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Collages.netAvoid like a plague

We've ordered a photo-cover album for our customer from and it came in quickly, but not exactly as we expected it. The colors were off and everything was a bit darker (not as much as in Daria's case, but still), however there was this substantial blur to every page, especially visible on design elements such as fonts and ornaments, that were supposed to be 100% sharp at 300dpi. The print looked more like 50dpi, with visible color fringing.

To make long story short, their customer service first refused to acknowledge the problem, then they got very defensive; overall - rude and totally unhelpful (while we were pressed with time). We've asked them for contact to their CEO, which they provided. We wrote an email complaint to the CEO, and he replied actually scolding us for complaining on his 'first in industry' customer service. We followed trying to prove our point: their company at that time had an "F" rating at BBB, and the CEO replied to us with threats of a DEFAMATION LAWSUIT!

Eventually we sent the album back, and the CEO called us (left voicemail) - he offered us a reprint or refund, and sounded really nice, like almost a different person compared to his emails. I guess they did some homework on customer service in the meanwhile. Anyway, even though they became very nice to us, they could not guarantee that the reprint will be sharp and that the colors will be right. We asked for refund, and we've got it! That's how they earned 1 star.

We've finally went with another lab and got an album that looked almost exactly the same as from, except that it was sharp (300dpi) and colors were all good.

Collages.netI have a horrible experience with

I have a horrible experience with At first I got interested in a collage software they have, so I used it to create a Coffee Table Book. Once I received the printed book it became a huge disappointment!

The printing quality is just awful! there are no other words to describe it! All images are dark, colors are off and resolution is extremely low! I uploaded high rez and very sharp pictures, you can look at them on 50 inch screen and they're still very sharp, and in 10x10 album with 3-4 images on a page they look VERY low rez. Here is an example of color issue - here is an example of picture I have on Flickr - it's 72 dpi but still pretty sharp and the eyes are blue. On the print I got image is all pixilated and the eyes are brown.

When I complained to the customer service I got this email from Nicole Doran, Product Consultant:
"I wanted to further explain the product for your knowledge as well. Our Coffee Table Books are a press printed book and will print darker naturally since the paper is more saturated."
But this is what they have for the Coffee Table Book description on a website:
"'s Coffee Table Book collection features high quality materials, outstanding color, and fast turnaround time. These books can be ordered as individual books or as a companion book to a Album."

sounds like a fraud to me.

Can't get replacement, no money back...

Collages.netStay away from this website

The concept is a great one, however, as a consumer my experience was not great. Ordered in October and recently made contact to find out where my pictures were. No one contacted me, but a week later I received SOME of my order. Now I am being asked to contact the photographer directly for assistance. How hard can this be?