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Fashion BugOpen charge account

I do not know how to clear this off of my credit report. Please advise, thanking you in advance. This has been going on for ten years plus. The company name is Fashion Bug. All of my credit reports are showing this as a open account. I have never use this and did not open this account. Please advice me on what needs to be done. You can reach me at [protected]/cell or [protected]@rocketmail.

Fashion BugStill on my credit report

I am still seeing the amount of $312.29 on my credit report. My husband and I filed for bankruptcy in 06/2009 and you were sent a check on 07/16/2012 to clear up this debt. Would you please check into this matter for me. You can either call me at [protected] or email me at [protected] Judith Saunders (Vann), 8091 Gates Road, Suffolk, VA 23437 My trustee was Michael Cotter, 870 Greenbrier Circle, Ste. 402, Chesapeake, VA 23320, [protected], lawyer Seth A. Schoenfeld, case no. 09-72470-FGS

  • Je
    jemjr42 Oct 21, 2010

    How can anyone justify savings with this retailer when the interest and other charges take away any savings????

    Don't be fooled people!!!

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  • Always be alert Apr 24, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    No one on here is going to look into this for you. You must do it for yourself. You will need to get back into contact with your bankruptcy lawyer for help.

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Fashion BugRude and inept saleswomen

On two occasions, the employees of this branch failed to take the security tag off an item of clothing. The alarm did not go off as the clothing was being carried out of the shop; if it had worked properly, there would not have been a problem. The purchase would have been returned to the cashier, who would have remembered ringing it up a minute or two ago. But that never happened. Instead, the customer is in the position of trying to locate receipts that have been thrown away because the clothing fit, or trying to locate a receipt that has never been in your possession because it is a gift. (Lesson: never, ever, throw away any receipt ever.)

The first time I noticed there was a security tag remaining on my shirt, I tried to remove it myself. When the ink splashed, I threw it away and replaced it with my own money. The second time was with a jacket that I had worn to work (I don't work in a store). I did not want to set off alarms all day, and I did not have the receipt with me because I did not buy the jacket. I went to the store expecting them to remove the tag (after all, the customer is always right), or to at least get some sort of customer service. Perhaps they could check the security cameras? Check their own receipts? Tell me what else I could do if I didn't have the receipt (bring in a credit card statement, contact the district manager, whatever). Instead, the manager glared at me. "I told you, you need a receipt." She then completely ignored me and continued to do whatever she was doing. The whole thing ended with me storming out, without the coat, and the manageress threatening to call the police. I understand that they take loss control very seriously when they feel like it (as shown by the faulty security machine), but I did nothing wrong. Their employees made the mistake. But I was made to feel like a thief. I bought the majority of my clothes here, but I will never shop in this chain or their associated chains again.

  • Ma
    MauiAL50 May 17, 2012

    You stated that you did not have the receipt because you didn't buy the jacket. How would they check their receipts if you did not buy the jacket? Even if they found a sale for it, how would they know that you are returning the same jacket, again, you didn't buy it, so what would they find? Same goes for checking the cameras, if you were not the one that bought it, how do they know that the one you have was purchased and not stolen? It isn't as if the jackets have serial numbers that are recorded at the time of sale.

