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fake scam site

This site falsely advertised it had a large number of local profiles to me, encouraging me and enticing me to join and pay for their service. Taken in by their lies I joined and pay 77 pounds sterling for the privilege.

Soon after (with that same day) I realised that the profiles on this site were fakes, computer generated, something called virtual cupid (a server system that generates and maintains these fake profiles). So i contacted their supports and asked them to cancel my subscription, delete my profile and refund my money.

surprisingly I received a reply the following day stating that my subscription will be cancelled.

Having my profile deleted and receiving a refund was completely ignored.

A dishonest, underhanded site that must be breaking some laws by falsely showing profiles (fakes) that misrepresent themselves to the user, making it appear they have more locally found profiles then they actually have and thus encourage the user to part with their money to join this seemingly wonderful site... Fraud by misrepresentation perhaps.

Some internet monitoring ombudsman needs to take this on me thinks.

fraudulent unauthorized activity & false advertising

1) Their whole business model is the bait and switch technique. They make you think you are paying for one thing & then barrage you with endless pop-ups directing you to "do this" or "do that" for the "great low low price of 2.99" or whatever (5, 10, 20 50 dollars) without telling you that they mean 2.99 a month for a year (annually) and immediately charge you (after they say you just need a cc to "sign up". Read their FAQ's and you'll see they have a quick iron clad caveat that is set up to capitalize on the vegas style flim-flam routine they subject innocent people to. if I hadnt checked my balance that night I'd have been liable for $75 rather than the $25 I thought I was getting. the time window to rectify the situation is VERY small & the amount of $$$ you pay for membership has nothing to do with what you'll be able to participate in once inside. You have to pay to pay to pay & then pay again. you can't talk to anyone, do anything w/o "upgrading" over and over.

2) THERE ARE NO REAL ACTUAL WOMEN ON THAT SITE. NONE. The profiles are used multiple times under different names, different locations, same pictures. The only "women" you'll talk to are actually GUYS pretending to be women who ALWAYS wanna "[censored] immediately" but need to lead you away from the site to other sites EXACTLY LIKE JUSTHOOKUP.COM... a PHISHING scam run by male GRIFTERS hiding behind stripper profiles. the whole business is set up around those contracts that basically spell out how they are going to rip you off based on all the "alloted time frames" which are unabashedly set up for failure. the fact they ALL use the same webcam services & 3rd party billing services (strange hmmm...?) also is discomforting. I'm pretty sure its one big company registered as a bunch of smaller SHELL companies that knowingly hire people to con, scam & phish peoples private info & money away, then follow it up with their contracts so you have no recourse or ability to recoup what they've stolen from you. they wont deal with you directly & sends you the the 3rd party billing whom then runs you in a circle back to them.

3) When I cancelled my automatic reoccuring monthly membership they took away things I had paid for outside of the membership itself. So in effect they [censored]ing robbed me AGAIN. wont return emails. nothing. Im furious.


A E mail I got from when I reported a bot on Hi There... Thank you for your...

Sending spam

First of all I do not know how these people got my personal email address which I created only for my family and close friends.
It happens that 2 weeks ago I received an email from a girl asking me to go to in order to get her information to meet her.
I am not looking to date anyone, neither I am interested in dating sites.
I ignored the message and deleted it, then the next day I get the same email so I replied to it asking that person to stop bothering me as I am not interested.
Once I replied to that email, now I receive 2 or 3 emails a day from different girls to join
I got sick and tired of these emails so I went to their site and wrote them a complaint.
Their response was that they do not know how these women got my information as I clearly don't have an account with and that they do not have people working for them to direct customers to their site, which I believe it's just plain BS.
They must have a lot of bots, spammers hunting for people's email addresses or they must be offering something to people who bring them traffic and eventually trick them into joining their site.
I read a lot of complaints here about and the fake profiles they have to trick people into joining their site.
This site and similar sites should be forced to be closed down as they are just scamming people and HARRASING others by email with their spam so that they join their site and pay for a full membership to access fake profile.
To me this site is breaking a lot of laws and it should be punished in some way.

