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Atlantic RemodelingRude Sales People

An Atlantic Remodeling sales rep stopped my house uninvited. We talked about replacing some windows in the front of our house, but my wife was not home at the time. Even though I was pretty sure we did not have the budget this year to do the work he insisted on making an appointment and told me that I could always cancel it. Well, I talked to my wife and she agreed that we did not have the budget this year so I canceled the appointment. A few weeks went by and I just got a phone call from a very rude Atlantic contractor. After I explained that we were not interested, and still in mid sentence, he hung up on me. When I called him back he denied hanging up on me and said that he was going to fire the sales rep who talked to me. He would not let me explain and started to yell at me. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH ATLANTIC REMODELING!!!

Atlantic RemodelingSalespeople

I had Atlantic out to give me an estimate to replace my roof. They did offer me a discount to do business more quickly than I had originally planned, but Don was in no way pushy or high pressure. I ended up having Atlantic do the job and the workmanship was excellent. They arrived on time, answered all my questions, and cleand up throughouly. Having had many contractors do plenty of work to my homes over the years, I speak from experiance when I say they did well. Recommended highly.

  • Pe
    pete7713 Aug 09, 2012

    They gave me price for a roof replacement $27, 000 but if I signed the papers today I could get a discounted price $ 20, 000. I got 4 other estimates from BBB rated A+ companies ALL between $8K and $9K

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Atlantic RemodelingCash Back

I am a single female homeowner so I am a bit leery of unfamiliar faces coming into my home. That fear was put to the side when Darin knocked on my door. He put me at ease with his pleasant demeanor and showed me how much $$ I would save with new my new windows. They were installed in May but I waited until now to post because I didn't believe Darin when he told me how much I would save on my energy bill...turned out he was right - $75 back in my pocket in June!! thanks Atlantic!!!

Atlantic RemodelingA Much Different Experience

My experience with Atlantic Remodeling was nothing like the complaints I have seen on this site. I worked with Atlantic after receiving a recommendation from my neighbor. I thought the entire process was easy and upfront. They even gave me a list of other customers to call and inquire about their work. Since everyone I spoke with was satisfied (if not delighted) I tend to wonder what the other people on this site are talking about!

Atlantic RemodelingWork done

I was a bit upset at first with their offer. But once I had other estimates I quickly realized that I should have taken their early bird sale or what ever they call it. I thought they would honor it anyway if I called back after I got other estimates. They wouldn't but their "good for 1 year" price was still better than the other estimates so I went with them anyway. Can't complain about anything they did. Roof was done on time and in 1 day like they said.

  • Ma
    maj james Aug 04, 2012

    Get other estimates. 9 out of 10 companies beat this company's orice and beat their service and quality hands down. I do not recommend Atlantic Remodelling unless you enjoy getting the shaft. Note the company shill who psted this complaint, shady business practice.

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Atlantic RemodelingVery Satidfied

I have noticed a few on this site upset with the sales process and I cant help but wonder if you've ever bought anything or negotiated before. No offense, but it is your job when you sell something to get as much money as you can. How many of you offer to sell your house for the absolute lowest price you'll accept? Maybe because I was not originally raised in the US I was not at all bothered by "negotiating". in fact, I find it rather amusing. That said, these guys did EXACTLY what they said they would. Sure I could have paid less. But would the other companies have shown up on the exact "approximate" start date? Would they have installed my roof in one day? Would they have picked up every last nail and piece of debris so I wouldnt have to worry about my kids or dogs? Their red cent guarantee gave me such piece of mind that i didnt have to pay them if I wasnt happy...what did I have to lose? They stood by their word and did a great job! Some of you should try living overeseas where you have to negotiate for everything but the kitchen sink...

Atlantic RemodelingSales Scam

On a Monday evening we received a knock on the door from a college-age kid who said his company, Atlantic Remodeling, was doing roofing work in the neighborhood and asked if we would like a free estimate. Since we need a new roof, we figured sure, why not? We scheduled an appointment for the next day. Tuesday, about an hour or so before the scheduled appointment we get a call from Atlantic Remodeling making certain that both myself and my wife would be available. We were skeptical about why we both would need to be present, but since that was our plan anyway, not a problem. A strange request, warning flag number one! The salesman arrived on time and appeared to be professional, he carried in a large bag, binders and shingle samples glued to a board. We all sat down at the table and the games began.

What we wanted was a simple estimate for a new roof to compare to estimates from other reputable roofers, instead what we got was a two hour in-person infomercial that amounted to propaganda inflating Atlantic Remodeling and deriding all other roofers as untrustworthy, cutthroat, overpriced, fly by night, cheats. Flag number two! Then he began asking us questions to see if we were buying into the swill he was peddling about what type company we wanted, the ‘professional’ Atlantic Remodeling or the aforementioned cheats. Flag number three! Finally, he said he would do some quick measurements and put together a calculation of materials required for our roof as well as our contract estimate. He returned twenty minutes later, holding a single sheet of paper folded in thirds, slid it across the table to us, and with a smile said ‘See what you think of this’. BIG warning flag! The paper had two prices on it, one for twenty seven thousand and another for nineteen thousand. The lower price was easily fifty percent more than a fair price for our roof. I ignored the lower price and told him that the quoted price of twenty seven wasn’t reasonable. He said that the price I should be considering was nineteen thousand, because should we sign right now, that was the price we would pay. Forget the warning flags, now I’m angry. I told him I would never do business this way.

His demeanor changed immediately, and the show went on. He became visibility agitated, appeared to look confused and even hurt at my response. At this point I assured him that I would never sign contract on the grounds of a high pressure sales tactic. After several more inquires about why I thought the price was unfair, I began to motion that the conversation was over. When he realized that I was completely resolved to turn him out, he changed again, reverted back to the ‘professional’ demeanor and asked if I would consider being part of a ‘marketing campaign’ in my neighborhood. If I agreed to this he could call into ‘the office’ and get me a price of fourteen thousand. My response, No! He asked if he could borrow our phone, I agreed just because I wanted him out. I suspect that call was proof to his boss at Atlantic Remodeling, via caller ID, that he was actually in my home making his pitch. He would need this proof since he was leaving without a signature on a contract. I suppose his company trusts him about as much as I do!

Any company that would use these tactics will employ other means of increasing their profits at your expense. They do not care for customers or they would not do this. Avoid Atlantic Remodeling.

  • Li
    LizEastlake Apr 16, 2012

    After reading the previous complaints about Atlantic Remodeling, I feel a lot better about my decision NOT to accept their same day offer. They have their sales people trained to perfection...almost. The company sounded great, the products sounded great, even the price analysis and breakdown of similar companies, local companies, and home depot/lowes was somewhat impressive. At the very beginning of the estimate, our sales guy, Mark, informed us that he would respectfully accept "No" as an answer just as he would accept "yes". That statement was far from the truth. We had informed Mark that we were not interested in the discounted same day price even before he measured the roof and priced everything out. So it was a little fishy when he presented the $18, 500 price and a $14, 000 discounted same day purchase price and was outwardly offended by our refusal of the offer. He simply couldn't understand why we wouldn't accept the offer. We tried to explain that this would be a blind purchase for us, but he wouldn't hear it. He gave us the "is it something I did?" spiel and then quickly turned cold and rude. The colder and ruder he became the better I felt about our refusal. It took us an hour (we were eagerly watching the clock because playoff hockey was starting) to get him to finally, and without respect, accept our "no". If a company is so "confident" in their original pricing (which he ensured is good for a year) why would they desperately try to pressure the costumer to buy same day? Mark even admitted that if we didn't buy today we wouldn't buy from them, because...he rambled about human beings and items on sale, but we knew the real answer, because they do not have the best price. Sorry Mark, your high pressure sales tactics didn't work this time!