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Fashion BugUnfair Practices

Fashion Bug does not care about it's customers. I called Customer Service to register a complaint about the way I've been treated. I told them what happened. The representative refused to help me claiming there was nothing they can do's my story: Long story short a cashier talked me into applying for credit. Gave license and credit card and she asked me a few questions. Was told if approved would get a card. Thought nothing further of it until 1 year later Fashion Bug shows on credit report that I maxed out my card over the limit at $305. Luckily I still had reciept from that shopping trip. Only kept reciept as was going to return an item on my $91.14 total purchase. Never did due to a move and marriage, but reciept I had was proof I owed them the $91.14. I felt bad about this, so I went to the store immediately, explained to Asst. Manager what happened, apologised and paid that debt. As she is looking up my info, she discovers my address was incorrectly entered into system. No wonder no card, no credit card agreement, no statement; etc! Also though, I never recieved any messages I owed anything! I wanted to report my card as lost/stolen so she got me to customer service. They transferred me to a debt collector who was so rude he refused to listen to me and threatened me my credit would be marred for life because he personally would see to it the bad debt information would remain on my account forever if I didn't pay him double the original debt. I told him that was baloney, I'd already paid the store for the full amount on the reciept. He then replied it was a generous offer and not baloney because he was not a meat salesman. I wasn't amused and informed him I would be disputing it. He got really angry and said he wanted over double the amount now...over $230.00! He hung up on me after saying I needed to fax dispute to him ( Mr. J. Lacy...real name?) so I did. After knowing this...customer service doesn't care? Isn't this excessive punishment for human error that is not totally mine? I told her personally I had no beef with the store, it was the way this was handled that made me sorry she can't help me and that Fashion Bug won't stay in business if that's how customers get treated!

  • Km
    kmax Aug 26, 2011

    @ TheLoveFist VI : Sounds like you need to get a job with Mr. J. Lacy...though you wouldn't be wise enough to realise that as you didn't read the whole thing...Get all the facts before you start pointing finger in calling others idiots...remember, 3 fingers point back to you. B.T.W. Don't respond. I made my point already and am not going to argue-my beef was not with you.

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  • Km
    kmax Aug 26, 2011

    Re: response to TheLoveFist IV...I did not include syntax between the hyphenated letters...just want it clear it was not any cryptic attempt to use profanity.

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Fashion BugPremium Fee

my complaint is i didn't know they were charging me this fee that i didn't had any idea about, to my knowledge it was a premium fee for fashion bug, it not anywhere that it says that its for ins purpose till i jet called them to complain about how come they charging me every month
this premium fee then they explained me what it is for, i want my refund on this i didn't authorize this.
Thank You,
Ranita Sharma

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Fashion BugCredit Card Trickery

We signed up for the Fashion Bug credit card so I could get a good savings on a large purchase. I actually paid for the full purchase at the time...or so we thought. We told the sales girl that we wanted the card, but that we'd pay for the all of the purchase right there in cash. (She said that you could put purchases on the card, but pay right away so as not to get any fees or charges.) Turns out she had us pay for MOST of the purchase, NOT the 100% we wanted to do. She "forgot" to add the sales tax, so Fashion Bug started sending us statements, with late fees and minimum charges...all over the sales tax that would have been paid at the time of purchase if the sales girl had done her job right! As soon as we saw what was going on, we wrote to get this taken care of; we received a letter where we would only be charged the original omitted 7.36. But we still keep getting statements with late fees and minimum charges accruing. All told, we've racked up nearly $100 in late fees and minimum charges over the time we've tried to dispute this. BTW, we have paid the original 7.36. Just got another robocall today about the money we owe them. It feels like it will never end! BEWARE!!

  • Ja
    JamieRCA Mar 29, 2011

    We signed up for the Fashion Bug credit card so I could get a good savings on a large purchase. I actually paid for the full purchase at the time...or so we thought. We told the sales girl that we wanted the card, but that we'd pay for the all of the purchase right there in cash. (She said that you could put purchases on the card, but pay right away so as not to get any fees or charges.) Turns out she had us pay for MOST of the purchase, NOT the 100% we wanted to do. She "forgot" to add the sales tax, so Fashion Bug started sending us statements, with late fees and minimum charges...all over the sales tax that would have been paid at the time of purchase if the sales girl had done her job right! As soon as we saw what was going on, we wrote to get this taken care of; we received a letter where we would only be charged the original omitted 7.36. But we still keep getting statements with late fees and minimum charges accruing. All told, we've racked up nearly $100 in late fees and minimum charges over the time we've tried to dispute this. BTW, we have paid the original 7.36. Just got another robocall today about the money we owe them. It feels like it will never end! BEWARE!!

