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Bharatmatrimony.comauto renewal scam

I was shocked to see that this company has charged my credit card without my concurrence. When enquired they said it is auto renewal. It is criminal breach of trust and in no way i have authorized them to auto renew. They have started giving explanations which is unacceptable. Different call agents try to pacify me and said they will give discount etc and will refund money in 10 days etc. But i that is totally unacceptable. It is complete misuse of credit information provided to a company on the basis of trust.
It is shocking breach of trust.

  • Ra
    Rajesh_22 Nov 11, 2010
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    This is absolutely right. It happened to me too. They charged my credit card again without getting my authorization. This is cheating to the core! The customer Service guy says they generally auto-renew the NRI accounts as generally NRI people want to renew it again! What an explanation!!! This is complete misuse of credit information!!

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  • Ke
    Keerthi.cute Mar 31, 2011

    How these become possible...Bcoz They are not collecting your CC details.In india we dont have a option like that.Evry tranaction will redirect to Bank Website.How can it possible?

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  • St
    StalinG Sep 29, 2012

    I do agree this stupid idiots took money from my account. Now this is absolutly looting money. They should call and confirm whether some one is renewing it or not.

    How to get this money back...any suggestion is appreciate?

    Stalin G

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Bharatmatrimony.commemebership renewal scam


Bharamatrimony all of a sudden came up with this idea of auto-renewing the memberships and charging the credit cards without notifying the members. Luckily I checked my credit card statment and noticed it, and requested them never to auto-renew my membership. they agreed that time. Guess what? They continue doing that and continue charging the cards. they say that they send us emails notifying it but i have never seen those emails - maybe they go to spam folders, as they have large number of other businesses like real estate and what not. they are looting the members and using their database to develop other businesses. I was told that my money will be refunded, but then they never did!

Beware of giving them your credit card numbers. they charged my credit card which I was no longer using. I ended up with late fees etc!!!

  • St
    ST-UK Jun 14, 2009

    Agreed - have copied in the UK Trading Standards ppl and UK Asian Network to go public on this.

    This is the email you'll get, btw:
    Dear Mr.<ST>,

    Thank you for contacting

    With reference to your e-mail dated 11/06/09 expressing concern over the auto renewal payment charged, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused.

    We would like to inform you that, inorder to provide uninterrupted service, all International member have the privileged of auto renewal of their membership once the membership expires.

    Being a member of, your paid membership expired on 30/04/09. Thus your profile was renewed automatically and hence, we have charged your credit card for the same.

    But we had intimated about this charging a week ago and had also sent a link in the intimation mailer to switch off the auto renewal option.

    Since you have not switched off this facility, it has been renewed automatically.

    Also, you can avail 10 % discount in the auto renewal.

    If you wish to cancel the payment and get a refund, please use the link available in the payment up gradation confirmation mailer. This will prompt you to login to your account. On providing the login details, the payment will be automatically refunded to your account and up gradation will be cancelled.

    Note: To cancel the payment you should not have used our services.

    If you cannot cancel it using the confirmation mailer, please visit

    http://bmser.[blahblah yada yada yada].php?u=cancelpayment

    Still if you have problem in canceling the payment please get back to us with your login details so that we can cancel the payment from our end.

    Should you require any further clarifications or assistance, please reply to us via email to [email protected] or call us at 1 800 3000 3344 / 1 800 425 3344 (BSNL/MTNL Users)

    We value your association with

    Warm regards,
    Customer Care Team,
    A division of Consim Info Pvt Ltd.

    Login often to improve your activity score and get better responses.

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    Sent To:[email protected] Matri Id :B355883
    Member IP Address:
    Time :June 11, 2009, 5:50 pm
    Your Name :ST
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    Comments:i would like to query a supposed extension in my paid membership of this service. I receved a bank statement advising that £45 had been debited from my account. I was aware that my paid membership was due to end, and was not going to renew my membership. However money was dibited from my Lloyds bank account. Would you be able to xplain how this payment was made? Was it using a debit card? Otherwise, itwould appear that this money was taken using prevous bank details WITHOUT my permission..

