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CIC Credit Monitoring — Unauthorized access to bank account for credit reports

Please find below the certified letter I sent to CIC Credit Monitoring who is also Experian and have those...

CIC Credit Monitoringunauthorized credit card charge

This company used a promotion of free credit score analysis online. Aparently somewhere in "fine print" there was a 30 day cancellation phrase which went unnoticed. The service was never used nor was the service needed. $9.95 was charged to my credit card for four months before I noticed. The company will not refund nor are they even polite. This is a ridiculous practice which should not be allowed to continue. I can just imagine how many others have been ripped off by this unethical company!

  • Da
    Danielle Apr 09, 2008

    They have charged my debit card for 4 months i dont know how to stop them if anyone knows how please write me and tell me.

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  • Mi
    Mimi Aug 16, 2008

    I made a complaint with BBB and within one week there was a refund on my credit card.

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CIC Credit MonitoringScam artists!

Oh. My. God. My dear roommate unwittingly signed us up for this service and within 30 days (Per their instructions) i called to cancel it. The woman on the phone actually said that the account had been canceled/closed and that no further charges would be accrued. And wouldn't you know it, i proceeded to spot $60.00 worth of "cic" charges on my credit card within the following month. They are liars and thieves.

Do not use cic.

  • Signed up for a free credit report, and had to join, got kicked out of the process, got back in, have been charged this fee for about a year. Did not know what it was for, and neglected to verify why it was being charged. Tried to contact the 800 number and have tried for 7 business days in a row. I have called in both morning and afternoon hours, waited on hold between 15 minutes and 1.25 hours before giving up on getting an actual person to handle my questions.


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CIC Credit MonitoringUnauthorized charges on bank account!

My son was arrested and in jail when he asked me to check on his bank account for him. I noticed that there were charges to his account from CIC Credit Monitoring that appeared on his account. Monthly fees of $9.95 and one month CIC Credit Monitoring charged him $19.90.

It was about a month after he was placed in jail that charges from CIC Credit Monitoring appeared on his account and he does not know where these are coming from.

I have contacted the bank and they have said that they will look into it.

CIC Credit MonitoringRip off - being charged to &Free& service!

I was having credit problems and needed to get a copy of my credit report, so I went to to get this "free" report. This was a cite that my attorney recommended. It said to give my VISA number, so I could be charged a $1.00 fee. I got the report, but a month later, I get charged $9.49 for "credit report monitoring", which I didn't need. I have called every month for the past six months to get this stopped. They refuse to do so and I get charged every month. The only recourse I have is to get a new bank card with a new number, which is extremely inconvenience. These people are fraud and need to be run out of business.

  • Sh
    Shane Flick Apr 08, 2007

    They took 12.95 out of my account and i want my money back. Who do i call to get it back?

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  • Ma
    Mad Consumer Jun 29, 2007

    1-888-888-8553 is the number to contact these frauds. Give them hell and get your money back!

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CIC Credit Monitoring — Charging my credit card without my permission

They are charging my credit card without my permission. How can I stop this and get my money back? Advise smb!

CIC Credit MonitoringCIC Credit Monitoring Service Experian consumer fraud!

I applied for a "free" credit report and was able to recieve it. However, my original attempt at cancelling it was futile. I was charged several months in a row. I've called again and this time I received e-mail confirmation that it had been cancelled. As a "courtesy" I will receive 1 months fee back ($12.00).

This CIC Credit Monitoring is associated with both Lending Tree and Experian.

The number I used to cancel this mess was [protected]. It's taken me a couple of hours this morning to tend to this. I was given several numbers to call first.

This all starts with Naturally, that doesn't match the name on you bill.

Good luck for everyone else. My bigger concern is that Experian condones this type of consumer fraud. And we depend on them to keep an honest record of our credit? Unbelievable. Where is their accountability?


Service details:

CIC Credit monitoring service
Lending Tree

  • Bo
    Bobbie Sep 08, 2006

    I got a free credit report months back and $9.95 has been taken out of my bank account ever since. I don't know how to get this stopped. It is listed on my bank statement has CIC CREDIT MONITOR funwdl trm# 9120 800-4wv. I would love to get this stopped. Can you help?

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  • Mi
    Michael Sep 11, 2006

    Hi, I recently started having those CIC credit monitoring report charges on my account.

    I then googled the name and found tons of reports on your site regarding them.

    after reading a few of your comlaints, I noted people trying to contact them directly and having failed success.

    I have recently just taken care of the problem and had the charges stopped by contacting the original company, in my case Equifax. It's through their credit monitoring service that the monthly fee of $9.95 was charged via CIC.

    I called equifax's customer service #, followed the prompts to CANCEL, and then spoke in length with CSR Jeane. Once cancelled and obtaining my confirmation number, I specifically asked Jeane if this could stop the 9.95 charges from CIC being taken from my account. She assured me that this would.

    If I get charged again I will return and place a complaint for others to view, however at this time, I thought you might advise your members in some fashion to refer back to the company they originally accessed. (ie;; and most likely the other two credit agencies) as it appears to be through these sites, and signing up for the trial credit monitoring that CIC is then involved. (which as I've looked in the Terms and Agreements, if read, clearly state all charges - I guess some people just don't read things thoroughly)

    Anyway, I thought this might help some people out as it was fairly easy once I contacted the place that started it all.

    Take care and thanks for having such a great place to vent and post problems for people.

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  • Jo
    Joseph Edward Kemper Sep 06, 2007

    On 8/16/07, $79.95 was withdrawn from my debit card account. I have no dealings with them, and when I called their number - 1-800 220-2626, I was told they had no record of any transaction. Their name and number were taken directly from my statement.


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  • Re
    rebecca CHATHAM Oct 30, 2007


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  • Mh
    M. Hickman Apr 29, 2008

    I am one of the victims of the CIC Credit Monitoring, it has been a nightmare to get this issue resolved. Going to this website has been a hugh help. It is frightening to know that I was not the only victim. I was advised by a very nice young woman with Equifax to dispute this issue with my bank. Eqifax had nothing to do with my charge, but I appreciate the young womn assitance, I am very pissed off with Experian. Low down dirty dogs.

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