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Exotic MotorsCorvette

I bought a car from Rick Ghous and exported it outside of USA. The dealer promised that the car was in good condition and everything would be allright - but that was a lie. There were so many thing not working on that car, in fact the car was a piece of scrap for almost 40'000 Dollars. The repairs cost an awful amount of money, of course the dealer had no ears for my complaints. I have never seen something like this, keep your fingers away from Exotic Motors!

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    Rockandroll Apr 02, 2013

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Exotic MotorsKept Dposit

They had a year-old Volvo posted for about $3000 less than blue book which I went to look at. They claimed they listed the car low by mistake, but would still honor the price. The car was missing one of the keys, had a dent in the door, had the headlight warning on and the seats were filthy. They said they would take care of the door with paintless dent removal, get the key, and get a Volvo dealer to fix the headlight warning, and have the seats redyed. They said they got the key, but said the dealer couldn't clear the warning because a Xenon kit had been installed, and they wouldn't pay to have the dealer fix it. They then told me the only way they could fix the door dent was to send it to a body shop, and have the whole door repainted. This was not what I wanted I wanted since I was buying 1 year old car. They also told me the car came back off of a one year lease and I believed it the night I looked at the car, but no one would install a xenon kit if they were leasing the car. I went back and looked more carefully at the Carfax, and the car was privately owned---not a lease car.
I stupidly gave them a deposit check for $1000 which they cashed the same night. I went back to get my deposit after I told them I didn’t want the car. They told me I’d have to pay $235 for the electronic key key which I said I’d do, and the handed me a check for $265. I told them I’d given them $1000, not $500 for the deposit, and when I gave them the check back they changed their story and said they couldn’t give my deposit back until the funds were deposited in their account (even though it had been 4 days since my check cleared).
I feel bad about those people (I’m using the term loosely) getting the $1000, but I may have gotten off cheap---who knows what else was wrong with that car. I wish I’d been smart enough to read the feedback and the Better Business Bureau rating before I got involved with these guys. All the warning signs were there.

Exotic MotorsBad Company

We drove 11 hours to go look at a truck and when we got there. No one was around to help us. We had to find someone to help us. We had called ahead of time so we thought the truck would be ready to be looked at. They brought the truck in and it was covered in dirt. There were keys in the truck that were coming off of it. They said the truck was looked over by a mechanic and was excellent. But we showed them the keys that were coming out. We had horrible service. Then they kept trying to hurry us to do paperwork on it to make us purchase the vehicle. We were waiting for a call from a friend to help us figure out some things and they went and drew up paperwork before we had said anything. Then we were still deciding and we signed the purchase agreement and that was it. Their online sales manager RICK came in and made us buy it on ebay and give feed back when he was standing right behind us and told us what to put. Then we decided to cancel the deal because we saw online the bad feedback from this place. When we told them we decided to cancel the deal and we are going to walk away, they got upset and tried to bully us into buying it and saying they wont give us our money back. They were saying that we bought it on ebay so they can't give us our money back. We were there for five hours from 9 am to 230 pm and we were just pushed around till finally they gave us our money back when we threatened to call the police and our lawyer. Beware this place. They are shady and I would never buy from them. Their manager RICK was the worst salesman in the world I have ever met.

Exotic MotorsEvil Dealership

I think it should be clear to anyone who stumbles on this page that this dealership is extremely shady and to be avoided at all costs.

My story is Exotic Motors stole $500 from me by not returning a deposit on a Honda after my financing did not come through as expected, and after being promised a refund. When I asked to speak to a manager, Saleem Quadri came out and starting yelling at me for no reason in front of other customers, calling me a ### and various other insults. That is ironic because they are the real ###.

Later, Rick Ghous and their various other "good cops" strung me along for months, twice claiming they would return my deposit, but providing false names so when I called back they could pretend I would have no idea what I was talking about. The shadiest of the shady.

By the way, if you call them, they will frequently put you on hold for long periods of time, probably hoping you will hang up. The recorded voice goes on and on about how ethical and wonderful they are, claiming they have an "A" rating as an accredited member of the BBB. Be warned, they do NOT have an "A." They had a "B" when I filed my complaint, and because of mine and various other complaints I know to have been filed against them in recent months, their rating is being recalculated.

