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GodivaGift cards

Godiva's promo gift card is stupid .If you spend 50 dollars in december you get a 10 dollar gift card.
The catch is you only have until 31 January to spend it. So, you better hurry and eat all that candy from that fifty dollar box so you can run back and redeem your ten dollar gift card before it expires. Seams like they would have like a 3 month expiration date on those cards.
GIMMICK!!! To spend more at Christmas.

Godivabad service

Sue Armstrong Godiva Chocolatier,
I bought a chocolate cold drink in the shop in Wayne Willowbrook Mall on Sunday April 25th. 2010. The sales associate making the drink didnt make it right and instead of a smooth chocolate drink it tasted of ice, chocolate lumps, and plain milk. It was a bad product. So I took it back and said, "This shake is really bad today. The chocolate didnt mix well and there are lumps that come in the mouth"
The rude lady instead of heeding my complaint and correcting the mistake said, "Aaaaaaaaaa its the machine. Does it sometimes" and went about her business as usual. I didnt have the time to knock some sense in her brain. But I planned to write up to corporate about the problem. This is not the first time it happened. My husband complained of her rude behavior as well. As customers we dont like to be treated like soem crazy woman's teenage children who doesnt know how to make a simple chocolate millk drink in a blender.
I want that lady to either behave herself or corporate to put her thru sales training so she learns how to behave. If nothing works I dont want to see her again.

  • Er
    Eric E Apr 28, 2010

    Well, just hit the company where it hurts the most: their bottom line.

    If you don't like the service and have trouble with them often, stop buying from their vendors. That is the only real way to have your voice heard in this capitalist climate.

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  • Mi
    Midnight_Walrus Jul 25, 2011

    I happen to work at this particular Godiva, and I can tell you that you are an idiot-there is no milk in the drink. Also, every single drink comes out the same-we use measured ingredients in them. Please throw yourself off a building.

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GodivaChocolate sold by Weight - Scam

The Godiva located in Dolphin Mall in Miami Dade county is robbing customers by selling the chocolate by weight. They have a clear plastic bag that has a cardboard on the bottom of the bag. Inside the cardboard they have a metal stripe. The metal stripe looks like the security stripe found inside the DVD movie covers.

My son wanted 4 pieces of chocolate, I put them on the scale at the store. The Godiva employee told me that I needed to put the chocolate inside the clear bag before weighting it on the scale.

I weighed the clear bag empty. I told the employee that the chocolate would weigh more because of the metal and cardboard on the bottom of the bag. The employee told me that that is the only way they would sell me the chocolate.

I calculated the weight of the empty bag and it weighs one piece of chocolate. So I was going to pay for the empty clear bag as if it was an extra piece of chocolate. ($2.50) per customer, per day, week, month year.
How much $$ are they making with this scam?

  • He
    Heidismom May 17, 2010

    Anywhere a scale is used such as a deli or even a godiva they tare out the bag. Tare is the weight of a bag or napkin or whatever is placed on the scale prior to putting food. A tare is then deducted this can be done whether or not a bag is on the scale. It is common practice at any place that uses a scale.

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  • Ms
    mspoison Dec 02, 2010

    For those individual that believe that they are being charged for the plastic bag or the gold chocolate bag is highly mistaken. As a manager of one of the main boutiques, we subtract the weight of the bag before putting the chocolate on the scale. We thank our loyal cliental to, believe we will continue to provide our great service for them.

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Resolved GodivaPoor customer service

I purchased a box of chocolates for a co-worker who had resigned. I had them shipped to the office where the co-worker worked. I paid for over-night delivery service, as I needed the package to be delivered on a Friday (I placed the order on a Wed. evening at 9 pm). Due to habit, I typed in the full address (including PO Box) within Godiva's order form. Because I typed the PO Box, the request for over-night shipping was ignored, and sent via USPS. As of this writing, they did not charge me for the over-night shipping. When I contacted them to inquire about this, I was told that including a PO Box in an address automatically changes the shipping from whatever was requested to USPS. This is completely unfounded. If someone requests over-night service, and provides a physical street address, why would the company just drop the over-night, and send via the USPS, because there is a PO Box. There was no indication that adding a PO Box to the shipping address would cause this, no e-mail, no follow-up saying what would/is going to happen. This is poor customer service. If I brought a package to UPS or FedEx, and I so happened to write a PO Box, would they reject it, and send me to the USPS?

  • Pa
    PaulLewis Dec 26, 2012

    I used to spend up to $400.00 on Godiva Chocolates at Christmas to take care of the special people in my life. But, Godiva Chocolates is no longer the premium quality chocolate they used to be. Chocolates used to be made with "the finest ingredients" and they still proclaim that they are, but you can see on the package they are now made with Vanillin (fake Vanilla) among other things and use "cheap" Hydrogenated Oils in their truffle fillings. They still charge an arm and a leg for them but the quality is no longer there, and you can taste it. I've been buying Godiva Chocolates for over 40 years and they are nothing now like they used to be, except more expensive. I think this is going to be my last year to spend money on them. They don't deserve it after what they've done to the product.

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  • La
    Lauren causer Feb 12, 2015

    They have on there website that they do boutique deliveries at every location I called my local one they said they have no service like that called the customer service and got nowhere that is false advertisement I am going to see if there is anything that can be done about this.

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  • Ca
    carol313 Dec 17, 2017
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    I went into my local Godiva store at the Fashion Valley mall in San Diego to purchase 12 gift cards. They had none. Are you kidding me? Eight days before Christmas and they have no gift cards and they told me they won't be getting any more in before Christmas. Never again will I shop there. They really let me down.

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  • Di
    DisgustedinDc Mar 07, 2018

    Terrible Chat Session.
    Terrible customer service.
    Terrible people skills (You don't imply to the customer that they are a liar and then blame THEM).
    Terrible and dishonest shipping practices.

    I called 3 times, did a chat session and emailed twice and they still screwed it up and on top of that they claimed I only emailed once and blamed me that my elderly mom didn't get her birthday gift before her bedtime.

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