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  • Cu
    CustomerJ2424 Jul 14, 2012

    I just had the exact same experience!!! Every sales tactic described on this forum is exactly what they did with me - including the college kid at my door asking if I wanted a free estimate. What I thought would take about 10 minutes took about 2 hours!!! They use every scare tactic in the book - I'm not even sure I need a new roof yet - but they act like I have to get one today or else I'm going to be in big trouble! Then, after I finally got the price and almost fell out of my chair, I told him that I wasn't interested, that I would have to get lots of quotes before spending that kind of money, etc. and he kept asking questions about why I wasn't signing with them! The whole thing was humiliating, and I kept thinking - holy crap, is this really what I'm going to have to pay for a new roof??? I think I could add an addition to my house for that price!!! After he FINALLY left because I started to get angry, I talked to some of my neighbors who got their roofs replaced and they paid less than 1/3 of what he tried to charge me!!! I really wish I had read this site before I agreed to meet with them! Thankfully I was smart enough not to sign a contract!

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  • At
    Atlantic Remodeling Aug 02, 2012

    Thank you for your comment regarding your experience with a sales representative from The Atlantic Remodeling Corporation. Every employee of The Atlantic Remodeling Corporation is proud of our success and wants potential customers to understand our company’s commitment to excellence. Your complaint has been noted by our sales executives and has been reviewed with the entire sales staff during our regularly scheduled sales meeting. We hope you will reconsider using The Atlantic Remodeling Corporation for future projects.

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  • Ji
    Jim Carlisle Sep 11, 2012

    I just had the exact same thing happen yesterday. I was already aware of these sales tactics from a previous window salesman (who ended up leaving admitting that we had no real need for new windows and seemed fairly ashamed) and a water tank salesman. Atlantic Remodeling came in with almost the exact same prices. Also, I had no real need for a new roof and the guy knew it after looking so he tried to sell me on insurance companies not covering my roof after 20 years and this was my 20th year. The only thing you get out of them are what the costs of materials are and how they compare to others and some typical ways you can get scammed by local roofers. It is definitely a hard sell job that is ratcheted up to give them a hefty profit. Find a local roofer who has the same qualifications and 2 million in insurance. Check Angie's list. Ask around your neighborhood at the places that have had a new roof for a couple of years and still look brand new.

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  • Th
    The batman Jan 14, 2013

    You mean the salesman that spent his own time and gas wanted you tu BUY something rather than waste his time, money and lower his standing with his company? who knew? one would think he'd just want to work for free and spend his days showing you what you COULD get but never actually expecting you to buy anything. That would make a lot more sense. So what exactly it is you people do for a living? Well whatever it is, Id like you to drive an hour or so to my house and waste your entire day explaining it to me for FREE, dont worry though " I'll think about it. "

    Listen people, if you have absolutely no intention of buying anything, DO NOT WASTE SALESMENS TIME.

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  • Uf
    ufonium Nov 23, 2013

    They seem to be at it still...and perhaps the same salesman. Even more flags than initial complaint. Got call at 4:00 from the manager saying, "he's on his way." 4:30 call from manager said he's on his way, make sure my wife is here, as there are many decisions to make...we want everyone to be there for the hour-long presentation... Presentation? I want the cost estimate for a new roof!!
    5:15 (15 minutes late already) the Manager calls me and states, "Hey my guy says he's at your house and nobody's home." Seriously??? You just called my house phone and I answered...and you ask if I am at home?
    3 minutes go by - car pulls up...almost 20 minutes late. He has the briefcase, shingle samples, etc... "I understand you're in a hurry, so I'll cut through a lot and keep it real short without eliminating pertinent info." Attempts to pull out papers to start writing my name and address on the estimate...pats his pockets for a pen... he forgot one. "Can I borrow a pen from you? I've got one in the car..."
    Then the chit-chat. Dissing other roofers. Goes through to the 20 minute outdoor measurements aspect. It's dark now, but he has a trusty ladder, no actual inspection of the roof. Never set foot on my roof, but declared there is no dry rot or water damage on it... Now I KNOW there is, but he wouldn't see it from the ground.
    Finally slides me (us - the wife absolutely had to be there for something like this) a folded piece of paper and says, "Tell me what you think. I know you will probably need a little time to make a decision, so I'll give you some time..." He slides the paper and begins writing -- not discussing anything. Finally after several minutes of total silence asks "Well, what do you think? How soon are we talking about getting started?"
    His whole demeanor changed to very agitated and aggressive. He couldn't believe we could turn down a 25% discount, while we were still getting a good deal for the year-long-guarantee of a couple hundred under $30, 000. When I thought we were clear about getting a couple other estimates to "Compare Apples-to-Apples" as his beginning sales pitch states...we were not going to spend over $22K today without going to other estimates also. He sat back and made himself comfortable..."What did I do to make you not buy it today?" What could I have done better to convince you?" "You DO want a professional company like Atlantic Remodeling to do this type work for you don't you?" We were very clear to indicate that the only reason we would not hire them was based on price... Having no preconceived $$ amount in mind, it was a lot of $$ anyway. Then he asked, "How about $15K? We can't do that price, but would you buy a roof at $15K? How about one dollar? Seriously? You wouldn't have us do it for a dollar?"
    "Well, I'll have to call my manager and let him know that you didn't take the best offer we have." The sales person was on his cell phone explaining to his "boss" what he had done to get our business... As he packed up (still on the phone) he commented that "The reason for not purchasing today was TRUST!!!" OOOoooohhhh SURE!!! It was spending BIG $$$ blindly -- nothing to with trust...until you said that.
    The next couple minutes he continued to make sure he had everything and slowly made his way to the door...all the while STILL ON HIS PHONE. He left - talking with his boss I guess...all the way to his car parked on the street. I'm sorry, but THAT is just plain disrespectful and rude. Unless something drastic happens, I doubt there is any way at all that I would purchase roofing from Atlantic Remodeling.
    -- Shows up late
    --Goes to the wrong address. (mixed last 2 numbers backwards)
    -- His "abbreviated" pitch lasted an hour and 45 minutes. ...just think if he had hurried!!
    -- No pen on which to write his estimate.
    -- Irritated and belligerent when we said, "No thank you."
    -- Called to tell boss, "No" and lied to him in front of us when describing the reason.
    -- talked on phone from kitchen table to front bye, thanks, or anything.