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  • El
    Eleanor Darby Apr 12, 2011

    Credit Card Late Fees
    I made the mistake of paying Lane Bryant instead of Fashion Bug(they are sister companies) and didn't realize it until rec. a check from Lane Bryant, in the mean time I was penalized with at least $60 in late charges due to I had a problem contacting Fashion Bug( I kept fogetting when I came home from work until it was too late). When I finally contacted them and asked them to forgive me all but one late charge they said they were only allowed to forgive one late charge per year so now an $89 purchase has cost me over $150 I want to close both the accounts to avoid this problem in the future!

    If they are sister companies why can't they transfer the money instead of charging me late fees? They acknowledged receipt of my payment in January on time! If they can see it why can't they fix it!!!

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  • Mo
    molliewollie Apr 12, 2011

    Jamie, you should just pay off the whole thing and THEN continue to dispute, otherwise your credit continues to be trashed. I'd call them and make an over the phone payment for the amount you owe right up to the minute and get a confirmation number for the transaction. If you online pay or snail mail pay, interest will still accrue and it'll just keep going on and on. Preserving your credit is the big picture.

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  • Mo
    molliewollie Jun 01, 2011

    Didn't you look at your receipt after you paid? When you say you "wrote" to get it taken care mean email or snail mail? Because those charges will continue to rack up. How silly to have paid nearly 100 dollars for an 8 dollar purchase. I'd get ahold of them on the phone and make a phone payment for the balance...dispute stuff later but pay your balance so it will stop adding up. That'll be a ding on your credit...over eight bucks!

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Fashion BugPoor customer service related to return

On April 4, 2010 I placed an order with Fashion Bug online to be picked up in store at a Lane Bryant located at Fashion Center in Pentagon City. Shortly after placing the order I was in an accident that resulted in a grade 2 left ankle sprain and a fractured dislocated right ankle that required surgery. The accident left me in a great deal of pain and wheelchair bound for eight weeks. After leaving the hospital on April 11, 2010 I contacted Fashion Bug to informed them I would not be able to pick up the package due to this accident and my newly acquired mobility issues. I inquired about my options.

Here is a history of my phone conversations with Fashion Bug's customer service.

Customer Service Agent: Gloria
Spoke on April 12, 2010
Resolution: I was told she would contact store about shipping order to home address or having the order cancelled, returned and a new order shipped from warehouse to my home. She would phone me when she had a resolution. She suggested sending a friend to pick up order.

I emailed customer service after I did not hear back from Gloria. Again I explained the situation and relayed the previous conversation with Gloria. The response I received from Patricia Barron from Fashion Bug customer service was that the order had been delivered to Lane Bryant on April 10, 2010 and is waiting for me to pick up. Obviously she did not read my email or did not understand the situation.

Customer Service Agent: Illia
Spoke on April 19, 2010
Resolution: I explained my situation, my previous call to customer service and that I had not heard back from Gloria about a resolution. The agent states there is more than one Gloria working there and she cannot verify my previous conversation took place. This agent says only I would be able to pickup the package and it is the company's policy that they do not ship from store to home address. My options: wait until items are sent back and warehouse processes refund, which should happen around mid May.

Customer Service Agent: Shirley
Spoke on June 17, 2010
Resolution: Agent called store to check on package status. Order is still with store waiting for pickup. Agent asks me if I can pick up package now. I explain that I am a student, the academic year has ended and I have moved back to California. I would not be making a trip to Virginia to pick up an order I was told would be returned. She speaks with Danaille (store manager?) who says they will send package back on 6/18/10. I am told to call back in 3 weeks if credit card account is not credited.

Customer Service Agent: Raquel
Spoke on July 20, 2010
Resolution: She says I must wait a minimum of two weeks before a refund is issued and that it has only been a few days since my last conversation. I explain it has been over a month since previous conversation and that this situation has been ongoing since mid-April. Agent says she will call back after contacting store and hangs up. She never calls back.

Spoke on July 27, 2010
Resolution: Will contact store to verify location of package. Establishes three way phone conversation with store. Package was sent but has yet to be received by warehouse. Since issue has been ongoing and shipment was confirmed, agent agreed to an immediate refund to be credited to credit card account.