If Exotic Motors lied to you, or didn't disclose a vehicle problem, or sold you a rebuilt wreck, please get in touch with the attorney who has successfully sued Exotic motors in the past:

Their website is http://www.chicagolemonlaw.com/
Email: [protected]@ChicagoLemonLaw.com

Exotic MotorsFradulent Advertising

Where do I begin with this ###ed up experience?

I found a car on ebay (2006 Bentley Flying Spur). As it turns out, it was being sold by a dealership 5 minutes from my house. I decided that I would go and take a look in person. When I walked in, I was not greeted by any of the 6-8 Indian/Paki salesmen. When I flagged a guy down to look at the car, he said, "You want to look at THIS car?" Yeah mother###er! Did I stutter? The guy gave me the most condescending look then said go ahead, the keys are inside. I then asked to test drive the vehicle in which he said, Can you come back over the weekend? we are really busy. Busy with what? There wasn't another customer in the shop at 4pm on a wed.

I went back to this dealership again the following week to look at this car, this time, with the intention of buying it should everything go right. I was able to take the car out for 30 min or so. I came back telling the guy of a few problems I noticed. He said that he will have them taken care of. I then asked him to go look at my trade in, a 2003 Range Rover.

He send 3 guys out to check it out and after 40 min, they came back and said everything was fine. I then waited in the lobby of this "Dealership" just to discuss the deal. To make a long story short, we agreed on a price. 10 Minutes after that, the manager Rick, came to me and said that there was something wrong on the carfax of my trade in. Of which, I was not aware. He wanted to take $1500 off my trade in.

He promised me an extra key for the car when they find it. I was very adamant about that as the key is over $1000 if purchased from Bentley. He also told me that the car had a clean carfax and has never been in a collision. A week after I purchased the car, I noticed that the headlamp washers were not retracting back into the bumper as they should. I took this to Bentley Northbrook and found out that a Continental GT bumper was rigged to fit on my 4 door spur. I confronted Rick of this and he said that no, the car has never been involved in an accident of any sort. I then asked, why the car had the wrong bumper, to which, he had no reply.

I told Rick that I dont want him to buy me a new bumper. Just trade me a bumper should another black Spur roll through his shop. At the time he agreed. But not surprisingly, when it was time to act, Rick went back on his word again. He told me that I can take the CAR i bought from him and TRADE it for the new CAR he has plus $.

Now why the ### would I want to trade in a car that I already spent $3000+ on rehabbing for another from this dealership that isn't honest about anything they sell? God knows, there could be a dead body in the trunk of the next car and they will just claim that they didn't know.

I was attracted to this dealership because of the price. By the time I was done fixing everything that was wrong with it, I may as well have gone to the Bentley dealership in the first place. At least there, they treat you like a VIP rather than a meal ticket.


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    fellow_canadian Jun 05, 2011

    Re: Exotic Motors & Rick Ghous

    If Exotic Motors lied to you, or didn't disclose a vehicle problem, or sold you a rebuilt wreck, please get in touch with the attorney who has successfully sued Exotic motors in the past:

    Their website is http://www.chicagolemonlaw.com/
    Email: [email protected]

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Exotic MotorsDishonest Car Dealership

I purchased a 2000 Pontiac Firebird from Exotic Motors on Ebay. The car was listed in excellent condition inside and out. I was fooled by the 100% feedback.

Flew to Chicago to pick up car, they say they provide pickup at the airport for you to call them.
What they do is tell you to take a taxi which you pay for. Now he has the leverage that you just spent another $50 to get there. I am sure no car deal not taxi reimbursment.

I made my test drive in the snow storm and the car kept dying on us. The guy with me told me that it was low on gas and cold. I asked Rick the manager if everything worked and he assured me it did. Like a dummy was in a big hurry to drive my 600 mile trip home. We went into his office and he wanted me to leave feedback before I left and he would give me my taxi money and threw in another $50 towards a frontend alignment because it had a shake a low speeds.

I left out that afternoon and drove straight back that night got in around midnight. Just had a bad feeling about the car and didnt stop for any gas unless a hotel was at the exit.

Got up the next morning and tried to open car with keyless entry and it didnt work. Thought bad battery so I went and bought a new battery for it and poped it open it had no electronics in it. (that cost around $70 dollars at dealership). I put the car in the shop that Monday and wanted it checked out it was still hard to start had to give it gas. And I had my alignment problem. The repair shop called me and said it wasnt a front end problem it was a tire problem. He siad the front tires where the orignal tires and the tread was seperating. I am lucky I didnt have a blow out driving home. I also had them do a complete tuneup with new wires and plugs fuel filter air filter. With the tires and tune up came close to $800 dollars. The car still had a miss to make a long story short they determined it has a warped head and I needed a $1800 head job.

