Megger Millions Complaints & Reviews

Megger Millionstrying to get me to except home delivery of 250 million check and a car

this guy called me and told me they had a check, and the the car on a wrecker ready to go and would be at my house by Noon. Noon. I just needed to give them my state ID. I have not entered any lottery. He tells me it is because I have been paying my bills on time. I have my computer on and thank GOD. I ask him again what is the name of the company. I type it in and see that it has nothing but complaints and scam alerts against them. Plus if it was real why would it be calling on a cell phone? He didn't want to allow me to hang up. The phone number that came in with the call was [protected].
The call came in at 10:55 on August 15, 2015.
I am thankful that I don't fall for scams easily.
People, Please think before you except. they can give you a bogus check, and tell you your car is on its way. They can wright down the info off your ID and get your personal info to to steal your ID that way.

Megger MillionsPay money to get lottery winnings

!0/14/2013 A man calls from Megger Millions Lottery in Las Vegas, But we have to pay $4500.00 for shipping and handling and fileing fees. He called my roommate sweetie and called my buddy, I explained this is not appropriate to talk to strangers this way, then as I press him for more information he says "I SWEAR ON MY DAUGHTERS LIFE THIS IS REAL" I replied there is another RED FLAG..I asked for the web site address and all I see is complaint after complaint. Once again he says you pay $4500.oo up front and then we will release $2.5 million USD. BEWARE and don't be fooled...[protected] is the number he called from