I finally received an email on August 4, 2010 that the items have been refunded but a gift card has been issued instead of my Fashion Bug credit card being credited since the order was not returned within 90 days. I was surprised that this was the result since I have been told repeatedly that my credit card would be credited. As the process dragged on into months I brought up the issue of a gift card with agents and I was told, since I had been trying to process this return since April and the package was never in my possession, my credit card would be refunded. So I always assumed that would be the case.

In fact when I spoke with Shirley I was assured that the amount would be refunded to my account within two weeks. I was guaranteed that it would happen before another credit card payment was due and it wasn't. I did not realize this until the day before my payment was due when I checked my account to verify the credit. I admit I should not have waited so long to check my account. I scheduled a payment immediately that day but it was too late to have it credited by the due date. Now in addition to having paid interest on this purchase repeatedly I will have to pay a late charge since the payment was credited one day late. The only purchase made on this card was this order. Like I said I admit that the late charge for last month is my fault. It was ridiculous on my part to assume that this situation would be resolved as stated. At the very least I should have checked the account sooner to verify the account credit so I could make a timely payment if necessary.

What bothered me most was that each time I called customer service, agents would make it clear that this situation is my fault because of the mobility issues associated with my injury. I'm not sure how this would be considered the proper response to what I was going through. The injury was the result of an accident. Something I could not control. Believe me if I could have avoided the pain and discomfort of the last four months I would have. I have a plate and eight screws in my ankle as a result of that day. I don't imagine anyone would wish for that. I have done my best to resolved this situation as timely and efficiently as possible without causing too much fuss. Looking back maybe I should have been more difficult. Perhaps the situation would have been resolved much sooner. Having to deal with this while recovering from major surgery and undergoing therapy has been frustrating and stressful.

I will say, in the past, I have had good shopping experiences with Lane Bryant and Fashion Bug both in store and online. This was an unusual situation that I hoped would be handled a lot better than it was. I don't understand why this would take nearly four months to resolve considering they were made aware of my situation within a few days of the package delivery to the store, the package was always in company hands, never mine, and I had spoken with customer service on multiple occasions throughout trying to get this taken care of. There are other options for plus size shopping so I am not sure that I will shop with this company in the future. If I do, I doubt I will ever attempt to use ship to store again.

  • Pi
    PinkR Sep 26, 2010

    DO NOT BUY ANYTHING IN FASHION BUG!!! Yes, they have coupon code but days after your purchase they gonna send you bunch of emails then after that, your item/items are not available anymore.

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Fashion Bugcharges on account

I need a phone number to speak with someone at SOANB. I realize they are not handling Fashion Bug Accts anymore but I need a history of past transactions and payments back to October 2017. I do not believe I was credited correctly and would like to see where all the charges are coming from and if the correct payments were applied. The phone number give by someone else on this board does not work. Why can't we talk to someone there. Why did you bail on Fashion Bug? I am reading an awful lot of complains about SOANB so that I am quite concerned about what exactly went on with my acct. Please respond. Thank you.

  • Op
    opaloise Jun 19, 2009


    I am from France. One day, I received on my gmail address an e-mail from Fashion Bug: it was an order confirmation, but I never bought anything from them, I did not even know this company!! And from this moment, I continuously receive e-mails from them (special offers etc).
    I cannot unsuscribe because I have no Fashion Bug account: this is completely absurd!!
    I demanded to remove my e-mail address and now I am waiting for the result.

    Is there a legal entity where I should complain to?


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  • Kr
    krispix318 Jun 19, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I don't know where to complain to, but just mark them as spam and gmail won't show them in your inbox anymore.

