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Mars VeterinaryRip off

We got the test results back which were totally wrong, just as tho they had some pre-made up test results and were shooting them off to us randomly. then then they asked for a photo. we sent one but no word has come. now they can say just anything once they see the picture.

stay away people. you will be very disappointed and money thrown out. the original results were two Toy breeds which is laughable if you saw our 40 pound girl. we feel this site is fraudulent and should be publicized as such.

Just pass the word!

Mars VeterinaryAwful place

I had a wisdom panel done through my veterinarian. I was told to expect the result in 3-4 weeks. 6 weeks later, I still had not received any results. I called Mars and they said that they had never received a blood sample. I am certain that the sample was sent out. I understand that the sample may have gotten lost in the mail. HOWEVER, Mars had received payment for they test and then just forgot about it. They didn't bother to let anyone (me or my veterinarian) know that they had not received a sample. After spending all of that money on a test with questionable accuracy to begin with, and then to have me and my family wait with baited breath for 6 weeks... to find out that the test wasn't even being done? Thus far I am both dissatisfied with the product and the company management. I hope that they make an attempt to rectify this situation in the very near future.

Mars VeterinaryFraud

Through my vet, I had a Wisdom Panel MX done for my dog Marley. I was charged $135.00 for this test, and its results are totally bogus. Here is quote from the report: "You should see traits from: ------ (blank). You May see traits from: ------ (blank). There's a slight Chance of seeing traits from: Beagle, Chow Chow and Siberian Husky." "Results like Marley's are found in about 70% of mixed breed dogs in the U.S." It's noteworthy that probably 9 out of 10 people believe my dog is a border collie (possibly a border collie/lab).

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    Jones1987 May 31, 2011

    I have read the complaints posted here and quite honestly was quite surprised. We had our little dog tested and at first didn't beleive the results. After talking with their on staff DVM, Dr. Hughes, we now fully understand how the results were derived and why she looks like she does. Dr. Hughes explained to us the basics of canine genetics and the difference between dominant and recessive traits. At the end of the day, dogs, like people, can look alot different then their parents.

    If you doubt the results, give them a call. Worse case you get your money back.

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