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7:07 pm EDT

Edenwald Management Office Tenants selling drugs out of apt.

Other tenants have called 311 for the loud music and the smell of weed.
All the police can do is knock on the door and give them a warning and tell them to stop because it's there privacy what they do in there Apt.

The Tenants at 1170 East 229th Street Apt. 6B are selling drugs, marijuana.
you can smell it every day from 6pm to 7pm every day. People are at the
door just waiting to buy product. Three Young kids about 25 to 30 share the Apt. Loud music is also a problem with this Apt while getting high.

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9:11 pm EDT
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Edenwald Management Office Fraud regarding Paid Rent

To Whom It May Concern:

I live at 1153 229th Drive South, Apt. 3D with my husband and 4 full time students, now my rent is FULLY paid and just I received a rent payment letter in the mail stating that I own this month's rent of 254.00 and a legal fee of $40.00. When in fact, I only own next month's rent, which will be paid on the 1st. of May because I'm on Social Security Disability.

Furthermore, I called the Edenwald Management Office, they stated that the Marshal will appear on May 16, 2013 to evict my family. How can that be? Why are they making up false calculations regarding my rent. This is my Tenant ID [protected] and Account No. 057-033-03D, you can check for yourself that my rent is paid and up to date. Question? Is the Edenwald Management Office, dipping into the tenants rent money? Are they committing fraud against rent paying tenants? Perhaps, Mr. E. Rodriquez(Manager at Edenwald Houses) and his staff need to be closely supervised? You can observe my family's records and also discover that we haven't been given a lease for the past 4 years; however this is the second time that Mr. Edwin Rodrigues has chared us for unfounded legal fees. I'm on SSI, the sole provided for my family and every 2 months Mr. Edwin Rodrigues wants me to stop putting food on my family's plates in order to satisfy his unlawful tantics, so that I can stop blowing the whistle on the abuse of power that going on here at Edenwald Management Office.

We've informed the media, various political figures and every form of govemental office that will put a stop to this fraud and abuse at Edenwald Management Office; because we're not the only one that Mr. Edwin Rodrigues and his staff is doing this to; but we are the only ones that will continue to publicity blow the whistle on them ...

Food 4 Thought,

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CELIs Latina
, US
Jun 09, 2016 6:37 am EDT

they raised my rent and for 5 months i kept fighting . i hate the way management works there

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