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  • De
    Dev0608 Jan 20, 2011

    Today i also faced the same issue. They renewed my membership without my knowledge. I tried to call them but they told that they do not have any information regarding this. I blocked my card and made the deducted ammout as despute. Will see if it works or not.
    Bharatmatrimoney is fraud site and they have mostly fake members and they are only in cheating bussiness, I am trying to file a court case against them.

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  • Vi
    Vivek B Jun 28, 2011

    They did the same thing with me today. I just discovered they have renewed my payment for my brother's account without intimating me about the renewal. The is absolutely not acceptable and I am just baffled to come to know this. They have deducted 56 pound from my account for the renewal. I had no idea that a well known site like Bharat matrimony can do this.


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  • Cl
    Cleft.Praxis Aug 06, 2011

    Hi, I agree with all linds of innovative unfair trade practices that these people are into. A company very poor on ethics, morals and professionalism. Third rate rotten grade services and for that they push you to pay by making all kinds of misleading promises. After facing harassment for over four months I have finally decided to drag them to Court...Regards

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  • No
    no-to-injustice Oct 09, 2013


    I want to complain against the 'automatic renewal' abuse on BM website.

    This is a warning for all BM users, when subscribing, make sure you call your bank to set a low limit to your credit card online payments...because BM will automatically use/abuse your card to renew your membership.

    10th of Sept 2013 I get a call from BM Marketing Team and say I DON'T WANT TO RENEW MEMBERSHIP

    11th Sept 2013 My card is abusively used to renew an UNWANTED membership on grounds that the 'automatic renewal button was selected by default'

    16th Sept 2013 My bank transfers the client portofolio to another bank and my account is CLOSED. The card they USED FOR RENEWAL was INVALIDATED

    20th Sept 2013 I get my bank statement, I see BM took the money on the 11th of Sept

    21th Sept 2013 I contact BM and ask for a refund. They refuse. Then I place a comment on, sharing my bad experience with BM.
    2 days later, they agree to refund 2 out of the 3 months of the renewal if I delete my comment from

    23 of Sept 2013 I send 4 emails to Refund Team to tell WHAT CARD TO USE FOR REFUND, as the one they used abusively was invalidated

    23 of Sept 2013 Without considering my 4 previous emails, Refund team sends confirmation email: My INVALIDATED CARD WAS REFUNDED

    24th of Sept- I call every 24h and I am told to wait until I am contacted

    6th of Oct till today, the same reply, 'Let us check'...

    So, I am sharing this experience to let other people know that BM has dishonest procedures.
    They call you and even if you refuse the renewal they use your card to renew.

    I do not remember having seen any 'automatic renewal button ' when I confirmed my first payment, so I just think they put it later on. And said it was 'by default'..
    Otherwise, why calling me????

    Also, checking that my bank rejected the payment is a matter of a couple of hours, not of weeks. It just proves their unwillingness to solve a problem..

    Conclusion: if you really want to deal with BM, make sure you call your bank first and set a limit on your online payments, so that the automatic renewal be rejected..

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  • Su
    sunita yerramilli Jan 15, 2015

    Hello, today exactly same thing happened to me. And they rejected to refund me as they say I have used their services. Obviously I did not keep an eye on exactly when the 90 days are over. So I kept on replying to my emails.
    When I spoke the colleague they said after 90 days the services will be cancelled automatically, so this means they will be cancelled.
    However they never explained how this auto renewal works, and I too never remember seeing this. I now understand I did ask them if they can take a payment on the phone when they said they cannot because they want us to go on the website and they knew that this auto renewal window will pop up and you will be prompted to press 'continue' or something. And so that they can charge again. After all that the staff was shouting at me saying that, 'I don't want to hear the same thing again and again, there is nothing we can do from here, you write an email' also when i said I have to file an complaint she say this is not an complain it is a query.
    her name was RITA.

    These are dishonest means of business, and I will call fraudulence. They should not charge without notifying us and without our confirmation or authorisation. they are playing with people's money. I will take this further and file an official complaint against it.

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  • Am
    Amy Dua Feb 08, 2015

    Can any one please guide me how to file a law suit against them?
    I am another victim of the same fraud.
    They do not even intimate before auto deducting without our knowledge. and when questioned back, they ask us to read the terms and conditions and say that auto renewal is a part by default. They dont even ask us whether we want an auto renewal or not.
    this is simply cheating. Please guide as to how can I drag them to court.

    Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated.

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