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Family Credit Counseling CorporationFraudsters and cheaters

I am a full time student trying to get all my debts paid off.I have been a member of FCC for two years and my payments have been made to my creditors. Not always on time but made none the less.

I recently quit my job to pursue my education and in doing so I wanted to send FCC my final pay off balance of 1859.21 because I could no longer afford for them to withdrawal money out of my account.This was check was sent in the form of a Cashiers check from my bank to the company, certified mail on 09/24/08. I called the company several times and they received my check and signed for it on 9/26/08 and according to my bank cashed it in a Wachovia account (which is currently open) on 9/29/08.

The company as of 10/07/08 had no explanation as to why my funds had not been sent to my creditors but assured me it would be taken care of. Still nothing so I called again to find out that the company no longer exist. Amberican debt counseling took FCC's clients but not their financial issues and well there is nothing they say they can do.

My uncle is a Lawyer in Florida and says that if this company went out of business they don't have the money to pay me what they stole from me. I think there is something that can be done and would like any additional information anyone has to help. I have filed a report with the Better Business Bureau, Florida Consumer Services and the Florida Attorney General.

Family Credit Counseling CorporationStole my money

They took 709 in beginning, charged too much each month for a fee, and now have basically stolen 660.00 out of my bank account and have not paid it to my credit card company as promised. They have apparently closed up shop, and sold my remaining debt management payments to a company called ADC. I am getting no where. Phone calls unanswered, message machine filled up and not taking anymore calls, emails returned as undeliverable etc etc.

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    Former FCCC User Nov 01, 2008

    Just call your bank and file a claim to get the funds back. It worked for me.

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Family Credit Counseling CorporationFraud

I enrolled in a Debt Management Program with Family Credit Counseling Corporation in 2004. Family Credit Counseling Corporation agreed to pay my creditors in a timely manner. FCCC withdraw funds twice out of my checking account 6 months in a row, they did not dispurse payments to my creditors 7 months. Most recently American Debt Counseling Corporation took over the clients under the FCCC program. I submitted a payment to FCCC on 10/14 and the funds were supposed to be forwarded to American Debt Counseling Corporation and they were not. I am now out of pocket about $3, 000 and the new company American Debt Counseling Corporation is stating it is not their problem. FCCC has stolen the funds and that is illegal. Clients should be reimbursed for the funds that were never disbursed. All the contact numbers for FCCC have been disconnected or never any answers. How can I get my money back?

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    Bonnie Klausner Oct 28, 2008

    In 2005, this company defaulted on payments to my creditors. While they continued to deduct my monthly payment of $281 from my Bank of America account, they failed to distribute the funds that they had committed to send to my creditors as detailed in our signed contract. When I called Family Credit Counseling to complain that my creditors had not been paid, I was only able to reach a recorded message that stated the office was closed due to a hurricane. In the months that followed, I was able to reach agents there that explained that there was a computer glitch due to the hurricane which prevented funds from being distributed. However, I incurred finance charges on my credit accounts and letters from these creditors threatening to drop me from the program because I had "defaulted" on my payments. Family Credit Counseling never took responsibility for these finance charges and would not write a letter to the credit bureau explaining that I was not responsible for the default on these accounts.

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    M Burke Nov 20, 2008

    Exact same thing happened to me, if you hear anything will you please post it here?

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    ACB Jan 28, 2009

    Same thing has happened to me...I contact BBB and the FL Attorney General, but nothing yet. If you find out anything please post.

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    MISSR Feb 02, 2009

    They were just talking about this on Inside Edition. The owner of FCCC is a man named James Armstrong and he owns many debt counseling companies (including both mentioned in the previous post). Here is the link to the story on Inside Edition:

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    Michelle_m Dec 22, 2009

    They took $3, 064 from me in August and Sept. 2008. Has anyone been able to get their money back? I head some did through their bank. I wonder what they told their bank and if it's too late for me. Any comments would be appreciated.

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  • Ya
    Yansky May 31, 2010

    Same thing here everybody! Had to pay one month upfront as a "membership fee" to be used as my lieu of my last payment. My debts were paid in delay. I got skammed. I will talk to my laywer about everybody's concernsand post if we have anything to proceed forward with.

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    Michelles5257 Jan 10, 2011

    I am so glad I saw these posts. I enrolled with FCCC almost five years ago and then American Debt Counseling took over. Now I have one payment to go to be debt free. I asked ADC about my "security deposit" that was made to FCCC almost five years ago, and they said they know nothing about it and I would have to contact FCCC. I guess I'm out the money, but at least ADC consistently sent my payments to my creditors. I'm so sorry to hear what you have all gone through.

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    pamforchrist Aug 08, 2011

    The same thing happened to me! I'm almost at the end of my agreement that I originally made with FCCC. YOu're telling me I'm out my deposit too? When American Deby Counseling first took over my account I inquired about the two months FCCC took out of my account but did not pay my bills. The said it wasn't their problem. I called BBB in Florida but nevr got a response from them either. How can this be legal? I'm hoping a class action suit will be created in the near future for those of us who thought FCCC was acting in good faith. Taking money from people that obviously really need financial help. Disgusting!!!

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