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Korean AirSkypass

Korean Air is still antiquated when it comes to transferring miles. It does not allow for free transfer of miles, even if the traveller is not the one paying for the flight. In addition, the only time that miles are transferrable is if a family member transfers the full amount needed for an award flight--but even to do that government issued proof of relation is required (family registers are easily available in Korea but not so elsewhere). Seems like Korean Air would rather save giving out a few miles than reward customer loyalty.

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    Jess Adams Oct 08, 2008

    I have 33, 000 Korean Air Miles to use, and I'm just 2000 short of the one-way Australia-Korea flight I need. I'd love to buy those extra miles with my credit card and make the booking - as other airlines do - but KA doesn't offer this option. It's frustrating.

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Korean AirCharged twice

I want to let potential Korean Air customers know that the company cancels your whole reservation in case of no-show for any leg of the trip. Then, if you try to use any other part of your ticket, they tell you - at the airport counter! - That your whole reservation has been cancelled (used and unused part) and you have to buy another set of tickets.

That is - no changing-date fine, charge, nothing - you essentially buy the same tickets again.

I sent a complaint to their customer service dept and received a reply saying that it is Korean Air policy, which is stated on the tickets. Well, might be, but in case of e-tickets you obviously see nothing.

Actually, I did attempt to find out the terms of use of the tickets and was rewarded with illegible set of acronyms, abbreviations etc.

My unawareness of the fact and Korean Air failure to inform of it cost me USD5, 095. No compensation offered.

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    Quadrant Jan 24, 2010

    I had a very difficult time dealing with Vancouver korean airline staffs. Instead of resolving the problem, they kept saying NO REFUND! All I wanted from them is a simple APOLOGY and GUIDING ME THE WAY TO KOREA. Such a bad attitude to customer. One of the staffs jump over to the counter by putting her hands on my bagage while I was talking to the head supervisor(Lee Yun Gyu). No apology ever! Maybe because I had an economy class ticket? I will never get close to Vancouver Korean airline again. I gave up the frieght ticket and bought another one from Air canada. I will make a list of complaints to them after my vacation.

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