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I use to work for this company, so I do know first hand about what this company is all about, and it's not...

GNSfalse advertising


Its website is full of gimmicks. The ticking clock on how much of its "free trial" product remains is a marketing fraud. The free trial offer has been ongoing for many, many months--but there is the persistent message that supplies are low so commit now! But supplies are never-ending b/c the free trial promise is a marketing tool to get your $. You will only have about two weeks to try the product (21 days officially, but that includes shipping time). Then if you don't return the product in time, you will be charged about $80! That is the whole purpose of the promotion, of course. Also, you will be signed up (often w/o being aware of it) for autoshipments of the overpriced products. SO PROTECT YOUR POCKETBOOK & IGNORE THE GIMMICKY PROMOTIONS OF GNS, INC!!

  • Gn
    GNS Jun 16, 2009

    To: Barneswyo

    We are sorry for the inconvenience you have experienced with us. It sounds like you were not properly taken care of and you had a problem getting through to our company. Some of our offers for the Acai Berry Edge are buy now, pay later offers. Our terms and conditions are displayed in several places for you to read and you have to physically click the box that states you agree to the terms and conditions. The pay later is usually 21 days after the purchase date, but our orders come with a money back guarantee of 30 days starting on the billing day. We deeply apologize for the experience you had with us. Please contact us again and explain your situation to us so that we can find a resolution and possibly offer you a monetary refund.

    We hope to hear from you soon.

    Our number is 1800-595-4670. We are here Monday through Friday 7am to 7pm MDT and Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 5pm.


    Supervisor at GNS

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  • Cl
    clynne Aug 13, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered this product in good faith only to discover that it was an internet scam. I placed the order on 3/31/09 and the next morning I received a phone call regarding the product and the girl wanted me to give her my credit card information. I informed her that it was given on the website and I would not give it to her again. About two hours later, I received another phone call asking for the same information. The phone number is from California (213-426-2762). Also, the first girl gave me information regarding the customer service if I should have any questions. The number she gave me was 800-659-3588 which belongs to Acai Burn, a completely different website. The customer service rep for Acai Burn was kind enough to look up your product and give me the correct phone number for your product (800-693-0409). I called this number and was informed immediately that I had been a victim of an internet scam and to cancel my credit card as soon as possible that the only product this company sold was Monavie. I have canceled my credit card and have been greatly inconvenienced by your company. Also, I am still receiving calls from this California number.

    I am also getting emails which I respond to and only get auto replies from this company with no help whatsoever. I just received a collection notice from GNS saying that they have tried to make several attempts to contact me without response. This is a load of bull because I have answered my phones and emails from them. They do not want to hear that they are wrong and just keep threatening you with a collection agency.

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  • Gn
    GNS Aug 14, 2009

    To: clynne

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please contact us at 1-800-595-4670 and we will gladly address your concerns and resolve this issue.


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  • Ba
    Barneswyo Oct 02, 2009

    I sympathize with you. But you are likely wasting your time with GNS. They always post their "apologies, " but it is lame. They are all talk, no action. The best thing that you can do is tell as MANY people as possible about the company's "free trial product" marketing sham. I find some comfort in knowing that I have likely cost the company more business than it ever made off of me. I trash the company ALL THE TIME, and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT ALL COMPLAINANTS DO SO!

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GNSscam and cheating

I contacted them for a shipment of slim seduction. I was not told when I placed the order that the second shipment would be auto deducted from my account and would cost 82.00. I found this out when I got the shipment in the mail. I immediately called the company to get a return authorization and was told at that time that my account would not be effected. Well, low and behold they are currently trying to get the 82.00. I have contacted customer service at my bank for assistance. I am also currently on hold with them for at least 30 minutes... They say do to high volume of orders... I don't think so!!! More like a high volume of customers wanting their money back.

