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One Spirit Book ClubFraud

When signing up I was told there was an option where they wouldn't sent me anything unless I ordered an item, including the monthly selections. For me, this was the main selling point. Great, I never liked the hassle of each month (or 3wks) sending something in to say "no, please don't send me this months selection". Well it didn't work out that way and when I called to complain about them charging my visa for unrequested items, they told me I was wrong and at no time they agreed to our original stipulation. Talking to a supervisor was no help but was equally informed I was wrong and my memory was flawed.

If anyone is willing to deal with poor customer service and fraud, I suggest paying via money order since One Spirit will take advantage of checking and/or credit card numbers.

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    joanhelene Aug 04, 2011
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    Thank you for the information. I was just about to join but now am not going to. I appreciate being spared a bunch of hassle only sorry that I learned this through someone else getting burned.

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    MazzylynneVaden Mar 28, 2013

    I have been a member for over 15 years. I have only received books I did not order twice. I called that day and send and e mail. I was never charged and the books where returned on their dime. I am diligent in checking the web site to never miss a deadline. They have refunded me for books I didn't want and always been very helpful. Sometimes I may not order for 6 months to a year and it has never been a problem. One Spirit serves me wonderfully living in rural Alabama and being Wiccan I have NO choices in the local bookstore. The drive to Nashville or Atlanta to looks for books is not an option. I was in a book club in the 1970's (children's books) I learned from my Mom that it is YOUR responsibility to keep up with the deadlines. You joined and agreed to this. I ordered 2 books for Christmas this past year they never came. I stayed in contact via email and phone. The charges were removed and I was told if the books come in there was no charge. I left notice with the local post office of these lost books and to call me if they were found. They were not. Yes this could have been a clerical error at One Spirit but with a USPS tracking number we know the books never made it passed Atlanta. People be more responsible for your choices. Read all the fine print. AND if you feel you can not follow the rules set forth don't sign up. I was a member back when it was all done by mail and never had the problems cited in any of these complaints.

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One Spirit Book Clubfalse reporting on my credit

I joined One Spirit Book Club and got my first wasn't a book I was interested in, so I went on the website and picked out the next months selection from the selection list and the following month recieved not the book I ordered but another that I did not want...fortunately the next few months were books that I did enjoy, but when I called and talked to customer service, they didn't seem to know or care that I was receiving books that I did not want or order.
Apparently just joining the club allows them to send what ever they want and expect you to pay...I did pay my bill and fulfilled my subscription qualifications, cancelled the subscription but they kept sending books, unordered and unwanted...customer service is no help at all, so finally just started ignoring them...they reported to Equifax that I was delinquent and it was a charge off...where did they get my social security number?? Then this morning a credit collection company called demanding to paid 107.00 ...I hung up on them...If you join this book club, just know that it will not turn out well. THIS COMPANY SELLS BOOKS OF A SPIRITUAL NATURE AND IS ANYTHING BUT... SUBSCRIBER BEWARE!!!

One Spirit Book ClubNo response

I have been recieving mailings from 2 different locations, One Spirit Book Club.

right hand doesn't seem to know what the left hand is doing.

They tell me my acct is past due. Not true.

I have requested to be removed from their membership.

Still getting stuff. I don't have names of people. I did request the Wolf at Twilight. The current online billing shows it as being requested twice. I did not do that. They sent a second copy which I refused. This is very frustating to me. I have a good credit record and do not wish it to be reported as otherwise due to the inefficency of this business.

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    Bettie Wienberg Jul 29, 2010
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    have had problems with One Spirit. Their basic scam is this: they send you books you don't want and declined to order. Then, they charge you for those books, unexpectedly. If you tell them to go to ***, they threaten to ruin your credit score and send multiple collection agencies after you. A lot of people will pay to keep a good credit report. Don't order anything from them ever, please! I'm going to try to organize some kind of legal action against them . Anyone with similar complaints is welcome to contact me: [email protected]

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One Spirit Book Clubi did not order any books at all.

I didn't order any books for them at all. never... they allowd someone else to us my name and address to oder books. i can't send them back due to the fact i don't have money too. i wouldn't even open it open had i known what it was. but i couldn't not till. i'm broke trying to two raise kids. i don't even have money to spend on something like that. do not send anymore books, ever again.

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    big dawg Jan 13, 2011
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    I just recieved 2 books today from them, I have never ordered any books from them nor ever heard of them before! I am sure it will be a pain in the a$$ to get rid of them, pay for the books or have my credit ruined.

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I have been receiving books I have not ordered as though I were still a member of the club which I have not...

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