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Jacobi Medical Center โ€” nyhp gilberto gonzalez

I am complaining about an officer name Gilberto Gonzalez he is very rude and all he does is have sexual remarks and always flirtinfg with patients who come in and out. he is very rude and fresh. I have been to this medical center serval times and all i see is him doing the same in the ER and in the main entrance i would love for him to get fired behind sexual harrassment.

  • Updated by sakai ยท Aug 09, 2018

    This man is the main reason why people feel uncomfortable coming here. He should be ashamed of himself. I really hope some woman gives complaints about him cause he deserves to go down.

Jacobi Medical Center โ€” Did get any help to file some Health Plans

I am really, furious to the 311 and Health Depertment, Public Relation, of not helping me with problem, and They're not doing they job. And, I am noting no Hospital Bill. And, I do not care who or whom not helping me.

  • Je
    JennyNOTfromTheBlock2012 May 30, 2012

    You do not want to hear "my" complaints in here! I have learned do "NOT" complain within the hospital itself, because at least at this particular hospital, they do NOTHING to resolve the problems. Not only do they NOT resolve the problems, if you COMPLAIN, they attempt to make your life miserable. They start lying on your medical records, abuse and neglect you, and even take your hospital phone away from you. Generally calling 311 is good; however, it is better to contact Dr. Nirav R. Shah, Commissioner of the NYS Dept., of Health. Write him at: Corning Tower, Empire State Plaza, Albany, New York 12237. It is best you have your complaints in writing, and send them cert. return receipt mail. Be very specific in your letters, for instance dates and times are important of the incidents. Names are important, and to get the correct spelling and job description. If you are just interested in Health Plans (not complaints about treatment, violations of the patient bills of rights, hospital neglect, or things of that sort), go directly to HRA or on line and ask someone to send you brochures. That way you also get a plan that is right for you, not a plan that this hospital works with to keep you "long term", with extensive medical treatment that you may not need. (I EXPECT THIS TO BE DELETED OR NOT POSTED AT ALL: HOWEVER, I HAVE LOTS OF TIME ON MY HANDS THESE DAYS).

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Resolved Jacobi Medical Center โ€” Helping me for Heath Provider

I am filing this complaint, for the behalf for my brother, Raul Bobet. I am writing this complaint to Department of Heath and Mental Hygiene . For a file a complaint to Jacobi Medical Center for not helping to get some Heath ( medical ) Services. My Brother, who have a doctor appoint, and he went to finances to help him, but, they told him to get or apply for Heath Provider I have to my Doctors ( Mr. Kwanghee Kim, M.D. and Ms. Susan R. Dresdner, M.D. ), I am disappoint that all hospital, help patient who do not have an Heath Provider.

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    TONY BOBET Oct 03, 2008

    I love this page, this page is help me the problem of what I having. Thank You very Much.

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  • Jo
    John Miltion Jul 28, 2013

    get a life, you sucker. You are a burden on this earth who keeps placing blames on others. Whats next, the hospital should give you a regular salary, clothes, tv, internet, food, pay your bills...low life.

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  • Ta
    Tanima Sep 17, 2013

    Jacobi medical hospital is the worst hospital in New York because the stuff always makes mistake and they r rude, my mother went for eye check up and the doctor took her to the examine room, put drops on her eyes and checked her for 30 min after a nurse came n inform the doctor that he has the wrong patient . Also my mom went for a scan in radiology and after few days the doctor called her and said she got the report saying my mom refused to scan. Then they found out the staff who scanned her made a mistake. This kind of mistake is unexceptable and I'm pretty sure they will get a law suit on their hand soon.

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  • Ja
    Jacobistheworst Jun 05, 2015

    Been here during a 9 hour waiting period, waiting in my seat and when I approached the nurse to ask her the waiting period after being here 5 hours they told me they called me 3 times already and I was removed from the list ... This is ridiculous worst hospital ever

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  • Mi
    Misha Conscious Dec 09, 2017
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    I went to Jacobi I did not want to go there but because of the osteomyelitis I was told I have to go there because they have an oral surgeon there, well I never seen the oral surgeon, there was a rude nurse there by the name of Laury! omg she is so rude I felt so on safe there, then here comes a sarcastic DrHuls he was something else I could not ask a question so I decided I'm going to ask for my paper work I came in with because the Dr. kept asking me if i'm sure
    when Monte at broadway told me I have an active infection if the Dr did not give me antibiotics I told him no because the Dr said I need to see a neuro first, then I heard the Dr huls Thomas saying to another Dr that if this the medication was for himself and the Dr said no its for Kemely and Mr.
    Huls said isn't this to expensive for her the Dr said give it to her. Then here he comes but he did not see me standing there. So when he saw me he came over and said to me, I was on my way to bring you this medicine, so I said what "the medication that's to expensive for me!' then he just walked away in shock and the Dr over him came into my room and told me

    I understand why your upset then he said you heard when I told him to give you right and I said yes, he said he will be back but instead Dr.Huls came back into my room again and I ask him nicely to leave there' very rude and liars almost all of them lies for each other that is very sad you have to watch you back in a hospital because they are being melicious . My lungs was inflamed so I had treatment Its the first time ever having treatment, never had no problem like this before.I will never go back there again and the Dr wrote I came there with Asthma nothing about my mouth why the ambulance brought me there in the first place

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