  • Me
    Merkel Jul 11, 2012

    I was looking to meet people out where I had to recently moved to seemed like a legit place I signed up before I even submitted anything I had like 10 views and 5 emails and when I'm leading info none of my photos are being able to load. Tried this for a couple hours without success so I decided to contact customer support, reach an operator twice with out speaking to them; meaning someone answered but didn't know they answered. So I heard maybe 5 different people with heavy british voices, but when I called back a third time I reached a real body. Couple days go by and I send out emails but all in return are the same people viewing me multiple times a day and people froem all over the US and parts of europe wanting me to join in private chat rooms via yahoo I declined all outreach because I've heard of these instant messager private rooms scams and sexting isn't really fun. 4 days go by and I'm just getting the samething over and over again and tonight Dec. 2, 2017 at 10:48pm PST I try and log on and see the the site is incapible of loading so I think its updating I've got a couple emails regarding updating so I didn't trip at first then I tried again but instead of typing in the address bar I did in my search bar and found all these comments about it being a scam and a fraud and everything that I mentioned the statement previously suddenly bust into my brain with a loud, DUH! I believe I was scammed out of $101.04 USD and I honestly don't believe to see a dime back however hopefully by voicing out we will start to bring these sites down.

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  • Sf
    Sfasikate Sep 03, 2012

    $#*! THIS SITE. This SITE IS A SCAM.
    I Feel soooo stupid falling for it at first.

    I actually thought those girls were real.
    I had my email up etc..and i wondered why i got no repsonses.
    It;s a SCAM that targets men for money. Don't pay for that $#*! don't

    I have learned my lesson. I will never try to meet women over the internet ever.

    It's time to get back out in the real world.
    Who ever is running this site are real pieces of $#*!. Lol i kninda have to laugh at myself because i added this girl on facebook thinking it was her frmo the website and found out that it wasn't.

    Well I'm just gonna lick my wounds and move on.

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  • Ri
    richa12 Sep 03, 2012

    This site should be shut down by the US Atty. General, or if ot's off-shore, which is my guess hacked and destroyed. Total theft. There are no girls, just pictures and auto replies. Probably out of Russia or Carribean, where It's a boiler room operation, just like adultfriendfinder. Total ###.

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  • Gi
    Gimozze Sep 21, 2012

    Make sure you read Terms and Conditions on all such sites. Way down in the context, the scam part is spelled out. This site has :Virtual Cupids" which are so designated on their profile page in the upper right corner with a silver V. These are fictious and they basically tell you this in "Terms" I had contact with 18 profiles and 17 were "V's".

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  • Lo
    Lomrite Oct 15, 2012

    I am convinced there are no real women on this site. In the past two weeks I have received about 5 or 6 messages from women who wanted me to go to their webcam site to see them. You get a free trial and if you don't cancel you get charged $50 a month. But there is NO WAY TO Cancel. Got another 5 or 6 messages from beautiful women who had stateside addresses but ended up being from Ghana and part of a romance scam ring. JustHookUp was a total waste of money.

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  • To
    tonypacheco58 Jan 07, 2013

    This is a dating site where I found the same foto of one woman claiming to be living in Oklahoma City and the foto pf the same woman claiming to be living in Albuquerque. They're not even smart enough to change the name of th woman. I reported it to the site like an idiot like dealing with the fox that's guarding the chicken coop and asking if the coop is safe. Now, I find a foto of a woman claiming to be 24 in one foto and 32 in another foto. This time they were smart enough to change the name.

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Save your money men and women

Ha! they just booted me a few minutes ago because I was in the forum letting the other guys know how to catch the spammer and scammers. the site is bogus...I got a bunch of emails winks and request and didnt have a pic or my profile set up. soon as I did and paid it all stopped. then the women were like extra fine from these lil backwoods towns close by. I knew then that it was some BS.
I even complained to the Support Team. Hell they are all bots too. sending me the same auto response just with different names.but when I requested a refund, which they offer, no one would respond to that. had to finally rag that ### in a forum til the kicked me out. Save your money men and women!!! if you got money to blow on a dream go to your local strip club or bank.

The messages stopped after I bought a membership

This site is a scam !!! The messages stopped after I bought a membership. I don't know how many of the members are real?, but those that are have been taken for a ride. The worst part is my yahoo ID has been put into some kind of database with alleged girls from Ghana contacting me on yahoo messenger sometimes 6 times a day. Some of those even have the same pics claiming to be a different person. I just hit the spam button now. I have more complaints, but the other posts have pretty much covered them already . Stay away from this site!

Fakes and Scammers breed in the website

Copy of RudeFinder - The greatest ripoff site in dating. Sign up for a year then sign up for lifetime membership and all communications stop. I was so fed up that I canceled my lifetime subscription. One gal has over 50 profiles, when reported to customers service there was no correction made. Complained over 5 times and nothing was done. Fakes and Scammers breed in the website.

