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ForeClosureStore.comScam Rip Off

I originally agreed to a 7 day FREE trial and tried to cancel that trial before the seven days but there was no number to contact this company and the email address given on their website I used but no one would respond. The 7 day FREE trial was not even up yet when they charged my account $39.95 and the very next day charged again $70. I never even used the website once. I finally received a response to the emails I had sent to the company after having to practically threaten them by putting it all over the internet that they are a scam. The only thing they responded with was your free trial has been cancelled. I replied to that email and demanded that all funds be credited back to my account. I have not heard anything yet and don't plan to. This is a huge scam.

  • Al
    alexisbrock Apr 18, 2012

    Or you're not smart enough to read the fine print...always read the fine print. they teach you that in high school...but you didnt attend one so i should stop pointing out the obvious

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i wanted to look at some foreclosure homes so i saw this site in my gmail so i decided to try it out so i...