The ashtray lid was broken ($175 part plus labor) had to change out part of the console to fix it right. Both front spoilers where scratched and had been stuck back on with some type of glue that showed and wasnt holding. Fog lights dont work, the electric antenna makes a loud noise and rust on diffrent parts of the car underside.

What a screwing I have taken on this car

Another long story short I filled a complaint with Ebay and tried to use there buyer protection plan but was shot down cause I didnt get a second estimate. So ebay has done nothing. Filled a complaint with the local BBB they did nothing but show them with a F rating and do not use.
Filled a complaint with IL attorney generals office and they told me to sue in court. I still may!

Shame on the IL attorney generals office for letting a dealership operate like this in there state.


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    WindyCity50 Jul 23, 2010

    I am and have been going through the EXACT same situation!! I am currently dealing with the BBB and need your help! I checked Exotic Motors rating about 6 months ago and they have a F rating with lots and lots of complaints. Well when I filed my complaint in June after trying other avenues like Ebay and Paypal, their rating was magically an A-. I specifically came out and asked the BBB how they fixed their rating and all of their previous complaints of over 300 disappeared to 11? They said it's not possible...but I know without a shadow of a doubt I saw their F rating and reading your comment just proved it! Do you have any info or documentation showing their F rating? I didn't print it or copy it at the time not knowing all I know now...wish I would have to prove it. Can anyone else help me. I just don't understand how Exotic Motors can blatantly get away with these incredible scams and lies.

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    fellow_canadian Jun 05, 2011

    Please get in touch with the attorney who has successfully sued Exotic motors in the past:

    Their website is http://www.chicagolemonlaw.com/

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Exotic Motors — Ripped off by Exotic Motors!

I purchased a 2004 Mercedes Benz Model CL55 from Exotic Motors of Rolling Meadows IL on 5/7/2009 I saw the...

Exotic MotorsAwful company

Found car on EBAY and AutoTrader, car was advertised by Exotic Motors as having a clean CAR FAX history and no Damage History. After the sale I noticed some things with car indicating it had probable damage history... disconected wiper water hose, misaligned door/fender, star bolts under hood missing paint..ect. I confronted Exotic Motors and they said it was most likely just some paint touch up and not major damage, they again referred to clean Car Fax they showed me presentation. After wearing out brand set of tires in 8000 miles I was more suspicous the car was bent. I ran another history report and now it shows car was involved in a major crash prior to my purchase and has reported FRAME DAMAGE. Further the report states the Auction that the car was sold in reported and announced the FRAME DAMAGE. I believe Exotic Motors was aware when they purchased the vehicle for resale that it had FRAME DAMAGE but they purposely deceived me and lied to me when I purchased the vehicle from them.

They will not return my phone calls. Stay away from Exotic-Motors, Inc. Salesman's name is Rick.

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    fellow_canadian Jun 05, 2011

    Re: Exotic Motors & Rick Ghous

    If Exotic Motors lied to you, or didn't disclose a vehicle problem, or sold you a rebuilt wreck, please get in touch with the attorney who has successfully sued Exotic motors in the past:

    Their website is http://www.chicagolemonlaw.com/
    Email: [email protected]

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Exotic MotorsShady dealership

I bought a 2003 Infiniti G35 coupe from Exotic Motors, and the salesman who sold it to me, Rick Ghous, was fairly friendly and provided decent service. Until the transaction had been completed, that is. Once my funds were in their bank account, the service was non-existent.

Exotic Motors had great feedback ratings on eBay (through which I bought the vehicle) and I asked every question under the sun before making the purchase, as I was flying down from Canada to pick it up and didn't want any surprises. I was assured over and over that it was mechanically perfect, and had undergone a thorough inspection. Turns out this was far from the truth.

When I showed up to retrieve the car (after taking a cab to the dealership from the airport, a ride they would not completely reimburse me for, despite their claims), I discovered that they didn't have the remote for the factory security system/door locks. I didn't make a big deal of it, as the rest of the car seemed to be in good shape, cosmetically speaking. However, when I asked for their mechanical inspection report, I was told that they did not document the inspection, but to rest assured that one was done. I was suspicious, but gave them the benefit of the doubt. Which I now regret, of course.