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Atlantic RemodelingSales staff

The sales staff has serious issues. We invited them into our home for an estimate. We had heard their ads for years so we assumed they were a reputable company to work with. Sadly, this is not the case. The salesman spent an hour talking about the company, showing pages of information designed to make you think they are the best company in the area. Then he spent another hour steering us to the product he wanted to sell. We told him after the first hour we only wanted an estimate and were not signing a contract that day. He looked at us with contempt but continued with his sales pitch anyway. After 2 hours he wrote a number on a scrap piece of paper and said “If I show you this price will you buy it today?”. We said, as we had said an hour before, we only wanted an estimate and were not signing anything.
Then we saw the most pathetic performance you could imagine. He sat back in the chair, placed the palm of his hand over his chest, and begged us to explain why we were doing that to him. He asked why we thought he was lying to us. We explained no one was “doing” anything to him. He then rolled his eyes and called his manager stating we “refused” to sign the contract. Here’s where the sad performance gets even sadder. He turned up the volume on his cell phone, and then they both pretended to have a conversation with each other. It was so loud it was obvious it was intended to be heard by everyone in the room. They basically talked over each other forgetting who was supposed to speak first. It was basically to tell us how horrible we were and how we had intentionally wasted their time. This continued for over a minue until we finally tossed him out of the house.

  • At
    Atlantic Remodeling Aug 02, 2012

    Thank you for your comment regarding your experience with a sales representative from The Atlantic Remodeling Corporation. Each member of our sales team undergoes extensive training on our company and products. We want each of our customers to know how proud we are of our success and of the high quality products and services we provide.

    Based on your description of the sales call it appears the sales representative did not follow our guidelines for respecting the wishes of a potential customer as you clearly stated early in the conversation you would not be signing a contract that evening. We will address this issue with the entire sales team during our upcoming regular sales meetings. We hope you will reconsider using The Atlantic Remodeling Corporation for future projects.

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Atlantic RemodelingBullying, deception, and zero customer service

See complaint of John Giacob of 8/21/2011. He took the words out of my mouth (all the way down to the doe eyes on the salesperson when asking if they did anything wrong" and I would like to add the following. First, we were unfortunate to have Atlantic be our first estimate so we had no clue what to expect for our estimate. We got the same magazine ranking show, talking about how bad the local guys are and that they don't know how to do a roof like a professional company such as Atlantic (thus the higher labor costs), and yes they even had sales ads from Home Depot and Lowes to compare their prices to and bragged about how they have their own crews, not subcontracted to the lowest bidder, and they don't use any "day" workers. Unfortunately we weren't as savvy/educated as John was and when they gave us an estimate of almost 18K for a 27square roof I was blown away. BUT then they throw in that if you sign today you get a 25% discount which brought our price down to 13.5K and it sounded a lot better. Of course I had knots in my stomach not knowing what it should cost because they were our first estimate and a difference of 4-5K sounded too scary to let them walk out the door. I mean what if I said No and then the next 2 or 3 companies said it would be 17K for the roof? So we signed...
Of course for the next several weeks I had to hear from every "expert" at work how we had overpaid and it made me sick. When the company actually comes to the work, you'll get [quote] "at least a foreman who speaks English." Given that, I can't complain about their work ethics. They worked hard all day and completed the roof/garage/addition all in one day and cleaned up the yard well. Then you'll get your salesperson back to collect the balance.
For us, the additional insult was that I heard about Atlantic through a radio ad at 105.7 The Fan, and I had told the salesperson this several times, even commenting on Steve Davis doing the ad. About a week later I heard where if you mention 105.7 to the salesperson you get $1K off the price of your job. It was only a couple of days until the roof was to be put on so I figured I would mention something when they picked up the balance to see if I could get the difference back. A thousand dollars is a lot of money and certainly would have helped me feel better about the whole experience. The salesperson was very nice about it when I asked and admitted that the ad was a surprise to him when a customer first mentioned it to him, but he had checked with his manager and found it to be a real promotion. So he said he would contact Jim at Atlantic to see if he could get our money. He was on the phone about a minute, when he said Jim told him "No discount, the customer contracted for the price, the work was done, period." Even the salesperson was surprised, so I called and spoke to Jim and he was very abrupt and matter of fact about it comparing it to buying a car. He said we contracted for a price and that was the price. I tried to reason with him about many companies that will give you a refund if an item you bought goes on sale within X amount of days and again he tried telling me it was like buying a car from a dealership and then finding out that someone else go the same car for a thousand dollars less. Although the last time I checked, dealerships weren't strong arming anyone into 25% discounts if you sign now, and a customer can go to Edmunds, KBB, etc. to get an idea of what they should be paying. Nice customer service huh? I asked him if it was worth it to Atlantic for me not to recommend them to anyone else and he cared less. I asked him if it was worth it for me to complain to the BBB and he told me "go ahead, all you can complain about is the workmanship."
I guess Jim doesn't realize with the Social Media of today, consumers and customers have a great opportunity to recommend and not recommend businesses. So with that, I would highly discourage anyone from doing business with Atlantic Remodeling. Buy your roof/car elsewhere.

  • Bu
    Burnt Customer Feb 09, 2012

    Yep, I got the same dog and pony show about how they know how to hammer on a shingle better than the next guy, and the Depot ads, and also caught hell from everyone I told the price too. They all thought I was a complete idiot for letting this guy pressure us like he did. Plus, sign off on the 3 day recision. I have told everyone to stay away from them. Ruthless!

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Atlantic Remodeling3 hours of Lies

My doorbell rings on thursday and some college kid with a clipboard offers a free roof estimate. I don't know why i said yes because these kind of things never turn out to be good, but i agreed for a saturday meeting.
Atlantic Remodeling may be a reputable company, doing quality work in a reasonable time, for whatever price the homeowner has agreed to pay for the job. But I will never be able to confirm this due to the tactics imployed at the home "sales pitch". After 2+1/2 to 3 hours of hearing how this company reinvented the shingle-laying process, I couldn't get passed some inconsistencies presented by George the sales rep. First of all, I knew the measurements of my roof already: length, width, pitch, etc. Before George sat down at my table, he commented that my roof appeared to be 27 to 28 sqrs. This was less than the actual dimensions so i went with it. He proceeded with his brainwashed presentation. The Remodeling Magazine ranking, no unresolved customer complaints, BBB accreditation...blah, blah...Folks, once someone starts with a contribed speech that lasts for an hour without so much as a hint toward an estimate, do not drink the Kool-aid that he may offer. Reading other complaints mirrored my experience with my wife, right down to the "let me make a call to see what i can do" to the "was there anything i did wrong" hurt baby deer eyes question.
One thing i noticed was the remodeling magazine ranking he was so proud to point out had nothing to do with service, work or qualtiy. It was a gross-income ranking. So as business expanded, especially with their bloated prices, this company moves up the list each year. Who Cares?!? Im not buying stock here. I actually pointed this out to George but he moved on with his spiel. So at this point, I knew that whatever price he was going to draw up was going to be way over my budget.
Once he finally got to measuring and after i refreshed myself with a beer, he came back in to crunch some numbers. He calculated around 32 sqs. which was accurate. I have to admit that the itemized sheet used for the estimate was better than other companies. The problem was that the numbers for everything were too high. Not once did he state what Atlantic charges a square. He had every other competitors sq charge. From Home Depot to some "local guy" on the street. Please note: the local guy, according to Atlantic, is a sleezy, lazy, cheap material using subpar contractor who has never layed a roof down that hasn't leaked or been blown off when a plane flies by. So George writes down 37 sqrs. claiming that 10% waste has to be factored in! I blew my could 5 sqrs be added for waste? What waste? Materials? I'm buying the materials already and anything left over, like extra shingles, I should keep. In my view, they are charging extra for labor and calling it waste. I asked George how could you add a charge for waste to a fee for labor? He said "you can't"..Exactly!!! This all leads to the over-inflated estimate that could be discounted 25%, if i signed that day, to a less-then but still ridiculous high price. At 755$ a square, which i had to work-out, the original cost was 24, 900. Or was it 18, 500 if i put a sign on the lawn and allow these people free access to my bathroom and phone for the year? It doesn't matter. I could never trust a company who comes into your house after soliciting you and tries to pressure people into signing a contract by using smoke and mirrors. And if thats not the case and someone from Atlantic reads this, I apologize. It is possible that I, along with others posting complaints, have misread our experience. But perception is reality and the real point to all this is that I have been compelled enough to post something which I rarely do. Atlantic Remodeling has failed, for me, at both pitching the sale and gaining one as well.

