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Golden Screen CinemaBad Service

I am having a really dissappointed moment with GSC ECM (staff name: NG [chinese]) services for the past two days. I don't think you should have that bad service at all.
Yesterday (27 Dec), I was going to buy the ticket, and I going through the NG, I smile to her and said what I want, may be I'd stop her lazy and woke her up in dreaming, she show her ''black'' face and bad service! And her services was not patient! I was really angry because I kind to her but she's bad to me!
I hope that GSC ECM can give me an explanation. Thank you so much.

  • An
    anbumozli a/p kumaran Apr 04, 2014

    at gsc ioi mall got some bad staff name (rishi) when i going to watch movie at hall 8 time 2.45 yesterday. he spoken a bad word with loud to his freind..

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Golden Screen CinemaTrouble from your online system until cinema's counter services for 2 DAYS in A ROW


I am having a really dissappointed moment with GSC services for the
past two days. I don't think you should have that bad service at all.
When I am traumatized with services, I will never go there anymore for
years. It happened to Petronas as I don't use Petronas anymore since 3
years ago after the staff has caused a problem, not to me only but
other members too. So, you can rest assured I won't use your services
for several years due to traumatized issues with GSC now.

I booked my ticket and paid it online on 10.15 p.m. for a movie 12.00
a.m. that should have been 4th July 2012. I only carried my
confirmation ID all the ways to Berjaya Times Square to print the
ticket there but apparently it was closed. I was there about 11.59
p.m. until 12.25 a.m. asking why it was closed. No notification was
put outside the counter. Not only me, but there were many other
customers who came there too. Unfortunately to me, your system changed
my tickets to 5th July 2012 when I came back to download it. The best
part is that your system closed Berjaya Times Square reservation too.
I've checked at 4.00 a.m. after returning from Pavilion as I watched
Despicable me 2 too. I've booked tickets for 3 people for 4th JULY
2013 f0r 12.00 a.m. at 10.15p.m. 4 July. However, your system has
system always online like that??? TGV will drop the whole online
system. Bear with me, the nearest cinema to my house is TGV Mines and
I came all the ways to KL because I like GSC. Now, I became USED TO
LIKE GSC! I came with 8 people over there, not to mention, I booked
for 3 people as well. So, did you realize how bad it was??? It was
bad! I had enough every time we wanted to purchase tickets, they
assisted local first even when we queue properly. That's why I always
use online banking to pay online so that I don't have to face those
people, only during printing tickets!!! Haiz!!! If counter and
online banking feels the same, why WOULD ANYONE USE YOUR SERVICE

On 5th July, I went to Berjaya Times Square to file a complaint.
However, your trainee employees were very good to deny the facts
without calling the managers. No good support from the employees, I
forced the employees to call the manager. The manager only responded
that I should have contacted you and ask for your refund SINCE IT WAS
UNTIL 11.00 A.M> (5TH JULY)! You should have not allowed people to pay
for their tickets! It's YOUR FAULT and I've to suffer the consequences
of my money to drive to KL with my friends, my images and my booking
tickets!!! Most of my friends were
INTERNATIONAL and it's a shame to ask them to go to another cinema in
another mall! Since I am angry at Berjaya Times Square's staff, I went
to Pavilion to watch another movie called LONE RANGER! I don't even
redeem my tickets at Berjaya Times Square or purchased another movie
there since I'm highly traumatized with the whole things.

At Pavilion, another case happened. It's my turn to buy ticket! I WILL
SYSTEM ANYMORE!! It's definitely FRAUD! The guy who suppose to assist
me asked me to wait! I just had a very bad day at Berjaya Times Square
and rush to Pavilion. All he did was asked me to wait! okay, he didn't
apologize for asking me to wait. Just say, wait. Okay, I waited to see
what they did. They were checking white house movies for them! As they
were talking loudly about white house down with another cashier at the
other lane. Bear in my mind, got three spaces of lane between each of
them. Okay, then he asked me what movie. I said I want Lone Ranger. He
key-in and then, I checked the seat. Only couple seats available. I
said can I have couple seat? He went off the system to go to main menu
and then, asked me to wait again. No apologizing to ask me to wait. He
can't say I'm sorry, please wait???????? No, just wait and checked for
Despicable me 2. Wow. They checked the seats with other three members
who were there to see the seats too... And many people is still queue
up in both lanes. I waited until he checked. Then he pretended like
nothing and didn't ask me at all what movie I want to watch. I just
told him earlier. There is one problem with me. When I am very angry,
I will smile because if I am not, I will kill them! So, I did nothing
and said Lone Ranger again for twin seat and he booked us for twin
seat. I paid. But he never say thank you. AT LEAST TGV SAID THANK YOU
FOR EVERYTHING! You said you are the best cinema. Professionally, You
are NOT THE BEST CINEMA! I rather go to MINES or KLCC to watch TGV
because they don't make such silly mistakes. They TURNED DOWN the
whole system if one of the cinema CLOSED!

