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We purchased a 2001 Jeep from the Carmart in Paducah, KY 3 month ago. We have had nothing but problems out of it since day 1. I have tried to talk with the Ky store numerous times about it. I have returned it to them 3 times already. Once to replace the radiator after we had only had it for a day. They then keep the car for 6 days. When they picked it up...

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Car Mart Unprofessional and dishonest

I purchased a car from carmart on 3/24/10. I paid them 300 dollars down payment, and agreed to pay an additional 700 when my income tax return arrived (anticipated date of 3/26 or 4/2). On 3/26, I contacted Car mart to say our income tax return did not arrive yet, and we would pay the additional 700 on 4/2. I was told this was understandable, and to come in at my convenience to sign some paperwork. On 3/31/10, Carmart took our car from our home, and our private property contained within the car. I called car mart and told them they can keep the car, and I needed my carseat and stroller back which were in the van. Car mart salesperson Richard screamed at me over the phone, and told me car mart would sue me and take my paycheck. He also told me they would not allow me to have my car seat and stroller and CD's back. I have had to contact the police in order to get a police escort to retrieve my baby items and CD's. When I notified car mart, another male salesperson screamed and laughed at me, told me they would be suing me. Earlier, I attempted to explain to Richard the salesperson that I was in the hospital and did not have time yet to sign additional paperwork for the new due date on the income tax return money. He said he did not care. Additionally, the 700 was not required for us to purchase the car, as we required no down payment. It was an optional 700 we decided to pay.

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Sara Charlotte Smith
Berryville, US
Jun 03, 2016 8:34 am EDT

I recently as in two days ago bought a 2001 mercury cougar from CAR MART, after twelve hours of havin it the tie ride busted, and caused a horrific accident, but ar mart is denying that anything is broke, but both mechanics that car mart supposedly used are saying they never fully checked the car... so now i'm out 1, 000 doWn payment and 900 for some rEpairs but not all, anyone have any suggestions about how to override car mart I have my personaWl mechanic who looked at it first go u there and tell them what he saw, but they still are gonne argue... any suggestions? MIKE PHILLPS IS THE GENERAL MANAGER DO NOT BUY FROM THEM

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