  • Bu
    Burnt Customer Feb 09, 2012

    Yes, your experience is the same as mine. I forgot about the sign. Ha! I will never recommend them to anyone. What a ripoff and high pressure company. And then they invite us in to rate our experience. I think I may have punched someone in the lip! What a joke!

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Atlantic RemodelingOver price

These folks charged $15, 000 for a $6, 500 roofing & gutter job. Their sales guy is slick . After the work was completed we realized the gutter guard was not installed on the rear of the house - only on the front. When we contacted them they said that only the front was included in the contract. $15, 000 and it DOESN'T include gutter guard on front AND back gutters? Why would they only install gutter guards on the front of a house? Also, several of the shingles are gauged/ragged and debris was left on the ground - including roofing nails. ouch.

Prior to the work being completed (but after the 3 day right of rescission) we received another estimate from a very reputable company for $6500 with all of the bells & whistles - except they wouldn't use the gutters guard stuff Atlantic sold. When Atlantic was asked about the price difference, they explained that "they offer a lifetime warranty on labor & materials and the other guy only offered a year" Well, this too is untrue. Besides, even if the other company did offer a 1 year warranty, at the price Atlantic charged the entire roof could have been replaced again.

Folks, we have tried to work with Atlantic to get the over pricing issue & gutter guard issue resolved and they practically laugh at how they have pulled one over on yet another unsuspecting consumer. They told us they would install gutter guards on the rear of the house ONLY if we wrote a letter of recommendation for them. Unbelievable.

Atlantic RemodelingSexist and bullying sales tactics

I echo the posted comments on Atlantic Remodeling. They sounded so low- pressure on the phone that I thought they would be different. Don't be fooled. I will not accept any estimates from a company that insists on both homeowners (i.e. husband and wife) being present. The salesman refused to continue the estimate when my husband had to leave after well over 2 hours into his speil, and he hadn't even measured a window yet. When I said it was more time than we had, he said I had been talking too much. It was so stupid -- we were eagerly looking for replacement windows and all he had to do was give me an estimate -- but he was obviously trying to get a quick commission and pressure us into signing that day for a supposed discount. Are there any reliable and honest contractors out there?

  • Th
    theruss Jun 18, 2011

    Here's some great advice for ANYONE LOOKING TO DO HOME RENOVATIONS --- from a guy who used to work for the contractor ready to rip you off:

    From 1996-2001, I worked as the marketing manager for a very large contractor in Virginia. We sold windows, siding, trim, decks, sunrooms, and accessories to these products. My marketing teams went door to door setting appointments for our sales reps. Believe me when I tell you, we were taught to say "anything" to get you and any other household decision-maker to that appointment (whether on the deed on not). We knew that whether your husband or wife is on the deed or not, they still have an opinion that might prevent you from signing a contract. There is no easier excuse (and harder one to overcome) than, "let me talk to my spouse". And our goal is never to give you "an out". We knew that if we could get you to make a quick decision and get stuck in a contract that day/night, we made big money. So that was always the goal. We were banking on it.

    See, our company was all about numbers. Each canvasser (door to door marketer), knew that if they could set 3 solid appts out of every 50 doors knocked on, then we would make good money. Salesmen knew the same thing. If they could sell one out of every 10 appointments, they would make good money. So their goal was to play the numbers: that 1 in every 166.666 homes would be naive enough to run quickly into a deal without thinking it through and doing proper research (that's 166.666 doors which equals 10 appointments set by a canvasser which equals 1 sale). 50 doors can be done in one evening, so that's generally about 325 doors a week by each canvasser, which equals about 20 appointments, which equals about 2 sales per week or roughly 8 sales a month per canvasser. So, follow me here... if we have 12 canvassers, which was generally the size of my team, we could have 96 sales a month (usually it was more like 60, because most people aren't good at the job, so there was a high turnover). So remember that number... 60 sales a month.

    Now back to that appointment... that salesmen comes into your home with one goal, to get you so excited and hyped about colors and energy savings and better home value and other neat useless facts about windows and sunrooms and siding, that you spend big money based on your immediate greed rather than your budget and research. That's why they insist on a two or three hour demonstration before they ever give you the price. They are looking to wet your pallet so much and to find your greed buttons, so that you will be dumb enough to spend money that night! They have all kind of tricks too... "let me call my manager and see what we can do" they'll say. When they get off the phone, they will start with the same BS that EVERY contractor using this marketing scheme does... " if you will put a sign in your yard for us..." ---"if you'll let us use you in a magazine or on the internet..." --- "if you will let your home be the showcase home for this neighborhood..." and all kinds of other bogus deals that were ALREADY PLANNED. They were ready to make that call and give you 5% or 10% off. Then, there's the guys who are really greedy, they'll give you 20% and 30% off if you will sign the contract that night. They already planned it before they came to your door though, so believe me when I tell you that you were never getting a real discount. The goal was never to sell you $5, 000 worth of windows (Though that may be your first price). The goal was to sell you $3, 500 worth of windows. And trust me when I tell you, they are only worth about half that!

    So... remember that number? 60 sales a month. We ALL knew that the average sale brought in more than half af it's actual worth. In other words, if you signed for $2, 000, we could have done it for $1000 and still paid ALL our expenses, materials, employees, etc. I remember one guy who sold an old lady in her 60's by telling her that she needed to care for that old house since her husband was dead and she would be leaving it to her kids. She bought 17 windows for over $30, 000!!! I am telling the truth. So, 60 sales a month multiplied by our average sale, which was generally about $8000, equalled $480, 000 worth of sales. And generally speaking... half to a third of that was pure profit!

