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Dena Bankrefund of locker money

I wanted to surrender my locker in dena bank (branch hill road, bandra w--Mumbai).From a senior officer all information was taken regarding the closure of account and locker where she informed me that the remaining amount will be refunded to me .Still 6 months remained for my locker rent to expire but since I was promised that my remaining amount would be returned, I proceeded to close all (account and locker).I surrendered the key and cheque book, pass book etc and I was promised that the amount would be sent tot my residence, as they couldnt do it as their system was down .As a customer I was patient and waited for 2 hrs for all paper wrk to be done but still alll could not be done as the system was down .After 2 months I wondered where my money went and enquired with the bank ...I was told to wait for 2 days ...once again I called and I was told the amount would not be refunded as the officer in charge was not aware of the rules.I snt this this how a bank treats its customers who has had an account with the branch for 10 years..moreover when I spoke to the branch manager he was outright rude and banged the phone down, , , telling me to go ahead and complain to whomso ever i feel like.Will India progress in this manner ...had I any authority I would fire the manager of the branch along with the officer concerned for not knowing the rules, misguiding the customer, and not treating a customer with due respect.How do I know whether the officer concerned has not pocketed the money ...

Dena BankDidn't got the refund of Rail Tickets cancelled


I had purchased the Rail ticket with the use of my Dena Bank (Ambernath Branch) Debit Card, later due to some reason I had to cancel it and I had gone to the reservation counter and cancelled it and they have once again swipped my card and gave me the receipt saying that the refund will come back to my account which is still awaited. My father had gone several times with the receipt copy but to no avail, infact we have the print of the amount that is been reversed to my account but the Bank is refusing to accept the proof and is asking me to get something in writting from the rail which they have never ever given to anyone in the past. I fail to understand why the name "Dena Bank" is used instead it should be "Lena & No Dena Bank".
I hope some miracle might take place and my blocked amount will come back to my account. Please find attached herewith the receipt received from the railway counter

Mehboob Shaikh

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    anil440 Feb 21, 2010
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    The Complaint was resolved by the Bank last week.


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    simmi lakhani Jun 06, 2011
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    Date: 21st May 2011

    Sub: Complaint against the Interest Charged-Dena Bank Branch Manger-Reg.

    With reference to the above cited subject, I simmi Lakhani bring to your kind notice that, I took an Education loan of Rs. 4 Lacs from Dena Bank located at Nadan Mahal Road branch, Lucknow in the year 2009. After 6 months we got an information that the interest would not be charged for the people whose annual income is below 4 Lacs. For that I submitted all the necessary documents to the bank. I assured that no interest rate will be charged by the Manager.

    But now after 1 ½ years we got to know from the new branch Manager that this subsidiary is given only for two persons. We have all the rights to know the reason why it happened so even after submitting all the necessary documents by us. When we are enquiring with the bank regarding the issue they are not responding properly. Also they are misbehaving with my parents. I have also filed a complaint in the Regional Office located at Vidhan Sabha Marg, Lucknow.

    Now I wish to bring the same to your kind notice and I request you to look into the matter and do the justice for me.

    Hope my request is considered and obliged at the earliest.
    Thanking you,

    Yours faithfully,

    Simmi Lakhani
    Corporate Relationship Officer/Assistant Prof.
    Siva Sivani Institute of Mangement, Hyderabad.
    Cell: 9394536679
    E-mail: [email protected] / [email protected]

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