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  • Fl
    Flimo Dec 09, 2009

    What a time I am having with Fashion Bug !!!I I have been a good customer for years..The quality of there items was not that great but easy to buy and fashionable..Anyway while I was in the hospital (open heart surgery) I got a bill and due to my surgery, I paid it late but in full..I owed n othing!! Ok I thought, I'll get a late fee, fair enough..Anyway, I got a bad infection from the hospital and was very ill and paid the late fee of over $20.00 late..Sure enough I got another late fee..Tried calling to explain and spent over half an hour on the phone, never talking to a real person, just recordings.. Tried several times at various numbers spending a great deal of time listening to there menu and still not finding a real person to talk to..I get another bill and finally in frustration I called the stolen credit card number and finall found a real person to talk to.. I explained the problem to a nice man named Brandon..Got the fee removed due to my circumstances and got a conformation number..About a week later I got another late fee..I figured my conformation number and the billing just hadn't caught up with each other, , Pretty soon I got really urgent letters telling me to call this number and talk to Donna Bachman ..Tried that but got the same menus and recordings.Called the stolen credit card line and talked to a not nice woman who insisted I pay late fees which by now were growing fast..Then the phone calls begin..I asked what I owed them money for and they said a supervisor would call (they never did.) I am over 70 and have excellent credit..This is so obsurb I refuse to pay and will NEVER shop in Fashion Bug again..Nore will about 20 other women who are family and friends.. All for a late fee I do not owe..

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  • Gi
    GIVE ME AN INCREASE Feb 11, 2010


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  • Ma
    mab123 Jun 22, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was told by the salesperson if I opened a charge card on that day I would get 20% off my purchase. After agreeing, she rang up my purchase she then told me I would have to wait seven to ten days to see if I was able to get a charge card, so no 20% discount. After leaving I called the main office to cancel the application as I felt I was mislead. The gentleman said he would cancel if so that I would not get a "bump" on my credit account. Well, low and behold I just received a letter from the World Financial Network National Bank telling me Fashion Bug had turned me down. I am 56 years old, have had charge cards since the age of 21 and have never not paid my bills or been turned down for credit. When calling about this I was told by the rep. that I was not mislead, which her statement was wrong. I also asked for the name of the President of the company, which she said she didn't know. Then I asked for the phone number of the corporate office and she said they didn't have one! Poor company can't even afford phones. After reading all off the complaints on this site, my take is the President of this company is hiding along with his phone. I am glad I was turned down, looks like it was a blessing in disguise.

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  • Je
    jemjr42 Oct 21, 2010

    Fashion Bug cannot actually make any money from you. If you use your card more often they will suck you in and give you more credit.

    The more credit you use the less savings you actually save.

    Ever wonder why the premiun customers get to save so much...The interest and finance charges are where Fashion Bug makes their money...BIGTIME

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  • Ge
    Geppetto Jan 27, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Fashion Bug.

    Added a $20.00 late fee to my bill, when the payment was not late.

    I called and explained that I had mailed the payment at least 7 days in advance to the due date. And that I had no control over the USPS delivery schedule. 7 days seems like enough time for a payment from Michigan to reach Ohio. After all it is 2017, not 1843!

    I called the toll free number listed on the Fashion Bug statement.

    Talked to a customer service rep. who basically said that the $20.00 would be added to the balance of my account no matter what.

    To me this is just another way for Fashion Bug to make extra money off of the consumer. A fee for this, a fee for stinks!

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  • Gr
    GReger Jun 27, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Back in early December 2017 I purchased some items from Fashion Bug in Webster NY. The associate was very nice and explained all the ways I could save on my purchase by applying for the Fashion Bug credit card. I replied "no" several times but the offer was too tempting and I applied for the card. I told everyone about my savings and how satisfied I was with the sales associate. This week I received what i thought was my first credit card statement from Fashion Bug. But when I opened it, lo and behold, there was a $20.00 LATE FEE on it!! I was astonished as this was the first time I received anything from Fashion Bug and I already had a late fee??!! I called Customer Service; they told me a bill had been mailed out the day after I made my purchases. I explained that I never received that statement and was surprised that what I thought was my first statement had a late fee on it. The customer service rep ("Sophie") told me that I had to pay the fee and that I should have contacted Fashion Bug if I did not receive a statement. I explained that I never had an account with Fashion Bug before so how was I supposed to know when the statements were mailed? I asked her to please close my account. She then said she could waive 1/2 of the late fee if I agreed to keep the account open. I declined. At that point she told me I would then have to pay the entire late fee on my statement. I asked her how she was just able to reduce the late fee by 1/2 if I kept the account open, but if I closed it, she couldn't?! She said that she couldn't reduce the fee if I didn't keep the account open. I asked for the name and address of her manager so I could write a letter and express my disappointment in how this whole situation was handled and the rep told me to write to Customer Service. I told her I didn't want to write to Customer Service. She then asked for all my contact numbers and I refused to give them to her. I told her I would be contacting Fashion Bug and telling them that I was not happy with how this all went down, told her to close the account and hung up the phone!! Because of this I'll probably never shop at Fashion Bug again...TOO BAD!