    When my teams sold more than $300, 000 in a month, I got a 0.5% bonus of all the sales my marketing team brought in, on top of my salary, which was $45, 000 a year. At $300, 000, that means I got a $1500 bonus. If we hit $350, 000, I got a 1% bonus, or in other words $3, 500. And when my store hit the $400, 000 in a month, I got a 2% bonus or $8, 000. It was very easy, when I worked hard, to make 6 figures each year. By the way, this is the way all the sales staff (not canvassers) got paid. The more money they could get customers to spend, the higher their commission. So believeme when I tell you, they have big LEGAL financial incentives in place to rip you off.

    So what's the point? Those salesmen, and their companies have every intention of jacking the price as high as each of those one in every 166.666 naive homeowners are willing to pay. They have incentives to sell you at $2000 more than the project is worth, because it will get them to the next teir on their payscale. And believe me, it has the potential to bring in the big bucks. Some of our salesmen made over $250, 000 a year, by coming into your home, coaxing you into a three hour demo and banking on your greed and unwillingness to say no to the finer things in life, so that he can live in the lap of luxury.

    Bottom line: do very diligent research; find a place that has set prices; use small, local contractors (but be careful NEVER TO PAY A CENT until the work is done! - this avoids scam artists); check backgrounds, licensing and bonding, insurance, and criminal history of every contractor you use; if it sounds too good to be true... IT IS!; if the price suddenly drops a huge amount, ask yourself --- why was it so much higher in the first place?; is the guy giving you the estimate making any bonus or commission on the sale? --- if so, run away as fast as you can!!!; does the contractor spend lots of money on expensive marketing (canvassers, telemarketing, tv ads, etc.)??? ---who is paying for that marketing? you.

    PS. After being in the company for about five years, I got the $$$$ signs out of my eyes and realized the principle behind this stuff was horrible. So yes, I finally quit out of guilt. I will never be in any business like that ever again! The destruction companies like that leave behind in the homes of struggling families is downright wrong.

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Atlantic RemodelingDeceptive business practices

I guess I should have checked these people out on the web. We were approached by college kids with flyers in the neighborhood and figured I would get an estimate from them. The sales person put us through an incredibly long presentation, but he did come down to the range I expected to pay. He started at 15k and the final agreed upon price was around 6k.

The kicker here is they have a little clause that they charge replacement decking (the wood underneath the roof) at $3 per square foot (which amounts to $96 per sheet of 4x8 plywood, which is outrageous). Anyway, they dinged us for 15 sheets on the roof (which I expected some, but maybe not that many). We paid by check, supposedly in full, on the day the work was completed. About 5 days later we get a call that a 'mathematical error' had occurred and we hadn't paid enough -- and owed another $400. While I can accept all that (chalk it up to wisdom, I guess) I'm appalled that they would provide a 'solid' estimate and use good ol' roofers (which by the way, looks like they got them from the local Lowes or Home Depot lineup anyway--none spoke english) and then come back with their hands out. It's all very deceptive. Rich, the sales guy, and Jim, the guy that has his hand out, can be reached at [protected].

  • Bd
    Bdouglas12 Aug 04, 2012

    Atlantic Remodeling is one of the best contractors I have ever had the pleasure to work with. They did exactly what they said they were going to do, when they said they'd do it.. I would "highly" recommend them to anyone who needs work done on there home.

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  • Ro
    Rose Mari3 Sep 04, 2014

    Atlantic Remodeling, 2013, Came over with their "Pitch" We signed the contract RELUCTULANTY, WHY ?? LISTEN Below: After signing they Told us we didn't pass the financing.. I asked if the contract was void. "Jim" said yes. Therefore, I sought out another contractor. $$ Thousands UNDER Atlantic "s. Next day they called Hubby @ work & they said they would sue us. He told them I spoke to Jim & Jim told me the contract was void. Going to sue us ?? For What ?? Did they purchase the roofing materials already ? We were not approved for financing. Hello ?? Contract VOID. YET they will sue us. Well a week & a half AFTER they were to start the roofing they finally came. Less than a week later my roof was leaking. Oh My, they couldn't come out until it stopped raining, to fix the problem. 3 calls later & some GROUT, gee I think they fixed it.. AFTER I TOLD them THEY needed to put up some flashing @ the fireplace stove top COME ON, , , I AM A WOMAN, I know grout doesn't fix roofing problems NOR does .Silicon. No one spoke a lick of English !! $19, 000 later & I have a leak ?? Estimate was for $12, 000. Guy I wanted to go with ONLY wanted $ 9, 000. THOUSANDS LESS. GEE all of the sudden they transferred MY account to another company, NOT theirs. INSTEAD OF ATLANTIC FINANCING, I BECAME A PART OF

    TIDEWATER financing.. BOY, PRICE WENT UP !!! GOD forbid if we are a day late. $290.00 a month until 2017. Can WE retire ??
    This past Tuesday we had rain. MY $19, 000 roof is leaking, IT will be ten months old.
    GUESS who isn't getting their $$$$$. LAWYER on the way. Atlantic"s MOTTO " " HOME OF THE RED CENT GUARANTEE " Have you seen their Red penny disks ? IN GOD WE TRUST ?? I'LL tell you something, THEY WILL NOT GET ONE MORE RED CENT FROM ME !!! SEE Them in court. DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY.

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Atlantic RemodelingBully sales tactics

I had a very scary run in with a sales person from Atlantic Remodeling. I was solicited by a person at my door stating they would have people in the area on a Saturday giving free estimates and would I be interested. I was planning on replacing my roof this spring, so I said yes. The sales person (Kelly) arrived at my house on time and was very professional. He took me through all the paperwork to show how great his company was. Although this was a conversation that took an hour, I hung in there to get my estimate. I was impressed with Kelly and the company and had planned to bring them back provided everything checked out ok. After an hour, Kelly then proceeded to go outside to measure my roof (although he didn't have a ladder so I am not sure how he got his measurements..). Kelly returned and took me through another 1/2 hour of explaining what estimates I will get from other companies. The small family owned companies who will take anyone off the streets to install the roof, to the contracted companies like Home Depot, and then his premium company who would guarantee the work on the roof.
I was sold, BUT, I am a business person and not naive. I let Kelly know he was my first estimate and although I could only get his one-time offer of 25% off his price if I signed RIGHT THEN, I let him know I would need to research the company in order to feel comfortable with my decision. He lost it. He demeanor changed and he became rude and insulting. He said I was calling him a liar because I "didn't believe" what he told me. He said only people over 70 did "research" and wanted to know what he did wrong. He stated I had him come out for “nothing” and that I was lying in that I wasn’t going to call him at a later date for the sale. I let him know the estimate was over and got up from the table to escort him to my front door. At this point he said he needed to call his boss and stood at the table and made his call. My boyfriend had gotten up from the couch at this point and the dog started barking due to the tension in the room and his raised voice. Kelly made some smart comments to his boss and finally hung up and packed up. I thanked him for the estimate and he left.
I turned to my boyfriend to ask what happened and we both stood there in bewilderment... We figured the sales person was unstable and left it at that for the evening. The whole situation bothered me. I was glad I had someone there in the house with me. I am a 41 year old single woman and am afraid to think of what the situation had been had I not had someone there. It also bothered me that this guy could do the same thing to my 83 year old mother. So, still being bothered the next day, I did some research on his company. I was beside myself to find others had been through a similar situation, WITH DIFFERENT SALES PEOPLE! So, the bottom line, this is the sales tactic of Atlantic Remodeling. BULLY and INTIMIDATE... Stay away!!!