  • La
    Lacy Mar 24, 2009

    I also fell for this scam however before even receiving the order I called to cancel. somehow they never received the cancellation, then I get a charge for 69.90 go through on a card that had expired 2 months before they charged it. funny thing is when I called their customer service they claimed I had put the expiration for 2 years later. I found the order form luckily I printed it off when placing the order it showed the expiration date just as I stated expiring 2 months before they placed the charge. my bank is working with me on this however I will contact a lawyer if need be. just on principals alone!!!

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  • Gn
    GNS Jun 23, 2009

    To: kelly

    We are sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with us. did you return your product to us with-in your 30 day money back guarantee period? we would like to help you. please contact us again and explain your situation to us. we might be able to offer you a monetary refund depending on your personal situation. below you will find our terms and conditions that are with the 21 day free trial on our slim seduction. this might explain some questions.

    Free* 21-day trial terms and conditions:
    [only applies for the free* 21-day trial offer, not if you purchase multiple bottles upfront.] start your free* 21-day trial now to receive two full 30-day supply of slim seduction (regular price $69.95 per bottle). you simply pay $3.97 for shipping and handling. you'll have 21 days from today to evaluate this amazing diet pill and experience the slim and seductive results for yourself.
    When you notice significant results, simply do nothing. you will be billed the super low price of $79.90 at the end of your 21-day trial period... a 43% savings. but, if you decide that slim seduction is not for you, simply call (800) 595-4670 to get a return authorization (ra) number. then return the unused portion of slim seduction. if you do this before the end of your 21-day trial, you will never be billed. after you are billed, you can return slim seduction for a 100% refund if it doesn't work for you (s&h not refunded). to obtain a full refund, your return must be received within 30 days from the date that the product was originally purchased.
    The 21-day trial period includes shipping and transit time.
    Plus, when you accept this trial, you will also receive a free membership in the slim seduction always slim club. that means you won't run out, or have to remember to reorder, because you'll continue to get two fresh 30-day supply of slim seduction every 45 days at today's special price of $34.95 with free shipping! we set aside a special reserve so club members never go on back order. there is no minimum to buy and you can cancel, skip, or delay your shipment at any anytime by calling us at 1-800-595-4670

    We hope to hear from you soon. our number is 1800-595-4670. we are here monday through friday 7am to 7pm mdt and saturday and sunday from 8am to 5pm.


    Supervisor at gns

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GNSfree trial

What does free vs trial mean? look up the two terms in the dictionary #s! the problem is that people see "free" and stop reading... the website says $3.97 shipping and handling for a one month free 21 day trial... definition for trial is not free... the site plainly states (right beside where consumer puts in credit info for the order) that this is a 21 day free trial... never says free product or sample...
Trial... I repeat... trial... as in try it out for a period of time!
And on top of that it clearly states that there is a 30 day money back guarantee.
Terms and conditions on the very same page as the order form, three short paragraphs in plain english that people only have to read before they order.
Sooooooooooooooooooooo... free 21 day trial... not a free product, not a free sample!... if the customer still has the product in their posssession on the 21st day (end of trial) they are charged $79.90 for the first month's suppply but they have another nine days (for a full 30 day money back guarantee) to return for a refund of the $79.90 they were charged because the trial period was over! terms and conditions states that trial period begins on day of order and $3.97 covers 7-14 shipping time. terms and conditons also gives specific information on procedure to return unused portion of trial to company by 21st day for no other charges or by 30th day for full... no questions asked refund!
Also, terms and conditions states that the customer is automatically signed up for the vip membership (autoship) for a monthly order, of which the customer may cancel at any time prior to shipment.

  • Tr
    TRY THIS- IT WILL HELP Mar 08, 2009

    I'm sure you can read, that's good, read this. you are definitely clueless in what a lot of complaints about gns are about because from your tone and stance on the matter, you are one of the ripoff representatives who work there at gns. I hope many more will read my response and send you a word or two. shame on you and gns. I hope you are not color blind and recognize the color pink, pink slip that is that I hope you and all the liars at gns will soon get after enough of us report this scam to bbb and colorado state to shut you down. better yet, a lawsuit would be just the right ticket to end this scam and send a strong signal to the others scoundrels not to do the same.