I think you have lost not only me as customer... My family members are
fan of TGV and I'm the only who supported GSC no matter how... I think
my family members were right... TGV is far better for all of us... I
might consider MBO... It's quite near as it is in the way to KL
compared that I run to KL to see and use GSC services like this for
two days in a row. Frustrated I am, all I want is my money back... I
bought Lone Ranger and I didn't redeem my despicable me 2 tickets is
because I wanted to show to you that it was your system faults and it
means I am 100 percent sure that I am wrong... I've lost about RM
40.50 for the tickets online which I WOULD LIKE TO GET REFUNDED BACK
because I ALREADY PAID RM45 in GSC PAVILION the same day for
despicable me 2 - 1.00 A.M. Also, please turned off the name of
Berjaya Times Square cinema if you knew they will be closed!!! You
opened the name and suddenly, I've checked at 3.00 a.m. that it was
turned off to avoid confusion for the other customers. You have
created CONFUSION on me! You have created PROBLEMS for me! You have
created YOUR BAD IMAGE on me! You have created TRAUMA on me! I had
bad services with GSC but I always stuck with you!! This time, my
images were TORN and I can't forgive GSC for anything anymore! Again,
I am a very forgiving person, so when I said I can't forgive, it means
I've reached the highest in my patience
levels!!! I am very sorry but there
is no way to make me return to GSC the same way it does for
Petronas... I actually filed a complaint and PETRONAS staff called me
and suspended the employees for 3 months without pay! I'm satisfied
but I am scared to enter any PETRONAS station because I fear the same
incident anymore! So, I apologize that it will take time before I will
enter GSC website, GSC online booking, GSC counter and GSC cinemas.

Thank you.


  • Ab
    abdhoms Oct 08, 2013

    Well, pity you. I have never experienced such issues with GSC. I go to Times Square / Pavilion 3 or 4 times a month (if a nice movie was screening and for other reasons as well).

    I always try to avoid the long ques and go with the online ticketing method - and walk into the cinema like a boss ;)

    Their employees are very friendly and helpful; give trainees a little time to train themselves - they are called trainees for a reason. I'd personally choose GSC over TGV any day.

    ps. You'll get treated in the same way as you treat others. (Not trying to offend you, but most of the times this is the truth)

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  • Fr
    Fraud_Expert Jan 14, 2015

    I know of 12 ways GSC staff are scamming customers and GSC customers. What is the effect?
    1) GSC loses public image
    2) customer gets cheated out of their money
    3) GSC loses revenue. As far as I know, its about RM300-500 for each outlet daily. Over 30 days, that is RM9000.00.

    One example, to prove that I am not just fooling around.

    The stewards, or in other words, the guys who tear the ticket, make a side income of around RM100-RM150 daily. How?
    Each hall has empty seats that are not sold. These are called hall seating. Imagine if you go to your seat and you find it wet because the previous customers spilled coke all over it. Will you keep quiet? You would complain, and the staff will move you to these ha seats. They are normally located at Row B.

    Just say its Sunday, and tickets are going at RM12. A typical staff would invite 3 or 4 friends over, and charge them RM5 per entry. Then he'll take them to the hall seating. He just made RM20. That is for one movie, in one hall, during one screening. Now, there are 13 halls, and each play 8-10 movies per day. Do the calculation yourself on how much is being swindled.

    but this is just the stewards, and there are so many more side incomes that are running there.
    the box-office (ticket selling) and concession (popcorn) is even worse. If I go into details, many of you will be disgusted, and GSC's name might be tarnished.

    So, if the GSC team want to know further about what is happening so to say behind the scenes, they can contact me.
    my email is [email protected]

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  • Wo
    wongxj Jun 12, 2015

    I went to gsc cinema in sarawak, Kuching located at cityOne. I want to book ticket for Jurassic World, i just took about a few second to decide the place that i used to seat but the staff that name Vela she din't threat me as a customer, her attitude is terrible. Hope GSC cinema company take attention in your staff. If this company doesn't take attention in this case, nevermind. I can just choose other cinema. But i can told you that all of the customer can't stand this kind of attitude. I remind again i think for not even more that 5 second. Please take attention and action on this case.

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