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Ayre and Oxford Condo / Property Management

After owning a condo in a building managed by Ayre and Oxford for three years, here is a chronological summation of the issues that I’ve had to date:

1. The first letter that I received from Ayre and Oxford was regarding the fire alarm. The letter stated that an inspection of my condo was conducted, my fire alarm wasn’t working, and that I needed to change the batteries on the fire detector. I inspected the fire detector myself. The detector is / was working perfectly fine, and the unit is hard wired into the building and does not require batteries. This was the first of many incidents that led me to the conclusion that Ayre and Oxford has absolutely no idea what they’re doing.

2. The second incident with Ayre and Oxford pertains to security. I was sleeping in the early evening and two men just wandered into my home. Upon interrogation, I learned that one of the men was a relator showing a unit, and he had the wrong condo. I asked he how he got into my unit, and he stated that he had just used the “available condo master key.” I contacted Ayre and Oxford, and they said they had no knowledge of a master key available to realtors. I’ve since changed the locks on my condo, and I am no longer on the condo master system. Ayre and Oxford is DANGEROUSLY INCOMPETENT with respect to security and they have absolutely no positive control over who controls the access to people’s property. If you need to live in a building managed by Ayre and Oxford, you absolutely must change the locks on your door to keep control over who enters your condo.

3. They fined me 250.00 for polishing my car in the parkade. Why they couldn’t have just contacted me directly to mitigate the situational or why it had to be such an astronomically large fine, I will never know. They billed me after I cleaned up the “mess” (tiny spots of car polish on the ground) myself. Also, as a key point to note, at the time there was a quarter inch thick layer of dust, dirt, and gravel on the garage floor to begin with.

4. Ayre and Oxford recently instituted a 150.00 dollar moving in and out fee just to use the elevator.

5. In 2015, they ran a 70, 000-dollar deficit in the budget. Instead of drawing from the Condo Reserve or an internal fund, they sent a bill to every single condo owner in the building to recuperate the difference. They did this asking for payment within 30 days.

6. In 2015, they raised to the total amount of condo fees per unit from 333.62 per month to 377.44 (12% in one year).

7. As mentioned multiple times before by previous reviews by other owners, they are unresponsive, threatening, and categorically unprofessional in their correspondence. Especially in written correspondence, the majority of the content appears to have been drafted by someone with less than a high school education.

8. Ayre and Oxford has no ethos, work ethic, and are obviously untrained, unexperienced, unmotivated, and unprofessional in their conduct. They like to hide behind the Condo Board, comprised of individuals who raise their hand at the end of the Annual Meeting who may or may not have any leadership or managerial experience and are not paid for their service, as the ones who are ultimately responsible for the decisions and the conduct of the building. Ayre and Oxford does not accept the basic tenant of leadership to seek and accept responsibility.

9. Ayre and Oxford employs United Parking Services to monitor the guest parking lot. As with Ayre and Oxford itself, United Parking Services is the cheapest, most ineffective, and difficult to use parking management system available and causes a myriad of issues with anyone who attempts to use the guest parking lot and scares off loved ones from coming anywhere near the building.

10. The is inconsistent supervision of the contractors and cleaners within the building. For example, in the month of May 2016, the garage floor was being cleaned and the cleaners damaged a water pipe so badly that it knocked out the water supply to the entire building. There are multiple similar incidents that could have been avoided if Ayre and Oxford maintained a consistent presence within in the building.

11. There is consistent disruption of basic essential services, specifically the water supply, at a frequency at about every two to three weeks. Instead of addressing the root cause of the plumbing problems, Ayre and Oxford and the Condo Board chooses to blame the owners and tenants of the building for the re-occurring deficiency.

12. In July 2016, Ayre and Oxford sent out a Special Assessment for 585.00 to every owner in condo complex. The Assessment pertains to the original construction of the building and the grating, or the sloping of THE ENTIRE AREA surrounding the building, as it pertains to drainage and water run off. The cost of the re-construction project was half a million dollars, and in consultation with an inferior Legal Firm (which Ayre and Oxford charges 75.00 dollars to view the documentation), Ayre and Oxford decided to draw on 350, 000 dollars from the Reserve Fund and allocate the remainder of the bill to the owners of the building. Given the nature of the Assessment and the fact that it is an innate flaw with the building, none of the owners will be able to claim this assessment with their insurance. In addition to a bill of just under 600.00, at the time of writing, the building is in absolutely complete shambles. Attached is the current state of the Condo Project.

13. In a VERY conservative estimate, I would estimate that employing Ayre and Oxford as the property management company devalues the aggregate and individual properties by between 10 and 20 percent. You are not saving any money by employing the cheapest, D grade, bottom feeding company available.

14. I am a Veteran. I served ten years as an Infantry Officer with the Canadian Armed Forces with one operation deployment to Afghanistan from 2009 to 2010. In addition to the pain of having 1000x more managerial experience than Ayre and Oxford and having to watch them fail at everything that they do, I feel that it is insulting for Veterans be treated so poorly IN THEIR OWN HOME.

After three years living in a building managed by Ayre and Oxford, it is absolutely not clear who they are accountable to. I would have thought that it would have been the owners of the condos .i.e. the people who ultimately pay their salary, but that not in the slightest bit evident. I love the building that I live in. It is well-built, quiet, suits my needs perfectly, and is in an excellent location. The one and only aspect of my building that I absolutely despise is the management company. I have no idea how this company is still in business, and I will never, ever, buy a condo again because it incites the opportunity to be lichened to companies such as Ayre and Oxford.

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, US
Dec 07, 2020 8:21 pm EST

lots of people have the same issues with them. Our friends who are also condo owners in North side said they were bullied by their staff because the owners were complaining about overcharging and errors in the way they manage. they said Instead of fixing the issues, they seem to threaten the owners with serving notices that about never ending billing and charges about water and plumbing and other issues blaming the condo owners whereas many of the units are being rented by this company
And as per feedback many of those issues were caused by this company's renters and not the owners. As if they are passing the bills to the burden of the owners, which is not fair since if the property managers do their jobs, the additional expenses will not happened. There were also feedback from other owners who said that they get billed by this company and had not done the project which the money was collected for.
Someone also told us that that there were complaints about owners who have been harassed because the owners exposed something and they did not like that owner because that person knew so much stuff that were questionable. we also heard something about their contractors being related to

if these are all true, all condo owners should be very careful

3:53 pm EDT
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Don`t rent from this property management company. They are dishonest, they have filthy, bedbug, black mold and mouse infested apartments. They don`t tell new tennants about the problems in thier buildings so when a person moves in you have to put up with the crap. Its absolutley a nightmare renting from them. They are also racist. All they care about is taking your money.

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