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I am a Camp Fire Survivor for the November 8th wildland fire that burned down the town of Paradise in Northern California that effected 25, 000 people. I had bought 2 pair of shoes online, to replace the clothes I lost in the fire. I bought 2 pairs of shoes, both same style, different makers. they are Clogg / mule slid on style shoes one pair was fine the other obviously had a manufactured defect. I have normal size feet. I don't need extra-wide or anything out of the ordinary. I could not get my foot but halfway into one pair of shoes. I notified them straight away there was a problem with the shoes. Their response for me to ship them back at my expense and they would charge me a restocking fee. It takes them over a week to respond to my email, when I said I would not pay to have them shipped nabk to them, it took them another week to respond, etc. I ended up having to keep the $50.00 dollar pair of shoes that I can not, my family and friends cannot fit their foot into. CRAPPY ROTTEN products and customer.
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Gold Violinbeware of ordering from golden violin

I ordered a shower cap from this company. The Order Summary indicated the correct item but the package contained a laser hair removal device. When I called Customer Service, they said they could not send out the correct item until I returned the unwanted item. How hard is it to put the same item in the package as is on the shipping paperwork? They also refused to send UPS out for a pickup when I told them I am 91 years old and can no longer drive to the post office. Our mail is delivered to group mailboxes not to the door, so I have no way of giving it to my mail carrier. They also refused to credit back my charge card until I returned the incorrect item. BEWARE of ordering from Golden Violin.

Gold Violinthink before your order from them

This company specializes in products for older or other people who may have mobility & other age related issues. They have a relationship with AARP & also QVC. And though their mission is laudable, there customer service is AWLFUL when it comes to handling a customer return.

I returned a defective product, using their pre-paid shipping label on 4/15/09. They received the product back on 4/27 (they use Newgistics as their returns shipper so expect delays even though you drop the return off at any Post Office) and I am still waiting for a credit.

They are not disputing they received the return on April 27th. I was told on May 4th when I called to follow up on when I can expect the credit, that it would be a week. When I saw no credit issued after waiting a week, their next promise was another week. THIS IS TOTALLY UNSATISFACTORY that it is taking over 2 WEEKS from their receipt of a defective product return and there is no credit in sight. That's of course, in addition to the 8 business days it took Newgistics to return the item back to them.

Gold Violin - don't bother with them if you are expecting decent, for get about excellent or even good, customer service on a return.

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    Jonathan Spring Jan 25, 2016

    When you check out there is an option to join the Gold Violin VP program for $1.99. This is for the first month. If you do not notify them they charge $14.97 each month. You must uncheck the box which is easy to miss. I missed it and did a bad job of checking my credit card charges. After almost a year I noticed 11 charges for the service. What do you get? You get 10% off of any purchases. At that rate, one would need to spend $1, 796 each year to break even. I called and complained. After much persistence, they did credit me for six months. I lost $76.84.

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    sean0 Apr 29, 2016

    Truly a disreputable company with poor customer service, salacious shipping and return policies, and underhanded profit enhancing policies. The most problematic issue is that this is a company that targets seniors who tend to not be as computer savvy and also tend to have less disposable income. They will charge and exorbitant price to ship products (typically of inferior quality, in my experience) and still make a tidy profit by charging another exorbitant amount to return said product. Now, to be sure, these costs are not hidden when ordering and it was at my discretion to proceed. But had I known what quality and service I'd be getting for my inflated cost, I never would have. So, for the wary reader, caveat emptor.

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    AngryFrank Jul 25, 2016

    A customer of mine recieved a notice from a collection agency that a check had been returned and was now in collections. The check had been written less than 10 days before it was sent to collections, there was not even enough time for the check to be processed and returned. now due to a clerical error by this company, my customer has a delinquient account on her credit report, not to mention that her bank account has been in good standing and there were more than enough funds to cover the check. They did not even attempt to collect payment from my customer before sending it to collections, when they were the ones who made a mistake. they have made no attempt to resolve this issue. This company is in serious need of a policies and procdures overhaul. Their customer service and policies and procedures are older and more out of date than their key demographic.

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    th!sman Jul 25, 2016

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    Bettie Mai Nasef Oct 06, 2016

    I am truly sorry for not looking at the disparaging service that these people have complained about. I too got a product that was not shown---something different---it said with an enclosed paper to send it back for credit and they would pay for the postage--NOT--UPS would not accept the return label???? i 87 and it is not easy to get around especially when I no longer drive and UPS station 25 miles away. After reading this I feel like they have taken advantage---wish I would have seen these complaints before I ordered the hand grabber product which was over $100. + with that $14.95 charge. I have the box and all the info. enclosed in the box---I put it on B of A so maybe I will have some recourse. This discusses me

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