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EZ Passmonopoly and their unethical practices

Account - [protected]

Who is EZ Pass governed by? Why are they a monopoly? They are absolutely overcharging and coming up with fees that are not mine.

In December my account was in good standing, as always. All of a sudden fees were added for the length of the highway. I have been disputing the fees, and am awaiting a picture of the vehicle they say entered and exited tolls on my account. Today I open a letter thinking it is a copy of the pictures, instead it is a revocation being turned to collection for $136.76. Unjustified fees. Bogus misrepresentation of a company that I have used for years with no issue. All of the sudden bedlam, at my expense, as well as others. Yes, others. All of a sudden I hear many disruptive Ezpass stories.

Resolution will be made. It's a shame it came to this point.

EZ Passtoll

Worst legal robbery. First u make an flawed automated system. Ok dats ok den u charge twice, like its ur fathers bank account and den u send threats on which was already they should be sued on billion dollar law suit. And den it takes 24 hours to activate ur replenishment. Wat if some has office 8 o clock snd the [censored] device got replenished at midnight. So 50 cents no paid gonna be a full toll again and also with a fine. I thought americans hate criminals this is the most smartest way of robbbery of public harr earned money I have ever noticed

EZ PassEzpass

I paid the toll at the pascack Valley turnpike authority in New Jersey on 824 2015 of a $1.50 threw it in the basket but noticed as I was driving away that the 'thank you' indicator did not light up. I already moved past the basket and lines of people behind me so drove off, saying to myself "well I paid the toll". a month later I received a violation notice and a fine for $51.50. I called the number to dispute it but the only option is to pay the fine or provide proof that I paid, automated prompts. No way to speak with anyone. I am not an ez pass member and the basket does not provide receipts. I sent the dispute in the mail and in an online message but never received an acknowledgement of my dispute. Calling the governors office tomorrow and 3 on your side to speak with Jim Donovan about this scam or unregulated state machinery who take nj tax payers money fraudulently.

EZ PassViolation Fee

Out of state drivers are the easiest target for this scam. On the Jersey and Pennsylvania turnpikes there are barely any signs, you hardly know when to pull over or what lane to go in. Then you get a $5 EZ Pass violation and a $50 processing fee? Makes so no sense. The sad part is that the people who are getting paid to do these processing fees are probably only getting paid ten bucks an hour...So, where is the other $40 going to? I SMELL A SCAM!

EZ PassStill have not received my device

My name is David Bardes. I ordered an EZ Pass device on september 8th. The company policy says that i should have received my device in 7 to 10 days. I called on the 10th day when i still hadn't received it and they said company policy says 7 to 10 days, but some cases take 10 to 15 days. I called on the 15th day, the 16th, the 17th, the 18th, and the 19th days and everyday they told me, tomorrow. When i called on the 17th day, they told me I should receive it no later than the 19th day. Well today is the 19th day and still no EZ Pass. When I called today, they told me wait until friday, which will be the 21st day. I would like to know why I have had to wait so long and why I am continually being lied to by the employees of EZ Pass and also why they can label 7 to 10 days on their website when clearly 20 days is more like it. I am very very disappointed with their service and would like to be repaid.

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EZ PassScammers

My wife and I excited the NJ Turnpike at exit 11 and pulled up to what looked like a regular no EZ Pass toll booth. When arriving at the booth door to pay the toll, there was no one inside and the electronic sign ahead said, no toll paid, go ahead. So, I pulled through and off to the right. I then walked back to the toll booth next to the one I had pulled up to and attmepted to pay the toll to the operator and he refused payment, saying that the toll booth I had pulled up to was an UNMARKED EZ PASS TOLL BOOTH and that I would receive an explanation in the mail. Well, I did get a demand for either an explanation or $27.30 in the mail from EZ Pass. So, I sent an explanation on April 29, 2009 of what had happened along with a check for the $1.60 toll and then I received another demand back from EZ Pass saying that the explanation was insufficient and that I have 10 days to pay the extortion or else. I then wrote to Commissioner Stephen Dilts of the NJDOT/NJ Turnpike Authority on May 9, 2009. I have not heard back from him yet.

EZ PassRip Off

I am appalled at the way these people do business.
I stopped using my EZ pass years ago...YEARS...and I had a balance of over $80 on the pass. So did they credit me the amount? No. They insisted I send the tags back (couldn't find them)...then they kept running the account, deducting $1 per tag, per month...until it went to collections. Now they have taken my $80 and said I owe THEM $124!! I am disgusted with these people. For months and months I got a statement with a negative balance. I kept waiting for the month when they sent me a check with MY MONEY. Instead they took it all and then some.

Why isn't there some other company we can work with? This one robs the customers!

  • Cr
    crabby Dec 01, 2008

    I stopped using my EZ-Pass many years ago and also saw the new "fee" that was NOT part of the agreement I made when I originally signed up. They would send me notices on a regular basis asking me to log into my account but no matter how I tried I could NOT log into my account. And no way was I going to pay a fee that was not part of the original deal.

    So today in the mail I get a letter from a collection agency for:

    $49.09 in "toll fees"
    $21.00 in "transponder fees"
    $25.00 in "admin fees"

    Total BS. You cannot rack up tolls without money in your EZ-Pass account. And since when do I owe for the transponder? And who is the admin?

    I never even used the EZ-Pass in New Jersey, only on the NY Thruway and occasionally on some of the MTA bridges between LI and NY.

    The word "scam" does not begin to describe this racket.

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  • Re
    ReginaGeorge Oct 20, 2009

    The admin fees I have found out today come from the Collections Agency. They are the ones who keep all of the admin fee costs. That's how they stay in business is how it was put to me by one of their agents!

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  • Al
    Al from New Jersey Sep 01, 2010

    I lost my credit card and had it replaced, changing the account number. - Not realizing EZ pass was billed off it I did not have my account updated .Ive had EZ pass for 17 years with out a problem, billed automatically don't even look at my account, I cant get into if I tryed many times .Well my account went into negative balance, I didnot know ----I usally go thru fast lane with overhead tolls. So one day I notice a flash when I went thru toll .So next day I went thru tollbooth lane, I see it says check your account. I stopped at EZ pass office on Staten Island and they changed my transponder and told me I was low so I handed my credit card thinking this must be the problem ... I later recieved 6 summons in the mail at 50 each and 48 dollars in toll fees, I wrote them - that I have EZ pass account, just take tolls out but, there is no compassion ---THERE FINING ME OVER 300 DOLLARS, now it just went to collection agency. I tryed calling and writing but nothing works. I guess my credit score is gonna take a hit. I don't know what else will happen if I don't pay up Its dealing with EZ pass is so automated that you cant get a break .I don't know what to do .

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  • Br
    Brad Parsons Oct 14, 2012

    I am trying to find more people that go through the tolls in New Jersey and receive a fine in the mail from E-Z pass. In a photo im am seen clearly handing money to attendent. so, i disputed it and got another letter threatening to fine me $500.. how is this legal? i would have gladly wrote a check for the actual toll... but i am not paying 2 $50 administrative fees. can anyone help me? email: [email protected]

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EZ PassTerrible experience

The E-Z pass toll location is extremely inconsistent. It is sometimes in the outer lanes, sometimes in the right two lanes and sometimes ALTERNATING LANES!!! I drove to the non-cash lane by mistake (because two trucks in front of me completely block my vision). And there is no turning back. Since I did not want to block the traffic, I run the toll and stopped at the road side. The operator told me that I cannot pay the toll fee there and must receive a ticket!

I should have just block the traffic and not let anyone go until they let me change lane or pay at the toll!!