    Let's all send our comments to "person that knows how to read" but chose a job that scam people and is totally clueless on what all the fuss is about. sadly to say, this person is probably one of the brightest of the bunch working there at gns, which as you can see and read, doesn't say much. they are all this insensitive. they want the scam to continue because they want your money-it's their paycheck which they didn't earn; they stole. it's a very profitable business, lure you in with false advertisement and misleading return policies, in less than 5 minutes, you are charged $3.97 and hook you for another $79.90 in 21 days from ordering not 30 days from shipping. all the work the representatives have to do is answer the phone after making you wait for 30+ minutes and then tell you one of the following: they have not receive your package back or your refund is still processing, or they are unable to credit you. that's it. it's a very profitable business with so little work and the only way you stop it, you have to report to the bbb and colorado state. and attorney general
    Better business bureau
    I did and they are actively pursuing, they need more to file especially if a class action lawsuit is to be considered.
    Also, contact businesses near them and inform them of this scam and urge them to help get the community involved.
    Westwoods center of performing arts, 6452 fig st, unit d, 303-467-0334
    Colorado precision machining, 6452 fig st, unit f, 303-467-3835
    Doppelmayr ctec, 6452 fig st, unit b, 303-277-9476

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  • Ja
    Jayesh Mar 11, 2009

    I totally agree. lets screw these shameless thieves.

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  • Mj
    MJ Baco Apr 23, 2009

    Thank you for this excellent post.

    I just received my credit card statement with the $79.90 posted. I had called them way back in march, immediately after receiving their package. that was when I found out that I was going to be billed monthly and wanted them to cancel immediately.

    She assured me that all was cancelled and that I could return the unopened product, with a code number she supplied for the outside of the envelope. I took it to the post office within days and sent it off. never thought to get a tracking number and wiped my hands of it. didn't save their so-called confirmation number. shouldn't they have a copy of that???

    Today when I see the charge and call them (they answered right away and no holding... I think I caught the first girl off guard. cuz she answered "customer service", not the co. name. when I asked if this was gns she hesitated ever so slightly and then said yes.)

    So, she tells me that "we show you as still being on shipment status." and "we have no confirmation that your return was received." when I said I would not be paying she transfered me to someone else. he said that I should have used ups and gotten a tracking number and that basically the us postal service is lousy. (I have never had a problem with the post office.)

    He pretty much said there was nothing he could do and offered no solutions. he also said that the returned product (colon cleanse) is considered food and must be disposed of, even if unopened. (is this true? what a waste!) whatever. it didn't matter. I repeated that I would not be paying, that it was their problem they can't find the returned product and that I would be contacting my credit card company.

    Thank god I used my credit card and not my debit card. not even sure why I did that, as I always use my debit card. so that was a good lesson!) called the credit card co. and they filled out a dispute and he said he gets 30-40 complaints a day on this company! so, he's pretty sure I won't have to pay.

    Thank you for supplying the addresses for co state and attorney general and bbb. I will be contacting all of them. thank you!

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  • Ac
    ACAIsux May 18, 2009

    This is a huge rip-off. the requirement to return the product so as not to be billed 79.90 for some useless junk is buried in fine print. when I received my shipment, there was no invoice, no cancellation instructions. no information on how to contact gns. when you place an order, you receive no email confirmation with the terms of the order (cancellation, return, etc.)... nothing.

    When I finally figured out how to contact gns and advised of cancellation, I received a cancellation confirmation but again, no instructions that I had to return the product for a free trial. they sent me a letter saying the had repeatedly tried to contact me... a blatant lie. they offered to cut the price in half which I declined... I had been misled, miscommunicated and I offered to return the unopened, unused product. "it's of no use to us" was the response... no doubt, no use to them or anyone.