Don't go to this site

I have been on the site for about 4 days. I have had 6 - 8 ladies who "view" my profile. I have gotten a lot of "winks" and a few to add me to their favorites. I have gotten some e-mails from these ladies... and they ALWAYS say the same thing (just different phrasing)... 'you didn't complete your profile or upload a photo. I see you are (in 'X' town) or ('M' miles from me.').' I respond with a PRIVATE photo and a message... and 2 days later no response (or a 'hey, I got your message but still need to see a photo.'). It took me a minute to realize (and because I was being generous/naiev) that these were the BOTS for the site.

DO NOT GO TO THIS SITE!!! You will get scammed by BOTS always hitting you up, waiting for you to join and buy the LIFETIME membership.

Go to a bar or a street corner... you will have better luck!

Makes me wonder if this site is delivering real people or computer generate photos and messages

I have been on this site for about 2 weeks and have gotten a few emails and like over 20 to 30 hits .I take the time to write them, but i do not get anything back, maybe one or two messages back and then nothing.really makes me wonder if this site is delivering real people or computer generate photos and messages. Any one else experiencing the same things I would like to know..

  • Mo
    MoeMe4U Apr 15, 2012

    Wow!!! Thats exactly what im experiencing now. Im looking and liking, always leaving some kind of response and every once in while I get a reply. What made me start questioning this whole thing, was the fact these women say what theyre looking for, Im saying the same thing, even leaving my number, then NOTHING. At first I was thinking the women were full of ###. Now that ive seen this complaint section and started reading, Im like, "hell NO!!". Glad to know now instead of later. No matter what we've spent, we ALL should be refunded for this ###.

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  • Re
    reiverman May 06, 2012

    Yes this site reminded me of political agenda, full of hot air, untruthes and total fabrication!
    This site sucks and trying to get it cancelled is like a right nightmare, I mean who in their right mind would want a lifetime would give you a good reason to want you to end your life! Prisoners get let out on parole, no such luck with this bunch!!
    I expect they duped a load of wannabe male and female students to cook up some profile spiel, then skimmed the internet for likely victims for photo-copying, and then got us the gullible victims to fall for it...more fool us...lesson is still being learnt by me...

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Scam site

Just as others have said, complete scam! When I emailed them I revived this message, followed by renewal fee for following month 20 minutes after being told via email my account was cancelled!

" would like to inform you that your account has been cancelled as requested.

I can assure you that is a completely legitimate website and we work very hard to maintain it's reputation and provide our customers with a great service.

The majority of our customers build up great relationships on the site and we endeavour to ensure that all customers have the same experience.

The profiles you are referring to are our Virtual Cupid Profiles (VC), the sole function of these profiles is to increase members activity and enjoyment of our website.

These can be identified by a logo on the user's profile. For further information on VC profiles please refer to our terms and conditions.

The majority of our customers build up great relationships on the site and we endeavour to ensure that all customers have the same experience.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.

  • Br
    Bradley Walters Oct 08, 2011

    This company should be struck off the social network site.
    By misleading people by means of their false advertising regards connecting with others that share same interests and theft for charging credit card for this subscription service. Not only is this taking money from not getting a genuine service as advertised (which I reagard as fraud) but still have the cheek to make further unrequested upgrades to membership type and billed for this. Lied about payment as been NZ Dollar when questioned prior about the currency first. Been mislead into believing you are saving 50% with a months subscription just to get you to sign up then unauthorised charges by immediately charging you a premier lifetime membership which will be automatically renewed every year with x amount debiting your credit card.
    Not only when signing up do they insure that you read the terms and conditions first which should have a block to tick accepting this prior proceeding with joining this network service. They DO NOT have this facility. Only once you contact their support team does this get mentioned and supply you with terms and conditions link after you have already been taken for a ride.
    I can see why they do this as guarrenteed if people know the claus in very very fine print that stipulates that you will NOT be socialising and corresponding with actual persons BUT they have a system which generates false profile information with people that are fiction and don't actually exsist and is purelly for sole entertaiment to the user-
    Quote: "The said site encourages and promotes and use of communications through our Virtual Cupid (VC). This service has been employed to encourage communications with members throughout our site and services. All members fully understand, accept and agree to the deployment of this service, which some of the profiles and members displayed to them may be fabricated to promote user activity and partaking in all the said sites services. The VC includes the posting of information, pictures and communication to the users' profile. More as the deployment of our VC is to excite member's activity, it's a fundamental means to mediate users' conformity to our Terms and Conditions set out before them. All users must acknowledge and agree to any information or pictures displayed to them via a VC's profile, does not relate to an actual person but have been used for the sole entertainment of the user. "

    If people would have been notified and aware of this, guarrenteed this site would not exsist because no one would sign up. Who wants to sign up to meet people for purpose of socialising which do not exsist.Why would anyone in theirright mind want to spend money on NOTHING-SOMETHING WHICH SIMPLY DOES NOT EXSIST. If people want to be brougt into a fantasy fiction world they could just go pick up a book from the library and for those that find it amusing to do so belong in a mental institute and treated for delusional disorder.
    I think that this so called "business" should not in (as with what they actually do themselves) EXISIST and be made available to the public on the internet. They are ripping people off by their cunning deception into offering a service which simply...DOES NOT EXSIST.

