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On Monday August 6, 2018 i was scheduled for an interview at 2pm. I show up for my interview and was told that whether i was chosen or not i would get an email. On Tuesday i checked my email to find that tje same day my interview was i received an email at 1:20pm from Khols saying i was chosen. Im upset with this matter due to management shouldve called me before my interview to let me know i wasnt chosen. But instead they let me show up amd go through with the process knowing they had already sent me an email.

KholsSales associate position

Hi i was scheduled for an interview for the Part-Time Retail Sales Associate position on 5-24-17 at 0148 Khol's 6300 Saginaw St Grand Blanc Mi 48439. I was told by Tiffany who I interviewed with that i should recieve an email within 24-48 hours about my qualification for the position but i have yet to recieve an email of further results. I was curious about my results or the progress of my application. Im very interested in working at Khols for any position with open availability, please contact me with further answers.

- Thank you

Samia Dyer


  • JKWilliams May 29, 2017

    You can't even spell the name of the place. They may offer you a job with a bucket, mop, and toilet brush, but don't expect anything else.

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KholsReturn a damage diamond ring

I had geard the commercial about Return Refund Policy...
I made inquries at the store and online csr about the no hassell no problem refund, and I had my receipt.
I rarely wore my ring and some diamonds chipped and I made the choice to return and receive my redund.
First even with my receipt it became eveident that things was not going no where...worse...worse...
Wanted me to take a kohls store credit, I told them no thank you, so go find another person to come
and try getting machine to take in that happened next blew me away...TAKE IT YO A PAWN SHOP!!!
NO!!! Please do what your policy says...They repled you would get more from A PAWN SHOP!!!
Needless to say, said would send to Corporate Office and they would in time make a choice...I ask them to make copy of my receipt
and send with request showing I had receipt. Looked at slip from them to await hopefully my refund...she put on the slip NO RECEIPT!!! Called csr last night...poor lady was nice and told everything to her and she said go back to get my ring...
One lady developed attitude...No Mam...I have no desire to go back into that store...

  • Ci
    citykitty Mar 10, 2012

    Sorry I did do spell check and didn't see some words misspelled..
    heard, TO...I'm sorry for not catching them...

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  • Ai
    Aidan Mar 21, 2012

    Are you sure you had the right receipt? Judging by your ability to spell, your ability to read might be a little off as well. :|

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KholsRude Employee her name is Robyn!

Very Rude Lady i Guess she was in a bad mood or unhappy with her job! Terrible customer Service . I may go deeper on this i am extreamly upset for the way she came to me i was at the store today 08/01/11 i usually dont go to khols but i moved to Fullerton and this store is very close to me, i have a small chihuahua 7 pound dog (was in my arms) i took it with me since i been to larger chain stores like Macys at the Mall in Santa Ana and they dont have any problem there, they have food around the mall, and i never had a problem, this lady came to me in a very rude manner to tell me dogs wasnt allowed at the store she was very loud when she told me, that even a few customers were around all looked at us, i told the girl i totally understand but there is NO!!! sign at the door i did check i told her would be nice to let customer know since is not a food store i do understand some stores policys, but it's upseting the way she did it, was totally unprofessional. Plus store is old looking, dirty, . Will be my last time i step on this store, i do accept they have great deals but i can get the same price and way more quality at T.J. MAXX...


  • Ju
    Justsaynotoladyfootlocker Aug 03, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Wow, you really don't have a life archer. All you and your clones do is make derogatory comments on other people's complaints. Karma MF...

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  • Je
    Jedi Knight Ethan Mar 11, 2012

    How is she supposed to know that they don't allow dogs in the stores. After all she gets a mixed message when they don't have a problem with her shopping.

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  • IronGrudge89 Mar 11, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I guess I can take a rifle into Kohl's. I didn't see a sign that said I couldn't!

    Common sense, lady.

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  • La
    Lalaine123 Mar 11, 2012

    Robyn probably wasn't even rude to you!Stop your crying and just leave your dog at home.

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  • Di
    dia3766 Mar 11, 2012

    next time don't take your dog to a place that says no pets allowed

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  • IronGrudge89 Mar 22, 2012
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    Verified customer

    What "point"? The only thing this person confirmed is how selfish they are.

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KholsTheft of property!

I bought a pair of running shoes at Khols. They did not find their way into my cart and my car. When I got home, my husband called and he was told to come back the next day to "find them or get a refund." The next day, Cynthia changed the rules and said that he could neither have my shoes, which he found had magically reappeared on the shelf to be sold again, nor get a refund. In fact, although he had a receipt, he was told he would have to wait for a surveillance tape to prove that the shoes had not gone home with me. He agreed, and then Cynthia changed the rules again. She said, no he could not wait for the tape to be reviewed. That was not her job. While my shoes sat on the shelf to be sold again, my husband had to return home and wait and wait until someone decided it was their job to review the surveillance tape and determine that I had not left with the magic shoes that were back on the shelf and ready to be sold again. I don't understand how a customer's package can be left behind and the store's response it to take the shoes out of the bag and return it to the shelf--isn't that theft? I want to review the surveillance tape to see who did that. After all, clearly the employee who checked us out on that very slow afternoon knew that those shoes had been purchased and they should have been set aside in customer service awaiting our call. Instead, they were returned to the shelf. Every Khols employee we spoke to told us we could "look for them" expecting that they had been returned to the shelf--because they know that they are not held for the customer--what kind of scam is that...

  • Pa
    PAUL Jan 08, 2008
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    Verified customer

    who cares!!!!

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