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GNSrefuse to cancel and stop billing $79.90

This is a huge SCAM run by GNS. They offer diet pills ACAI berry for free, just pay $3.97 shipping charge, with 30 days trail period and 100% money back guarantee. When and if you received the product- you will informed that you now only have 21 days from the time you placed the order to the time they need to receive the product back to them before charging you. Even if you managed and were lucky enough to return it on time, well, it doesn't matter. There will be no refund and don't bother with getting a delivery notification because it won't help and the Return Authorization #, useless. I contacted a local Post Office and unfortunately, they are familiar with this company who is known to REFUSE ALL returns to them. After 21 days from order date, you will be charged $79.90 and this will continue until you cancel your Credit card.

Here are some things you can do:

Dispute the charge from your credit card company immediately. If you live near their address: 6452 fig street, unit A, arvada, co 80004, visit them.

File a complaint at and Attorney General Better Business Bureau

Also, contact businesses near them and inform them of this scam and urge them to get with others in the community to help put pressure on these people to stop.

Westwoods Center of Performing Arts, 6452 Fig St, Unit D, [protected]

Colorado Precision Machining, 6452 Fig St, Unit F, [protected]

Doppelmayr Ctec, 6452 Fig St, Unit B, [protected]

Here is a timeline of my ordeal.

Order on 1/29 at 7pm. Call and email to cancel 1/30 at 9am. Received pills on 2/10. Did not open. Return same day with Return Authorization number. Got charged for shipping. Found out recently from Post Office, this company doesn't accept returns. No record of my return received from them. Charge again for $79.90. Sometime you make a decision and then you realized you shouldn't have or you find out the product is not right for you. If there was a warranty expressing Full return within 30 days even for an empty bottle and I returned mine unused. There is No reason to continue charging me. This is just bad business. I think if we are going to get any money back or stop this so one of our friends, or love one won't find themselves in our shoes, we have to unite, spread the word, and make official complaints to agencies listed above. With enough complaints, I've read there might be a chance for a class-action lawsuit file against them.

  • De
    debbie breuer Feb 26, 2009

    They ripped me off also and claimed they can't find my cancelation in there system. and that if I could come up with a cancelation confirming number they will refund my money. I never talked to anyone it was all done via e-mail because they keep you on hold for over an hour. did call my credit card company and said they'd handle it. $129.80!!! I was taken for. I cancelled them twice. I also put in a complaint with the bbb.

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  • #, read terms and conditions before you give your credit card to any company.

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  • Free trial and 30 day money back guarantee... read terms and conditions before you order stupid!

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  • Re
    Reads Mar 13, 2009

    Total agreement with the person who said read terms and conditions. all people see is free and then they order.

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  • Ll
    llascko Mar 20, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I filed a complaint with the bbb. the exact thing happened to me except that they received my product return and said it was not within the 30 days from the date of order. I had contacted them several times and was promised that I could start my 30 period from the date that I had been debited on my account as a courtesy. she never put that in the notes so I practically had no leg to stand on. I talked to a very nasty "supervisor" and hung up. filed the complaint and then tried one more time. after a 30 minute wait, the lady I talked to went to the "supervisor" and all they could do for me was to credit half back to my account. I thought he was full of it but I agreed half is better than none and this time I got names and confirmation numbers. I probably could have held out for more but I had had it by this point.

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  • Ji
    Jim McMurray Mar 26, 2009

    Class action? count me in! their phone order representative flat out lied that the free trial was absolutely free if I calledthem to canceled future orders within 30 days. on 3/12/09 I did that and got a confirmation number to stop any future billing, on 3/26/09 I found a pending charge of $79.90 from gns. the companies phone rep. told me to ship back the product for a complete refund. I got an return authorization number and will ship product back today. I have zero confidence that I will be rembursed without a fight. so I will dispute the charge with my bank. please include me in any action against this bunch of criminals.