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  • Sc
    Scrappy123 Nov 07, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    So i was in fashion bug on 11-6-11 during the evening before closing. I am 15 years old, strait A student, never been to jail or anything. I was looking at nail polish and i noticed she was watching me. I picked up glow in the dark and black cracking nail polish and walked no more than 5 steps to my little cousin who was looking at shoes. The lady comes over and asked me about the colors i got while i was showing my cousin. I showed her and she said "here ill take it up at the counter for you" i said "no thank you" as i was about to walk over and buy it. The lady then SNATCHED it out of my hand and with a stern voice said "NO, i will take it" i was speechless. I'm pretty shure she was stereo typing me with some teenagers as some do steel. But i don't. I'm very upset about this. She lost a willing customer. Thanks for reading. Also if there is a complaint number or anything i can do please tell me. (i have consent from my parent to write this)

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Fashion Bug — Email Spam

When I shopped in Fashion Bug back in January, they requested my email address. I gave it to them. Thi...

Fashion BugLate Payment Fees & harrassment for payment

I made a purchase with my local Fashion bug in Feb. & misplaced or lost my bill. I had forgotten about it until we got a collection notice in the mail the other day and they have been calling my house every day for payment of their bill wich has had a $20.00 late fee tacked on plus the interest. Now they say I owe them $55.00 when my purchase was originally for $35.00-You think with the economic situation they would stop with the excessive harrassment and fees for a bill that is only 2 months old??? I will close this account out and never go to their store again and will tell all my friends and family about the way they treat their customers. (Send you to collections for a measely $35.00)...How stupid is that - not worth the time and employee wages paid for what they do and the paper, ink, and postage too. I would say this is the reason why everyone has to pay such high interest rates and fees associated with this company.

  • Zo
    Zombiwoof Mar 18, 2009

    So, you didn't pay them for two months and you're pissed they want their money?

    You self absorbed little ###.
    You're correct - this *is* the reason everyone pays higher prices.
    And it's the reason you shop there - no one else will give you credit.
    And rightly so.

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  • Un
    Unhappy Employee Mar 27, 2009

    You should have paid your bill, it's not their fault you lost it. But I work for Fashion Bug. It is a horrible place to work. They treat their employees like slaves. They ask them to drum up business for them off the clock. They can never be pleased. If you don't manipulate every customer into applying for one of their credit cards they threaten you. They don't care if you have bills to pay. If the don't get enough customers to sign up for their 23% interest credit card, they cut your hours down to nothing. They must make all their money on finance charges instead of selling clothes. If you are an associate, not a manager, you are ###. They can treat you however they want. If you are a manager, you get $1 per hour over minimum and you owe them the world. Stay away from Charming Shoppes (Fashion Bug, Lane Bryant).

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  • Ka
    karen sanzo May 10, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    my complaint is that for the seond month in a row they said i was late paying my charge account. i actually wasnt i actually paid it 2 weeks early and i have my bank statement to prove it. i called the bank and they also agrreded with me that the checks cleared 2 weeks before they had stated. i reaaly think they are running a scam . if they are doing that to everyone at least once a year just think of all the money they are making. needless to say i paid off the 145.00 that i owed on the account and closed it.

