account with Mrs Lee

On May 2008, I went to payday loan service and i did not use my regions bank account number... however my...

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