  • Bo
    BowieMD1003 Feb 03, 2011

    Wow. I had a completely different reaction to what seems to be a similar situation/conversation. I am a customer of Atlantic Remodeling but pretty much follow the same principles of getting multiple estimates for any major project I've done in my home (new kitchen, bathrooms, deck, etc). Kelly was my rep and when he came, it sounds like the same thing (professional, covered a bunch of info) in the beginning. When he was asking me questions after I turned down his offer (25% off sign up today) he did let me know he would call me back but asked me if his prices were too high. I told him yes. We talked about what I wanted to spend and I told him and it was a lot lower then what he had offered. I figured he couldn't do it so I'd try to see how he reacted. He said that it was obviously something he couldn't do but thanked me for the info. He said he knew that I had a ton of options in the industry (which we all do) and talked to me about possibly doing the job at a price that was higher than what I said but it would have to be today. I liked him, thought he was professional and deserved my consideration so I looked at it and figured the company had a great track record (that I had already researched online... complaints like these are out there but they're only from people that are not customers) and I didn't mind not having to get more estimates so I made the deal with him. The company took great care of me as well as some other customers that I had called after I contracted (just to confirm) and did a great job with my roof the day of the project and these many months later. So, I guess it is a matter of perception and it's a bummer you had your experience but mine was much different and, obviously, better.

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  • Vt
    Vtguy1 Feb 03, 2012

    Just had a sales person try to get me to replace my roof with a 2 hour process that had me ready to kick him out the door. The quoted price was $21.5k! The quote from Home Depot was $9k and included replacing 7 sections of bad plywood. Stay wary of anyone who tries to force you to close the deal so aggressively.

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Atlantic RemodelingDeceptive and unprofessional

On Friday a young man came to our door saying they were doing work in our neighborhood and were we interested in having a free estimate done for our roof. Coincidentally, my husband and I had been talking about needing to get estimates to have our roof done since the winter had taken its toll the past year. So even though we don't like to encourage soliciting and door to door sales people we thought let's give it a go. We have a newborn and a toddler at home and we thought if they were willing to come to our home it could be one thing to check off our to do list. Well, this was a HUGE mistake. I am sorry I ever let these people in our home and wasted our time.

Atlantic remodeling called us on Friday to confirm the appointment. We had set the appointment for 9:00 telling the man that I had an appointment to be at by 10:00 and we were told the estimate would only take approximately 30 minutes. On Saturday they called at 8:00 and started pressing my husband about how much we were looking to spend and when we were looking to start the work. I couldn't understand why they would call an hour before our appointment to ask these questions but my husband spoke to them. At 9:00 a "project coordinator", Adam Edwards, showed up at our home. We were impressed that he was on time and seemed ready to show us samples and give us information. At 9:40 I handed off my newborn to my husband, apologized to Adam and excused myself from the meeting. The "project coordinator' began to throw a temper tantrum much like my three year old would when he doesn't get his way. He started in that I HAD to be there. They wouldn't give an estimate unless we were both there. WHAT? He then asked us for a home phone to call his "boss." He yelled in the phone that this wasn't going to work that I was running out on him. He then handed MY phone to me so that I could be berated and insulted by his "boss." His boss Jared tried to blame my husband for this saying he had approved the meeting. I got very angry because the estimate that was supposed to last 30 minutes was already up to 45 minutes and the salesman hadn't even taken any measurements yet. We weren't even close to being able to discuss cost. Of course he had asked us at least every other minute how much we were looking to spend. Really? They want us to tell them how much we have to spend? Tell us how much it will cost and we will let you know.

The "boss", Jared told me it is Atlantic Remodeling's policy that both homeowners HAVE to be present because they get a 75% better return call rate. I asked if they could just give the information to my husband and we would review it and discuss it. He told me no and started in on my about how they made accomodations to be at our house on Saturday morning to give us a free estimate and some other stuff about how insensitive I was being. I told him that I had an appointment that I had to keep due to some complications during my pregnancy which had kept me pretty much homebound for 9 months...HE continued to berate me. I finally got annoyed since I was going to be late and threw the phone to my husband.

While I was walking out the front door the salesman slammed his books closed and threw them in his bag like a child and he started saying things...I told him if he didn't like how we ran our house to get out of my house. We do not as a policy yell or talk disrespectively in our home and I find it appalling that this company thinks it is appropriate to talk to potential customers this way in their homes and in front of my newborn and three year old child.

What ever happened to the customer is right. Now that I have done some research I see that there are many complaints out there on them. I wish I would have read these before I let them in my home. That is 45 minutes of my life I will never get back. I am just grateful we angered them enough that they left before we wasted anymore time!

  • Te
    terps 27 Dec 13, 2010

    Believe it or not but the same thing happened this past Saturday, I was out and could not be there, my wife is business savy, she could handle an estimate for the roof. When I came home, she said the salesman. American through the door, did not introduce himself, went to the kitchen, then got upset and called Jared. He them proceeded to leave and told my wide that she wasted his time... what a jerk. I am I'm sales, .been in sales for 20 years, I have never yelled or presented myself or my company in such a way. The funny thing, they have no idea how many people I know or how influential I am in the community.

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  • Bu
    Burnt Customer Feb 09, 2012

    I think they insist on couples being there so that you can't tell them "I will talk to my spouse about it" and shop it. They want to be able to strong arm you and close the deal right there. We really got pressured like never before, and bit. Unfortunately, we spent a good $5k more than we should have. Of course he said "I don't get any commision on this" but was there in a suit on Saturday in his old BMW. Whatever~ I will never say good things about them. Steer clear.

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Atlantic RemodelingTerrible Sales Tactics

Like so many other people on this board I was visited by an Atlantic Remodeling sales person. He was pushy and rude when told no. My sales pitch also lasted over 2 hours and was filled with lots of information which turned out to be false. He also didn't seem to know much about the actual product he was selling. When asked specific questions about the shingles and their colors and specific differences he gave answers that were very thin on details. Stay away from this company, they are pushy and only care about closing sales, not about customers.

Atlantic RemodelingBeware of Scam, Do Not Accept

Atlantic Salesman quotes extremely excessive price knowing non-acceptance; then follows by asking customer to display company sign and reduces price, still excessive, requiring immediate signature to gain new price.

  • Cu
    customer Mar 03, 2010

    Atlantic Salesman quotes extremely excessive price knowing non-acceptance; then follows by asking customer to display company sign and reduces price, still excessive, requiring immediate signature to gain new price.