About an hour after I left, the front driver's side tire blew out on the highway. Fantastic! (I checked tire pressure before hitting the highway and all was fine) Not that I blame Exotic Motors for the blowout itself, but I expected them to compensate me for the replacement tire. After a lengthy discussion, they offered to cover 50% of the repair (which they later denied offering and refused to pay).

When I stopped to fuel up for the second time, the fuel door wouldn't open. The latch had broken off. After prying the fuel door open with a credit card, I saw that the latch had been broken before and recently glued back on (poorly, I might add).

Two hours outside Chicago, radio reception was fading so I decided to pop in a CD. Upon switching to CD player from the radio, the CD changer was not functional at all and made a clicking noise and the display read "CD ERROR FO". I called Exotic Motors right away and told reported the issue. I was told to have it checked out when I got home and they would look after it.

Luckily, the rest of the drive home was relatively incident-free, unless you count the sunroof that didn't work (which I do).

All vehicles in this province need to undergo an inspection to ensure that they're roadworthy. The inspection found that the rear tires were on their last legs, with less than 5% tread left on them. I should mention that to the naked eye, you could see that these tires were not new. But they were certainly not, however, at 70% tread as the listing had claimed.

Additionally, I was told that the brakes were at 70% in the front, 100% in the rear. The inspection revealed that both the front and rear brakes needed to be replaced, as the pads were almost completely worn, as were the rotors.

The alignment test showed that something in the rear right wheel was bent, which resulted in the camber being off by almost a full degree. In addition, the front right wheel bearing needed to be replaced.

All of the above issues, except for possibly the camber and wheel bearing, should have been noticed if a proper vehicle inspection was done, which I suspect was not the case.

In light of these revelations, I called Exotic Motors and told them I'd find out what it would cost to bring the vehicle up to the condition explicitly stated in the listing. After doing a bit of research and collecting some estimates, I sent them a seven-page letter detailing what the inspection had found and how it differed from their description. I included shots of the ad, as well as scans of receipts, estimates, and the inspection.

I heard nothing from them for a few days, so called to follow up. I was told that Rick was out of the country, but that the other sales manager, Saleem Qadri, would get back to me. A week later, he had still not called, so I phoned back only to be told by someone else that he was unavailable, but that he had indeed received the email but that Exotic Motors would not be compensating me for anything but the blown tire.

Obviously, they figured that since the vehicle and I were now in Canada, that they could ignore my concerns completely without consequence. I have since filed a complaint with eBay and filed a complaint with the Illinois Attorney General, but I doubt they'll be in any hurry to respond to a foreign complaint (three months later - no response).

What disappoints me most about this experience is the poor communication and complete lack of integrity and accountability. It was nearly impossible to get anyone on the phone, even if just to tell me that the salespeople were not available! The whole thing has a stereotypical "greasy used car salesman" feel to it.

I would highly suggest going elsewhere to make your purchase if you can. These guys seem to put minimal effort into anything but lining their own pockets. From what I could tell, it's a couple of guys with no business experience working out of a rented office in an industrial park. This operation is the definition of "shady." They're the automotive equivalent of slum lords.

Apparently, I'm not the only one who's had a bad experience with Exotic Motors. Seems their questionable sales tactics have been documented here as well:



  • Da
    David A Jun 27, 2009

    I was recently looking at an Audi S8 they had for sale. Spoke to Rick about it several times and everything seemed above board.

    Anyway, I was about 2 hours away from putting a deposit on it and I did a quick search to see if there was any more info on this dealership. First thing that popped up was this review. I talked to Rick later that day and mentioned this incident, and he told me this guy was a scammer who bought the car, then asked for a $7000 refund when the sunroof started sticking.

    I didn't really believe that and was started to get a bad vibe Rick as he got all flustered and defensive when I brought this up telling me "FINE THE GO BUY A CAR SOMEWHERE ELSE IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME! IT DOESN'T MATTER", so I contacted the guy who posted this review just to let him know what Rick had told me. Turns out Rick was indeed lying, as the reviewer sent me a copy of the 8-page letter he sent to Rick. He had scanned receipts, estimates, and was asking for about $1300 to cover HALF the costs of the defects Rick had openly lied about.

