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Henrik SardarianiHenrik Sardariani - $10M Fraud Judgment

Henrik Sardariani, Hamlet Sardariani, Wanda Tenney, Claude Larry Wright, Justin Mehren, Michael Young, Jay Scott Cohen, Dr. Ed Rubin and multiple others were recently held liable for judgments ranging from $1.2M to $10.3M for causes of action relating to loan fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, conspiracy and a variety of other causes of action.

See Los Angeles Superior Court Case No. BC 379597

Henrik SardarianiFraud

Henrik Sardariani, his brother, Hamlet Sardariani, and Wanda Tenney are co-conspirators to millions of dollars of fraud. They are being actively investigated by multiple police and governmental entities and have tens of millions of dollars of judgments against them from the money they have stolen from unsuspecting investors. They have a variety of different schemes, all of which revolve around some business transaction where they need money. They provide a phony escrow account, forge documents and obtain referrals from other co-conspirators. As soon as the funds are deposited in the "escrow" account, they are stolen. Henrik Sardariani, Hamlet Sardariani and Wanda Tenney are running for their lives from the lawsuits and criminal investigations that are beginning to corner them.

They have been running scams for years.

No matter what documentation they provide to you, it was forged.