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  • Wr
    wrwrestler6 Aug 07, 2010

    I completely disagree. They did windows and roofing for me on two separate occasions, and they did exactly what they said they would do! They were quick, clean, effective, and did a great job. My house looks fantastic because of those 2 things standing out so much and looking so great. Really, good work. Best of all? Their prices were completely affordable, in fact they were the best prices we received!

    What you are referring to of "start out with high prices, and go to lower prices" is something you learn in 5th grade economics class. I'm pretty sure everybodyyy who is in sales does it, because lets face it- its quite hard to get a sale! I was very difficult to sell, myself. Thats why this sales technique is so important! Every company I checked with used it on me, and if you aren't privy to this by now, you are a complete [censor] and shouldn't even have access to a computer with internet where you can negatively influence others with your ignorance. Sure I didn't FALL for the whole "high price now, low price later" thing, BUT THE FACT REMAINED THAT THEY DID GREAT WORK AT A GREAT PRICE. I think thats all that matters! More people need to buy from them.

    Sorry if I offended you. =)

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  • Bu
    Burnt Customer Feb 09, 2012

    You are 100% correct!

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  • Le
    Lech Jun 03, 2014

    I 100% disagree... We had roof replaced nod had small child. We talked with him...and he listened to us. A lot of companies want both owners of home their therefore there is no when relying information and they can answer questions either party would have... They made promises and stood by them. They checked with magnet broom several times to make sure nails not left in grass keeping children safe. They came back the next day to make sure nothing left in bushes or grass, very impressed. I just had someone for other reasons checking roof know about 5 yrs + old, he states it was one of the best Roof he had seen, he stated he kicked the shingles.did everything to see if would come off. He.statedit was the best roof he has seen, Love them would use them for any large job!

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Atlantic RemodelingDeceptive/Dishonest Sales practice

We needed a new roof and agreed to hear the Atlantic Remodeling sales pitch. The first hour is spent selling us on how great and reputable the company is. Please, Please, Please, do your own research - Better Business Bureau, Internet search on Atlantic Remodeling Reviews/Complaints, etc. Do your homework!!

The next part of the pitch is what is involved in putting on a new roof, and the options available.

Lastly they calculate the price, write it down on paper, fold it in half or turn it upside down and hand it to you. Next they explain that if you agree to sing the contract that day, they will take off 25%.

We sat through the pitch and were told that it would cost north of $4, 000 for an average sized townhouse in Nottingham (Whitemarsh), MD. This was more that we were hoping to spend - we were looking closer to $3, 000.

Mike, the salesman, sat for a moment then asked us to fill out a survey form including why we weren't going to sign the contract that night. Price was the #1 reason (so far...). All of the sudden he remembered the marketing program they had and put on his best dramatic act letting us know that it was a long shot but he may be able to arrange to have the job done at cost in exchange for letting us put up a sign in our yard. He borrowed our phone, after having used his cell phone a couple of times (not sure what this is about, but having read several reviews - this is a recurring practice), called his boss and wouldn't you know it, the marketing program was available - bringing our cost down to about $3, 000.

Next he began to write up the contract, adding 6% sales tax to the cost. (i have checked with the tax dept at my company and neither the materials or labor of this type of job is subject to sales tax!!) There is a clause in the contract that states that in the event that any wood needs to be replaced it would cost $X per foot. When asked about this, he said that most jobs only require 1 or 2 pieces of wood, if any. Since we were getting the job done "at cost" we also had to sign a waiver that forfeited our right to opt out of the contract within 3 days. (BIG MISTAKE - MY FAULT!!)

A couple of weeks later the materials arrived on the neighbor's roof and the workers came a couple of days later. When i arrived at work, i received a call from the operations manager who stated that all of the wood on the roof was rotted and needed to be replaced. This would cost an additional $3, 000!! The job was now going to cost us $6, 000!!! The operations manager said that it was routine to have to replace all of the wood. I told him the salesman said the very rarely did they need any more than 2 sheets. His reply was that he didn't know what the salesman said, but at this point they have to continue due to Maryland code.

When asked about doing the job at cost, he said that since they weren't making much money on the original part of the job, they couldn't offer much of a discount on the wood.

My experience with this company was very poor; i'm left feeling like this is slimeball used-car salesman type company. My recommendation is to do your homework, asks friends/co-workers for recommendations. There have to be better companies out there to deal with. I will NEVER do business with this company again.

  • Bu
    Burnt Customer Feb 09, 2012

    Same experience here. What is up with the borrowing of the phone? Maybe so you can hit redial and reach their office and think they actually did speak to someone? And the whole signing off on the right of recision. I did it too, and I can't believe I did. Very poor sales practices. I paid $11k or so and found out my neighbors were $6-$7500 for the same house. Slimy car salesman alright!

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  • To
    Toast_In_Md Mar 30, 2012

    Yup this company uses car sales tactics and tries to get 2-3 people involved in the sale over the phone. they will end up cutting their initial price by 40% if you haggle enough and ! they say anyone cant beat their initial price by 10%.
    cheap creeps. high pressure sales too. if you arent bold you will get suckered.

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  • Jo
    Jonjj Jun 23, 2012

    These guys are notoriously aggressive and sleazy in their attempts to close a deal. They are basically professional salespeople with hack workers on their staff.
    Avoid at all costs !

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Atlantic RemodelingDo not sign up for this

Earlier this week "Mitch" stopped by my house to offer me a 'FREE' (good for one year) estimate on home remodeling. I am almost ready (next summer) to remodel the entire exterior of my house, so I made the appointment for Saturday (today) at 9am. David showed up on time, and started a 2 hour spiel on the company, how trustworthy they are, how well priced, etc. You know: the standard sales pitch.

I'm a single parent, I have a 3 year old with a cold, and chose to give a few hours of my time for such an upstanding company (hoping to get my free estimate). The first thing he told me is that they have 'no haggle pricing' and that the quote is the best I will get. The next thing he told me is that ACT NOW, AND WE'LL TAKE 25% OFF!!! So isn't 25% off the best price... I smell b*([email protected]#)&*t!

Next thing I know he is doing me a HUGE favor by asking to use my phone to call his boss. He has an iPhone, I have a samsung that I got free from Verizon because I can't afford an iPhone...

At 10:15 I informed David that I had 45 minutes before I had to get ready for a holiday party. He used persuasion, pleading, "this will only take 10 more minutes", and every other sales technique to make me over an hour late to the party (arguably, I allowed myself to be manipulated into this). I finally told him that I was not comfortable with the situation, and we would have to reschedule further talks at a later time, then pretty much forced him to leave my house. He asked to meet me at 6:30 (putting a damper on my party time), and after MUCH annoyance (and delay) on my part I met him again at 8:00 pm (11 hours after our initial time). Prior to his arrival I had enough time to talk to a few friends, and find this site, read some of the complaints about Atlantic Remodeling, and when he arrived I told him that I wanted more time to decide instead of signing the contract on the same day. I got EVERY line in the book about how great they are, best price, "you can shop till you're blue in the face", then he wanted explanations why I FORCED him to wait around instead of voicing my reluctance in the first place. (I spent all morning expressing my reluctance, including that I could not afford the price until late next year)

In brief I would like to warn everyone about Atlantic Remodeling's brutally agressive sales tactics, sleazy business practice, and manipulative techniques...