    It was suggested by someone that their high feedback rating on eBay could possibly be due to them selling their cars to friends and other "partner dealerships", then buying the cars back for cash and relisting them. Another dealer I talked to referred to Exotic Motors, now located in Rolling Meadows by the way, and a bunch of other Illinois dealerships as the Al-Qaeda Auto Group as apparently they are all owned by Middle Eastern guys and share their stock to make it look like they have huge inventories of luxury cars.

    Needless to say, I ended up not buying from these guys and found an even better deal on an S8 from a wholesaler in Florida.

    Thanks for the heads up on this, man. And thanks for taking the time to send me all the info.

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  • Ch
    Chicagored Jul 31, 2009

    I recently served on a jury for civil court case n which the defendants were Exotic Motors. We found in favor of the plaintiff and awarded the buyer over $100k. With the punitive damages Exotic Motors has to pay, maybe they will stop selling shady cars.

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  • Jo
    JoeA Aug 21, 2010

    Their salesmen are bottom of the barrel individuals. We stopped by there this morning to look at cars. My business partner had 100k burning a hole in his pocket (so to speak) and he wanted to buy something fun to drive. We happened to have our young kids with us (it was a Saturday morning).

    This loser sales guy (who looked like he had been out partying all night - unshaven, dressed like he worked at a car wash) walked out of one of the glass window offices and started to chastise us for having our kids standing too close to a Rolls. I would have stuck around and given the idiot a good tongue lashing but my business partner just said - let's get outta here - we just learned everything we need to about this place.

    Birds of a feather flock together. If their front line sales people are such arrogant jerks that they can't respect a prospect on the showroom floor, I'm not surprised to read this and many other complaints about this Exotic Motors. They will meet their demise at some point. Crappy brands that lack integrity always do.

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  • Tb
    tbstephenson Mar 11, 2011

    I stopped into exotic motors just the other day to take a look around and test drive a couple cars. (Im a local). Anyways, I stopped in and when I asked to test drive a car they told me it was very inconvenient for them and they couldnt do it. Then a car that was right next to the door with the windows down that I wanted to test drive, "didnt have a key". I told the salesman Chris, that how was i supposed to buy a car from him if I couldnt drive it. He told me I needed a 500 dollar deposit in order to even think about test driving one. I was blown away. I asked for the manager and he told me flat out, "NO." Flustered I walked around the dealer until I found a manager and explained my concerns to him. At this point there was no way in hell I was going to buy a car from them however I wanted to give them a piece of my mind. We started out just talking, and then the manager told me not to waste his time any further and leave. I wish the owner of the place could have seen his staff literally scare away a paying customer...

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  • Fe
    fellow_canadian Jun 05, 2011

    Re: Exotic Motors & Rick Ghous

    If Exotic Motors lied to you, or didn't disclose a vehicle problem, or sold you a rebuilt wreck, please get in touch with the attorney who has successfully sued Exotic motors in the past:

    Their website is http://www.chicagolemonlaw.com/
    Email: [email protected]

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Exotic MotorsHorrible Customer

This dealership turned what should have been a very fun and positive experience into a huge disappointment.

We bought a 2005 Infiniti FX35 from Exotic Motors in Palatine, IL last month. Because we live in California, we flew to Illinois to take delivery of the car. We completed full payment, executed all necessary documents, and were ready to drive away when we learned that the "Smart" key didn't work.

We waited about an hour for them to take care of this, but they didn't. Our plans did not allow us time to stay in Illinois longer, but Rick and Varda at Exotic Motors promised to send the new key to us as soon as we let them know we were home.

Fast forward several weeks -- as of today [protected]) we still don't have the key and we have heard a number of excuses including it's on order, they "forgot" to order it, and it's our problem because they didn't advertise the key with the car. In other words, the old run around.

And, after a great deal of time and energy on our part to resolve this issue, they still refuse to cover the full cost of obtaining a new key.

Bottom line – do not deal with this company unless you have to and then be sure you have everything you need BEFORE you pay them for the vehicle.

  • Fe
    fellow_canadian Jun 05, 2011

    Re: Exotic Motors & Rick Ghous

    If Exotic Motors lied to you, or didn't disclose a vehicle problem, or sold you a rebuilt wreck, please get in touch with the attorney who has successfully sued Exotic motors in the past:

    Their website is http://www.chicagolemonlaw.com/
    Email: [email protected]

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