    [email protected]

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Avoid this website at all costs

I died laughing the other day when I got 2 emails on JustHookUp. They were both identical emails, yet from 2 "different" women. I dropped from the site. It is a scam.

  • He
    Headscrewedon Sep 20, 2011

    I followed a link from Plenty of Fish dating site to UK ... I registered, then immediatly bombarded with winks and messages from really attractive young girls gaging for NSA sex who lived just a few miles away... apparently!
    The give away was the ratio of black girls from remote villages near where I live that have never had a black family, plus, favourite hang outs were in the States and 'at school' refers to under 16's in the UK not adult learners as it is in the States, oh, and the fixtures and fittings in the background of the photos are all American!!!
    Look carefully at the photo's, its a SCAM, don't waste your cash.

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  • Di
    dickjonso Oct 15, 2011

    this website suck

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  • Sh
    shawnnobs Jan 08, 2012

    I was researching this site about to put my CC information on their site and just wanted to know more about it before I did something against my belief. I never use my CC on the Net and I almost did, until I found this awsome site. Thanks for the feedback about you saved me from a big mistake. Now I am going to go and delete my ad. Thanks complaintsboard.

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  • Ja
    James Hyer Feb 09, 2012

    Yeah there fake my town is only 500 people n I've lived there over 40 yrs. These woman that they send me that are supposed to be I've never seen.can I get any money back or chalk it up as a lose

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  • Sp
    SpinalTrap Apr 20, 2013

    You probably got an ice-breaker email. They are selectable and standard phrased, the two women happened to pick the same one. Maybe...

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This site is made up of mostly fake people and is just trying to get idiots to hand over the credit cards

This site is made up of mostly fake people and is just trying to get idiots to hand over the credit cards. All it actually is, is a disgusting porn site.

  • Bi
    Biff441111 Oct 01, 2011

    It is a scam. The company behind it is a porncam site which tries to get you to sign up and pay women for private sessions. If that's what you're looking for then it maybe okay, But in no way do you ever get a response back to meet anyone because their from the phillipines or Russia. Be careful and don't let your lusts get you bilked out of all credit cards.

    You know the saying a fool and his money...well you know the rest.

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  • Mi
    Mike3674 Dec 27, 2011

    You are saying its a disgusting porn site but you are willing to meet random chics online for sex through a website???? thats hypocritical... I signed up for a month just to check it out but its fake as hell. A few chics gave me their facebook but after a few conversations they wanted me to sign up to a different site.

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Beware of this fraudulent website

BEWARE OF JUST HOOK UP.COM!!! IT'S A FRAUD!!! Like the other reviewer stated, the women ask you "Tell Me A Little Bit About Yourself and once you do and ask them the same questions. They are like Ghost!!! They never reply back to any of your questions. Furthermore, I think this site is offering men the Old Bate & Tease Tactics with Auto Generated to Boot, they get their monies or in some cases the women will try and lure you to their Web Cam Feeds, Gmail Accounts and Yahoo Messenger. I even asked one of the so called women on this site to, please provide me another method of contact, so that I can verify that this site is legitimate or not, like email or phone number and to No Avail!! I then informed her if I never here from her again, then my question will be answered!! And guess what!! Just as I suspected I never hear from her again or any of the other women on this site. BE WARNED!!

  • Bm
    BMA43 Aug 12, 2012

    I checked out this site and found a woman that asked me to chat with her on yahoo mesanger. Her Justhook up site stated that shw lives 7.5 miles from me, only to find out that she really lives in Ghana which is in Afarica, She wanted money to come to the US to start a relationship with me, I did not send any money and I never heard from her again. And after 7 months i check the site to see what was going on only to se her picture whit another login name looking for men to chat with beware of user HAWAWUADAM44 and now NANIJOY76 she is a fraud and only trying to scam you out of your money.

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Its all a fake soon as you pay for it

Its a fraud. The emails are generated and generic. The "members" never answer your questions or respond. It...