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Resolved First Revenue AssuranceHarassing Phone Calls

This company calls our house about 3 times daily. They are obviously a debt collection agency, but my husband and I have no outstanding debts. They have tried to validate us by providing us with the last two digits of an SSN which do not match either mine or my husband's SSN. The last time they contacted us, they asked for the last 4 digits of my husband's SSN, which he did not give them. These are scam artists and very annoying ones at that!
I intend to pursue this with my State Attorney General's Office. Are there other venues for stopping these calls?

  • Da
    Danyel Nov 04, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I was contacted by a representative, Stephanie, at ext. 14224, who was given my number by someone else who said their debt was in fact mine. When the debt was clearly in that person's name. What right does a debt collector have to call me, just because someone SAID the debt was mine? If the debt was mine it would be in my name not theirs. The rep proceeded to tell me to settle my own differences with the other person and leave her out of it it was not her concern... BUT, as I said, she called me asking me to settle the debt. Rude and ignorant people.

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  • Te
    TedI67 Dec 17, 2009

    These people keep calling my phone.

    Finally they left a message for "Albert" and left a number. So I called the number to tell them that they were calling the wrong phone number. The man on the phone started harassing me calling me a liar! It was insane! I said you have the wrong number, there is no "Albert" here; this is my cell phone please take me off your list. He calls me a liar and starts asking if Albert is my son. I filed a complaint with the BBB because I can't make them stop calling. I visited the website but they don't have any contact information.

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Resolved First Revenue AssuranceInaccurate collection

S. Jones

To whom it my concern,

The is inaccurrate information of a debt that is not mine. I requesting debt be removed from my credit report. This information that is not mine there is an error in your data. Fraudgulate action could of accured this account dont belong to me account 725xxxx

  • Sy
    Syed Adeel Jul 27, 2009

    Amount posted in Billing software i.e. CRM = Amount actually collected= Amount deposited in Bank should equal.

    Turn over in vanity, Profit is sanity, and payment is reality.

    Cash is the King.

    Syed Adeel
    Revenue Assurance Expert

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First Revenue AssuranceA Cell Phone Bill that is NOT Mine

Not my bill, they have been calling me and threatening to put this on my credit report, according to Mr Lundhl he was looking at my credit report, wanted a post dated check from me now mind you this is NOT even my bill. I have been told to "F" off when I refused to to pay. They call my work, they call my cell phone and will not remove my phone numbers. They have discussed this account with me in detail (still not my account) would not let me speak to a supervisor. The said I have to put it in writing that I dont want them to call anymore and Mrs Roberts refused to give me an address or fax# to send it too. I have filed complaints iwth the BBB in Denver Co, with the Denver Co State Attorney Generals Office, and the FTC.
So as you can see they are not abiding by the laws that govern them.

  • Jo
    Jonah Brown Mar 11, 2010

    They keep robo-calling my landlady's phone, never got to speak to a human being and since they mostly call after-hours all you can get is their voice mail and a message about collecting a debt for Verizon We don't have a Verizon account or product and never did.
    One would think that a supposed Telephone Company would be able to find out a little bit better information than simply assuming that any person with the first Initial J would automatically be James.

    She, like many single or widowed women, uses her first initial to avoid predators in her phone book listing.

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First Revenue AssuranceHarassment and rudeness

I spoke with Representative Ms. Perez on two occasions regarding a debt they were attempting to collect for ATT for a past due cell phone bill. I was charged approximately $850 by ATT and within a month of the bill sent ATT a payment for $500. In less than a month they sold my remaining debt to First Revenue Assurance. Ms. Perez cliamed that I must pay the remainder of the original bill plus an early cancellation fee for my plan and First Revenue Assurance's fee. She tried to get me to pay the full amount up front by the end of October. I agreed to pay about $150 a month until it was paid off. When I explained that it was not possible to pay in full at once due to my budget (lost my job and my new one pays significantly less) she threatened to report this to the credit bureaus and proceeding to lecture me in a very condescending way about financial matters. I interrupted her and said that I fully understand the situation and that I do not have time for her to continue to tell me things I already know. She yelled at me that "Fine then this is going on your credit report then!!!" She hung up on me. Approximately a week later she called back. I said I wanted to speak with her supervisor. I an even nastier women got on the phone. Did not identify herself and did not allow me to speak. She had false information about my living situation. She said in a very rude, loud, threatening manner that "I want to buy that house I livein" I said that I live with my mom and asked what she was talking about. She proceeded to yell at me an d said" It is not our fault you decided to leave outside your means!!!" While she is still yelling at me I replied that "Excuse me it is not my fault that I lost my job and I do not have to listen to this. I will not be spoken to like this!" Then I told her not to call. I hung up. She never discussed the matter with me in a respectful professional way at all. I am doing my best to take care of my finances and hope that I have some rights in dealing with a company that hrarsses and conducts business unprofessionally.

  • Fr
    FRAVictom May 09, 2009

    This company stops at nothing to harass, ridicule and threaten anyone who answers the phone that they might have to contact whomever it is they think owes them or their clients money

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  • An
    Andy Jun 03, 2009

    This company has continually harassed me about a bill that has already been cleared up by AT&T .. they continually refuse to stop harassing me multiple times a day by phone, letters keep coming.. All the while refusing insisting the only way they will leave me alone is if I pay them... Appears to me this is a company aimed at terrorism...

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