Don't get me wrong David, I'm a math whiz! I saw that you cut the size of my house by 3 feet wide, but didn't notice height or width...thus lowering the cost of my quote, and I also noted that additional materials were NOT the $5.00/foot, but by cutting my quote short you were forcing me to pay more for the materials (out of pocket) in the future. You lost your sale because of your actions, not the price, not the terms, not the company. YOU lost this sale! I'll take my $30, 000.00 somewhere else (yes I'll be sending a copy of this to your boss).

Oh, it's also not smart to ask for a copy of my paycheck, and my last tax return, PROMISING to send it back to me on Monday. Are you an identity thief?

DO NOT SIGN THE CONTRACT. it states in plain english that the contract CANNOT be voided. Once you sign they have you locked in, and YOU will suffer if you change your mind.

David, I have already left a message with your supervisor, and will be following up with the BBB. The next time someone tells you not to contact them, don't argue. It only gives me more reason to spread the word about your horrendous practices.

Atlantic RemodelingStay away

1. Appt scheduled at 9 a.m.; was called the night before as a reminder and again at 8 a.m. that morning, but salesman was still 30 minutes late.

2. I immediately smelled beer on his breath (9:00 a.m.)

3. He began his 'pitch' complaining about the company - "I'm really mad at my company right not" because they made him drive in to the office several miles away and my home is close to where he lives. Very unprofessional.

4. He made an inappropriate racial slur: "If you buy this stuff from Paco off a truck..."

5. Used mild cuss language

6. When I said I wasn't going to sign anything today, and that it bothered me when companies offered a 25% discount only if you sign that day (because if they can afford a 25% discount, they must not be offering the best price), he said it would be a waste of time for him to measure my house then. As others have mentioned, his whole attitude changed.

7. He asked to use my phone and I gave him my land line phone. He tried to make a long distance call on it, but I don't have long distance, which he complained about. Then he asked for my cell phone, and I said, "Don't you have a cell phone?" and he said he did but his was in the truck and it was dead. He then proceeded to call the company and say this was a waste of time and that I was freaked out when he gave me the estimate range ($12, 000 - 31, 000), which I did not do.

8. When he was packing up I asked if he had a business card (because I didn't catch his name and I was pretty sure I wanted to make a complaint), and he would not give me one.

After he left I wondered seriously if he had been casing my house and if the whole thing was a scam.

After several hours of stewing over this, I decided to call the company, because seriously, I'll never recommend them and if it were my company I'd like to know my salespeople are like this, but then I ran across these complaints and realized the company doesn't really care.

I am single and am really uncomfortable knowing this guy knows where I live.

  • Ga
    garab Sep 17, 2009

    This company is terrible! They use tacky sales tactics and rely on unethical bully-like pressure at the end of their long-winded pitch... I was ready to call the police to get them out of my house. Stay clear of this company!

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  • No
    No good Nov 18, 2009

    Stay Away...
    I just had Alantic Remolding salesman came by for a sales pitch on window s ...They told me it would take 1hour to do..Watch out, he spent 2 1/2 hours talking.. When I told the salesman my original price range on what I wanted to pay for windows, he continue his speech. I told him I did not want any pressure sale about signing up today with a discount..Well that still came around, when he said he would give me a 25% off the price if I sign up today.. They inflate the price to cover their discount...
    At the end of talk, he told me the job would cost anywhere from 7000.00 to 16, 000.00 dollars.. this was way over my buget.. By the way, he used my phone to call his boss and I did not know it was a long distance call to his boss... Why did he have to call him anyway.. ( I ask him why.. and he gave me a smart ### answer... saying to make sure he was doing a sale and not eating at Mcdonalds... I did not feel comfortable with the whole process and will look at more professional people who treat there prospective clients better...

    2 Votes
  • No
    No good Nov 18, 2009

    no good

    2 Votes
  • Wr
    wrwrestler6 Aug 07, 2010

    First of all, mild cuss language? That has nothing to do with the sale, and dont even act like your so high and mighty youve never said damn or hell LOL. Inappropriate racial slur? It's not inappropriate, its true! If you buy from illegitimate businessmen who dont have the right stuff, they are going to sell you crap products and do a crappy job. Thats just the way it is. "Racial" or not.

    Some of the stuff was valid complaints- him being late, beer on his breath, needing to use your phone was just a courtesy thing you should have just let him do it and not really cared, if you were simply a nice person, I mean I woudl have, but whatever I guessss its unprofessional if you wanna be a stingy jerk about it...

    And the last line almost made me crack up laughing! "I am single and am really uncomfortable knowing this guy knows where I live." The f*ckkk? What, do you expect this guy to come into your house and attack or rape you or something, or egg your house? Lady, dont flatter yourself! The salesman was doing all he could to get OUT of that damn house. You should be ashamed of yourself lmao, idk how bad your personality and mood had to be for a home improvement salesman to tuck his tail between his legs and run, but you managed to somehow achieve it. Sad, really. But yeah, dont have these fantasies of the guy coming back. I can ASSURE YOU he wont, and i can assure you its safe that he has your house number. Its in a huge file cabinet somewhere, and i doubt he plans on accessing your info anytime soon... say in the next 50 billion years. K thanks

    -4 Votes
  • Bu
    Burnt Customer Feb 09, 2012

    Obviously a salesman typed the last reply. Whatever, ###. They asked if I had shopped around and I stupidly told them I had not. He pitched me a roof price of $18, 000. When I told him that's too high, he got down $14, 000. When we told him we had to think about it, he called from his magical cell phone and came up with a price of $11, 000, but only if we signed right now, AND we had to sign off on the the right to rescind. No pressure they, eh? We also had to promise him not to tell our friends of the special, special price we got. Stupid us... we had 2 neighbors with the same house style get it done elsewhere for $7k and $8k, with the same warrantys and type of roofing shingle. Whatver... I really should have told this greasy dude to get out of my house. Oh well, live and learn.

    1 Votes
  • To
    Toast_In_Md Mar 30, 2012

    high pressure sales tactic ###!!!

    0 Votes
  • Je
    Jen alegre Apr 19, 2012

    Stay away! Aggressive sales tactics. Our rep was there for almost4hours and lied to us with the financing. After the job was done, which was not on time, the crew didnt clean up well and our landscapers couldn't cut our lawn due to the degree laying around the bushes and yard. T make it worse we had a major leak from them not sealing a window properly and it was raining inside our house all weekend! Their service center didn't have an emergency line. To top it off, nobody got back to me after leaving many messages. If I had to do it over, I wouldn't use them at all!!!

    0 Votes

Atlantic RemodelingWindow Estimate Complaint

My wife and I just had Atlantic Remodeling install new windows in our home, and to be honest we don't really have anything to complain about. The workers couldn't have been more courteous and they left our home spotless when the work was done. Our biggest complaint about other contractors we used in the past was their lack of professionalism, but that was never an issue with Atlantic. Great experience from start to finish. We definitely recommend them if you're in the Baltimore area.

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