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Resolved KEH Camera BrokersShame on them

I ordered a 4x5 camera from KEH recently because of KEH stated 14 day return policy andI was convinced by the salesperson I was not taking the risk of purchasing the same item on Ebay because of this. I was not given any description of the item except a vague idea of what it was NOT. Here's the rub with this business; Salesman told me I had 14 days to assess my purchase. WRONG! I only have 6 days within which I have to have the item returned, since the KEH return policy fine print states 14 day return from INVOICE DATE! That is ludicrous, and completely misleading. Judging from the reports of KEH on this website, which are either GLOWING or NEGATIVE, I would BEWARE of this business. I am unable to recommend purchasing from KEH as a result of being mislead about this fundamental stipulation of their return policy which is utterly BOGUS.
UPDATE: 3/2/2009: 4x5 camera arrived in a beat up box with crumpled paper and one layer of thin bubble wrap separating SOME of the parts of the expensive Swiss made 4x5. The camera was shipped to me with a badly scratched etched ground glass, incorrect 3rd party replacement bellows, incorrect old-style base clamp, leaking bubble level, a missing metal cap on the standard frame, and last but not least, 6 or 8 spring loaded pins for locking and unlocking the lensboards, back, and bellows were corroded and frozen closed. All told, the camera requires at least $500 of repairs and replacement parts. KEH assured me that their camera ratings are conservative and reflect only cosmetic effects such as scuffs, mars, paint loss, but NEVER usability and function, which is TESTED and quality assured to be in good working order. I was completely BAMBOOZLED by KEH and am going to pursue legal alternatives to their unethical and highly probable illegal false advertising and bad-faith dealings. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING from KEH, unless you get a statement of condition IN WRITTEN FORM, signed off by the salesperson, which will NEVER happen at KEH, because they will not communicate ANYTHING in writing, I've found from experience. SHAME on KEH!

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    MidnightMarshmallow Oct 12, 2009

    I'm not sure why you had such a bad experience with KEH. A few months ago I bought a film SLR camera, a Pentax K1000, from them and it was perfectly fine. I did buy it marked "BGN" (bargain) which means that it did have some cosmetic problems like a ding in the back and a little grime on the outside, but it worked fine, especially for the price. I think the important thing is to pay attention to the way the product you're buying is marked. I never buy anything below "BGN" and usually don't feel comfortable buying anything from them that isn't marked "like new" or "excellent". If you buy something marked "UG" (ugly), you take the risk of there being some actual damage to the camera's ability to function. Do you know what the camera you bought was marked as? Maybe that had something to do with it.

    And I have to admit I have no experience with the return policy, since I've never had to return anything to them.

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    Dan Taylor Aug 15, 2014

    I have dealt with KEH for 20-25 yrs. buying and selling equipment. I have found them totally honest in every way I can think of. I'm sorry for your bad experience

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Resolved KEH Camera BrokersThis company offers no customer service at all, and ships what ever they feel like shipping to the customer.

On Friday June 13th, I placed an order with KEH Inc. for a Sigma 17-35 MM Zoom lens EX/DG Canon Mount (77). On the 14th of June I received a confirmation email, showing that I ordered a Sigma 17-35MM EX zoom (82) which is an older model, and not what was pictured when ordered. I immediately called their customer service department, and sent an email as well, advising them not to ship the item as it was not what I had ordered. I received no response, therefore I sent several additional emails and telephoned three additional times advising not to send the item, and to cancel the order. I never received the courtesy of a reply from this company. On June 16th, I received an email stating that the item had been shipped via UPS. The wrong item arrived, and had to be shipped back to KEH Inc. postage paid. This company offers no customer service at all, and ships what ever they feel like shipping to the customer.