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ATV DiscounterNo shipment

Well it has been 8 weeks since I placed my order for a dirt bike and an ATV...nothing!!! I cannot get in touch with anyone!!! All voicemail boxes are full!!! No returned emails...but they got my cash!!! I was referred to them by Trevor from Budget ATV because they were out of stock and supposedly sold to ATV! What a scam! I spoke to Steve from ATV Discounters who assured me they had the color and model in stock of the dirt bike and ATV I wanted! I have seen nothing but a bill from my credit card company... I am now pursuing as FRAUD! DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE!!! THEY LIE!!!

It looks like Budget ATV is also part of their scam!!!


  • Mr
    Mr.Frustrated Jul 24, 2009

    What a scam. I ordered a Go kart in November it did arrive but with missing parts. I opened a ticket, called them and emailed. Its now July, 8 months later I'm still getting the same answer the parts are on back order. However, they sure took my money. How could you treat your customers this way. I'm sure they have sold other Go karts since November of 2008, but I still don't have my parts. This company should be forced to go out of business and prosecuted for fraud. Do not buy from these... !THEY LIE!!!

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  • Ma
    marty15068 Jul 27, 2009

    I placed an order for a scooter on March 24, 2009 and paid with my debit card. Hundreds of calls later and lie after lie, I still do not have my scooter or my $1, 850.00 that they charged my account.
    ATV Discounter stole my money as far as im concerned. I have filed a civil suit against them 2 weeks ago after giving them 30 days to either return the money or ship my scooter. These people think that they can get away with this? They are wrong, dont become a victim of these thieves, ORDER SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!
    If anyone else has any idea how we can get something done with this company, please email me! Marty
    [email protected]

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  • Vo
    VoiVod Aug 03, 2009

    I have the same problem. I ordered a ATV-58 from these people and 2+ months no ATV. I turned them into the BBB and had my Discover card do a chargeback and I am still waiting to see what happenes with that.


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  • Br
    Brenda Sargen Mar 31, 2010

    I too was ripped off by ATV discounters. I ordered a scooter and sent a cashiers check. I was even excited about getting a teacher discount. They stole my money and never shipped the product. I have no idea how to file a suit so I am eating my loss. If anyone does know what to do, please email also. [email protected]

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  • T1
    t1976 Apr 26, 2010

    I too was a victim of fraud from this company. I ordered a scooter May 2009 paid in full and never received my scooter. I have reported them to BBB and hopefully they will pay for their actions or non actions in this case.


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ATV DiscounterFraud and scam

I order two 4-wheeler on 19th December and assured me that they would be shipped on the 19th or 20th December. It is the 24th they posted a fake tracking number on the website. My order has not been shipped and I am now on the phone with them they keep putting me on hold and no one will answer the phone. They lied repeatedly over and over again about my order and now they want even talk to me. They didn't waste their time getting the money out of the account. They got that the same day. Now I have two small children who are going to be very upset because they aren't going to have a good Christmas. Don't buy anything from them they will lie. Doug Dhale was my sales representative who started off lieing after I asked for my money back. Then Nathan in shipping lied about them being shipped the same day. Then one lady got smart with me when I asked to speak to shipping. I just want my money back so I can purchase them from somewhere for the kids.


I Bought A go kart 250 gk10 in may never got it till july no instuctions and sure wasnt 95% together any ways.after putting it together we rode it one day and the slowdown gear exploded in the caseing it took two months for them to even reply then my wife who works as a attorney found there number to there corp office, I called many times only to never get phone calls not returned, (like always) the president (sheri) would never return my calls for those out there here is the # [protected]). I finally got a hold of Rob parst MGR who was a big help at first but then went sour he sent me a new motor only to find out it doesnt run now Iam spemding money to get this thing fixed only to find out once agian nothing working it still does not run its been going on 5 months and this thing is still not running my warranty is running out and my kids just look at this go kart sitting in the garage not running. Now I am seeking my leagle rights I will take this to the news, BBB, as far as i can take it untill something is done to fix this problem. for those outthere the phone # are listed below.
rob [protected]
corp # [protected]
Iwould stay away from this company due to false information!!!

ATV Discounteratv go cart

I purchased a atv 150cc go cart from atv discounter and it has been a total nightmare!!!They shipped me a 110cc and charged me $50.00 on frt. that was supose to be free.I desided I would keep the 110 and needed them to just credit my account for the difference.wich was about $400.00. It has been over two months and I have talked to a number of people there and nothing has been done.Each time I have called, they have placed me on hold for 10-15 min.ever time.YOU get this ### message about them having an overflow of calls.Do not leave a message cause I can promise you they wont ever call you back. They got there money in less that two days but seem to refuse to get me my credit. I received the cart pretty quick but that is the only brite spot.I would not recomend purching even a bicycle from ATV DISCOUNTER. I will never buy anything from them again.There is a guy by the name of Steve Berry and he can be a little helpful but it want be much.Do not talk to Kelly Garrett cause she is a rud ------ and is only drawing a check, as well as a man named Doug.They must work for themselves cause i cant get the manager or owner on phone.My have contacted the BBB and my credit card comp.maybe they will get somewhere with it.If anyone out there has a name or phone# of someone higher up, please let me know??? Remember, stay away from!!!

  • Jt
    jt1 Jun 15, 2009

    They are terrible people!!!

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ATV DiscounterDon't buy from these people

You're so right!! This place is the pitts... DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM ATVDISCOUNTER.COM!!! They shipped us a damaged unit with several missing parts, no title, no manual, etc. You can't believe how bad this company is. It's taken them a month to answer our e-mails (because they don't answer the phone), and now they're telling us that they'll sell us the missing parts for 50% off the retail price!! Are you kidding me??!! We already paid a lot of money for a Kazuma Mammoth and now they want us to pay for the parts that were supposed to be on the unit in the first place!! Whatever you do, don't buy anything from these people!!!

  • Ro
    robert weissert Mar 30, 2009

    your right i was going to order a scooter from them a while ago..there service department is a jole, , , they cant answer straight questions
    and though i didnt buy anything from them they still call me twice a week or more. to confirm my glad i didnt buy anything from them

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  • Jt
    jt1 Jun 15, 2009

    DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE!!! They are evil, lie and cheat!!!

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