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  • Ac
    ACAIsux May 18, 2009

    his is a huge rip-off. The requirement to return the product so as not to be billed 79.90 for some useless junk is buried in fine print. When I received my shipment, there was no invoice, no cancellation instructions. no information on how to contact GNS. When you place an order, you receive no email confirmation with the terms of the order (cancellation, return, etc.)...nothing.

    When I finally figured out how to contact GNS and advised of cancellation, I received a cancellation confirmation BUT AGAIN, no instructions that I had to return the product for a free trial. They sent me a letter saying the had repeatedly tried to contact me...a blatant lie. They offered to cut the price in half which I declined...I had been misled, miscommunicated and I offered to return the unopened, unused product. "It's of no use to us" was the doubt, no use to them or anyone.

    Anyone supporting these charlatans is a shill for them, probably an employee posting. Reading the FINE PRINT does no good when you can't figure out how to contact them, when they don't send you and invoice or instructions with the shipment, etc. The business model is to catch people in a time-dependent, poorly communicated trap...period, end of question.

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  • Bl
    blw Jun 09, 2009

    Help! How do I get out of this?

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  • Gn
    GNS Jun 23, 2009

    To: jim mcmurray

    Please contact us at 1800-595-4670 so we can gladly assist you. we are sorry you had such a difficult and bad experience with us. we would like to offer our assistance and rectify the situation. if you have not received a refund yet, please contact us at the above number so we can discuss a monetary refund.

    Gns supervisor

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GNSacai berry pills

I too ordered Acai berry pills from a phone call I received after I had expressed interest inthe "free" trial pills over the internet.

That was on 1-/30/09. Today, I received two bottles of pills and an invoice stating I will be charged 79.90 next Saturday, Feb. 21st and every month thereafter. The person I finally talked to after 30 minutes of waiting told me the pills are not free. You get to use them for free for 21 days (in this case, only 7 days, eh?), and then you are charged for them. I never signed anything, as it was all done over the phone.

I am in a panic. I have called and emailed them. I got a return authorization number and I am returning them immediately. If they do not receive them before Friday, they will hcarge my account. Last week I got laid off from work and they are going to cause my checking account to bounce. I used my VISA/debit card to pay the 3.97 "shipping and handling" as I have no other credit cards at this point. I am scared I am going to get screwed here and have my mortgage and electric bills bounce. I am down to my last few dollars and now I have to deal with this.

What really rots also is I have to pay postage to send them BACK, Fedex or UPS with two day delivery so I'm sure they will get there. That's really expensive and I don't get that back. I have filed a complaint wiht the Florida Dept. of Consumer services. Wish me luck.

  • Vi
    Viola Feb 26, 2009

    I accepted to receive the product over the phone on 2/05/09. once I read the complaints on the internet, I tried to cancel the order on same evening via email. but their email just returns useless auto responses without any follow-up on their end.
    I cancelled my debit card immediately to ensure that no other charges are made to my debit card. if you can afford that, it is the safest way to get the re-occurring charges stopped.
    I receievd the items in less than two weeks. I was able to get a hold of a customer rep. on 2/14/09 after 35 minutes of being on hold. so, do not give up on calling and holding on to get someone on the phone.
    I was able to get an rma # without any issues. I also cancelled the monthly auto ship contract/order and got a confirmation #.
    I sent the product back on 2/20 and entered the rma # above the return address.
    Package was received by their office on 2/24.
    They emailed me today (2/26), exactly 21 days after the original order date, and requested me to send them a credit card #!

    So, just want to let you know that it is not that hard to get it straightened out. their customer service via email is really bad. the last resort is to cancel your debit/credit card. as soon as I mentioned to my bank that I may be in for a scam, they suggested to cancel the card and get a new one. it only takes a few days for the new card to arrive, and your checking and saving accounts are intact and no major changes are needed to get your life back together.
    Best of luck for all of you out there.

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GNS — fraud and scam

I answered an internet ad from gns for a product called slim seduction. It is supposed to help reduce fat and...