Metro Auto Wholesale Complaints & Reviews

Resolved Metro Auto WholesaleTook out loan in my name for a car I gave back. then had it towed.

Metro auto called me and wanted to sell me a car.
I went down and found a car that was ok.
I filled out paper work and the next day they said
they couldn't get me financed through americredit
and that I needed to come in and sign new papers.
I gave them back their car and told them I was not
going to pay a higher interest rate. Here's your car.
They took the americredit paper work put a line
through americredit and put in wells fargo and signed
My intials to the change. Then they had the car towed.
I hired an attorney to find out how they financed me and
were the car was. By the time I found the car it was on
the auction block. I called wells fargo and told them they
need to go get the car because I did not have the money
to get it out of the auction. Now because of metro I have
an outstanding loan for 10, 000 and no car. I hired an
attorney to go after metro auto and now they are out of
business. I need to find an attorney that can help me.
Tell me what I can do? I have to consider filing bankrutcy
because of metro. I really feel that our states should protect
its consumers better and hold these companies and their
owners responsable.

Resolved Metro Auto WholesaleFraud and cheating

I was 'sold' a 2006 car and told that my loan was approved without any issues. A week later they asked me to stop by and sign some papers because there was something that they forgot. They told me that I had to be there by Saturday or my loan would be void.

That day I had to take my wife to the emergency room, I called them and explained what was going on, they insisted that I still had to 'stop by to sign papers' that day. I left her there and when I arrived at the dealership and explained I had no time to hang around, they made me wait for over an hour before talking to the sales mgr. Then told me that the loan was not actually approved and they were not able to finance me with that vehicle. I was stuck. They put me in an older model of the same car; it had a lot more miles and needed many repairs. They took advantage of my emergent situation.

I ended up having to wait there for three hours while my wife was in the ER. I also ended up coerced into a loan with a 29% interest instead of the original 6%. The finance company, 'Central Finance' was a nightmare as well, adding additional charges to the loan and altering the original terms of the contract without authorization. AVOID THIS DEALERSHIP & FINANCE COMPANY AT ALL COSTS!!