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Lifestyles Family Fitness - Policies and procedures

If you are thinking of joining a Lifestyles Family Fitness Center, DON"T DO IT! At the very least, be sure to carefully read ALL the paperwork and fine print before signing anything or giving them your money.

The month-to-month membership, no contract stuff is very misleading. You are stuck with your membership for at least THREE month AFTER you cancel.

Their four week comfort guarantee is basically non-existent. They make it virtually impossible to meet the conditions. If you were to go every day for the first three seven day periods, and only twice for the next, you don't meet the conditions of going 12 times because you MUST go three times every seven day period.

Their three personal training sessions that come with membership turn out to be three sales pitches to hire a personal trainer and use APEX vitamins and supplements. You are pretty much left on your own to figure things out, so don't sign your kids up, they could get hurt if they don't know what they are doing.

I joined July 2, was so sure after I read through everything that I was ripped off, that I canceled my membership on July 24. Since I canceled FOUR days after the next billing cycle, the club had taken money on July 20, so they will bill me again on August 20 and retain my "last month" fee that I paid at sign up. So, with a 56-day notice, my month-to-month, no contract, money back satisfaction guarantee, takes me to to October 20, three months from after I canceled. Basically, they stole my money. I was told that I can come to the gym until October 20 or not. No one would make me come, but they will continue taking my money!

How can Lifestyles lie and steal peoples money? Shame, Shame, Shame on Lifestyles. Perhaps the Better Business Bureau needs to get involved and close down this franchise!

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Aug 17, 2007 5:39 am EDT

After reading the complaints here and other websites, I've come to the conclusion that this company is a bit too shady for my liking. I suppose that if you never want to cancel its probably fine, but I digress. I was going to join, or at least look into it, because its just SO much closer to my home than the gym I currently belong to, but based solely on the shady business practices submitted by you guys and others on other sites, giving my money to these crooks, no matter how convenient it would be for me, just wouldn't sit well with me, and not discourage this type of corporate irresponsibility at all.

If you have one near you, I would strongly recommend World Gym. I love it, other than I wish it were about 10 minutes closer to me :) Basically, you pay your fees and do your thing. They have personal training if you want it, a supplement shop if you're interested, but have never tried to hawk anything on anyone to my knowledge, certainly not to me. It can be a little intimidating because there seems to be way more bodybuilder types here than other places I've been, but its not like they run around bothering people or anything.

Aug 08, 2007 3:48 pm EDT

I really wanted to thank everyone for the comments on Lifestyle Family Fitness membership rules. I heard an ad about their new location close to my house and the no long-term contract policy seemed great. I got suspicious though after I called in and they would refuse to give me even an estimate of their membership fees over the phone. The salesy guy I was talking to repeatedly told me I had to come in to learn about everything. I thought it was a really annoying gimmick since other clubs like LA Fitness or the Y would readily disclose their rates over the phone.

In any case, it took me a while to find this Complaint Board but I am very grateful I did. After reading all the complaints, I am not planning on joining LFF any time soon ;-).

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Lifestyles Family Fitness - Deceptive cancellation policy

So much for the "Month to Month" membership. I called today to cancel because I will be moving soon and I was told I have to give them a "60 Day" notice. This was something they had disclosed to me (except the Sales Person said 30 days) and I was told I would have to pay one more month. After reading these testimonials, I will be going down to the gym in person tonight to cancel my membership officially and I don't think I'll be going back, even after I move. I just think it's pretty slimy to lure customers in on a "Month to Month" membership program, which implies that the membership can be canceled within a month. Personally, I think this is deceptive... I understand that month to month actually refers to the fact that you aren't signing a multi-year contract and that you have the ability (so they claim) to walk away with notice. Shame on Lifestyles!

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Sep 06, 2007 12:00 am EDT

Contacted Lifgestyles on 8/11 to cancel my month to month membership, I was not in town, and could not come cancel in person. On 8/20 they debited my account for another months membership. On 09/06/07 I went in person to sign their formal cancellation notice. When asked to sign a BLANK CREDIT CARD BOX ON THE COUNTER, I ASKED "WHAT AM I SIGNING" AND WAS ADVISED IT WAS MY CANCELLATION NOTICE, THAT THEY WOULD GIVE ME A COPY OF. I signed the blank box, and they printed the cancellation notice, reflecting cancellation on 09/06/07, and that they would debit my account again on 09/20/07 and that I acknowledged this, and accepted this. I absolutely DID NOT ACKNOWLEDGE THIS OR ACCEPT THIS ADDITIONAL CHARGE, AND LIFESTYLES UNDERHANDED WAY OF DOING BUSINESS IS DECEITFUL I will never do business with this company again, and I will be sure to let others know how they operate. I have contacted my credit card company and given them written notice that I do not authorize any further charges from Lifestyles.

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