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Fashion Bugunauthorized charges

Fashion Bug stuck me with an unauthorized disability/insurance program and monthly charges to my store account. I hadn't carefully looked at my Fashion Bug statement for several months, when I noticed an unknown charge for some disability/insurance program with about a $7 charge. When I called to complain they said they had me on tape authorizing this program! I demanded to hear this recording. I guess I got a phone call from them months earlier with a man talking so fast it was totally misleading. He asked at the end did I "agree that I had heard the opportunity, " and I said "yes." The next thing I know, I was getting charged from $5 to $9 for about six months of the service (until I caught i) that I never authorized! When I called to complain, they called me back and played the conversation for me. I was livid! I told them that was misleading larceny. They canceled only three months of said "insurance" charges. I just paid off my balance with them and am canceling my Fashion Bug account.

Fashion Bugracial profiling

Fashion Bug in the Thruway Mall engages in racial profiling. If you are suspected of stealing, in other words a black woman, the cashiers (who are always white) rub your items on a strip behind the counter. This causes the sensors to go off when you are going through the doorway. When the sensors go off a store clerk (usually black or latin) come over and check you bags.

  • Aa
    aaronpiqua Dec 11, 2008

    The associates may be rude but that strip their rubbing is for jwelery and at are store those strips dnt deactivate because those strips are worthless so when the buzzers go off their just making sure that they didn't leave a security tag on.

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  • Me
    Melvin5689 Dec 16, 2010

    Are you stupid..the strip they rub is to desensitize the sensor so that it doesn't go off. Which in some cases it does not always work. Cut it with the racial profiling [censor]. You black always use that excuse

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  • Gr
    gradschoolM Feb 03, 2011

    you are an idiot, I have worked at FB for nine years, to get through grad school. All of the costume jewelry items have sensors on the back of them. We have to deactivate all of them or the sensormatics go off. This has nothing to do with your race, or the fact you are one of those customers that treat us like we are lower than we are, when actually we are in grad school and smarter than you will ever strive to be . You are ignorant, and guess what we associates hear this "race complaint" every day when you [censor]es come in and try and return stuff you wore out the night before, or cause a distraction in the store because we won't take your EXPIRED coupons, because you didn't get your fat lazy [censor] in before the duedate. But of course, according to people like you, everything is our fault, so keep making excuses

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Fashion BugPast Due Bill with Interest

To Whom it May Concern,

I received a call at in April 2008 stating I owed Fashion Bug $261.57 for a purchase I made back in Sept 2007. I told the girl Tina that I never received a bill for my purchase. She asked me if I moved I said yes 8 years ago. I gave her my new address and told her I was not paying this bill. My purchase was only for 99.60. Tina said could I pay the bill $99.60 (she took of the finanace charges), while I was talking to her and said no, I would send in a payment of $50.00, but I need a bill. Why should I pay for something that I don't even remember what I bought. I never received a bill.

I call back today, because I received another call from Laurie to call her right away it was urgent that I do so. So I call Laurie, but since it was a Friday, she was not in the office, so I spoke to Bridgett she is at ext. 5032. I explained to Bridgett about what happened and she proceed to tell me I now owe $150+ dollars.

I told her I was not paying the interest, I never received a bill from when I spoke to Tina. I told her I should not have to pay for something that I don't have a bill for. Bridgett continued to argue with me until she asked if I wanted to speak to a manager, and I said yes.

I was transfered to Bill for a brief minute, put on hold, then Brigett gets back on the phone and what's to proceed to tell me that I owe the $50+ dollars I told her where is the manager I was speaking to. Brigett said I was transfered to the wrong department. I said then get me your manager.

Brigett transfered me to Phil at ext 5570. Now by this time I am really upset and proceeded to tell him my sitution and he now wants to read me the riot act.

I am will to pay what I owe the store which is $99.60 and I will no longer EVER place a foot in another one of your stores. I will also find out what other stores your company is affilated with and will NEVER step a foot in them either.

Brigett & Phil are smart ### and I'm sure they fell the sameway ab0ut me.

You can email me back at [protected]

Thank You,
Debbie Peet

I'm sending this from my son's email address.

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