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Associated Tax ReliefMisrepresented Themselves

My husband had tax debt that resulted in and IRS lien on his credit. This can totally wreck your credit if you want to buy a home or a car. We contacted Associated Tax Relief in late summer 2017 and spoke to Ron Allen. Ron said that he could get out debt reduced by $8, 000 and that was just the start. He told us the fee would be $3, 900 and we could make payments with no interest. Of course we thought this sounded great!

Within the first month or so, Associated arranged a payment plan with the IRS. I was very concerned about this because as I understand it, there is a statute of limitations and I had assumed that was where the $8, 000 reducation would come from. None the less, we followed their reccomendation.

After we signed the payment agreement with the IRS, there was a long period of dead air. We would e-mail and call and there was no response. We got fed up and made an appointment to see them. We met with the guy who runs the place who wore a very wrinkled shirt and a tie with a big stain on it. We also me the attorney who was assigned to us and he was really young and shy. They showed us our file and said that they are working on our case and would insure that we would receive communication from them as often as needed.

To date, 2 years later, we still have the lien, no reduction has occured and I haven't heard from anyone since early February. I am seriously considering filing a small claims suite to get our money back. If nothing else, maybe it will inconvenience them. I also plan on going to the better business bureau and the State Bar Association.


  • Pa
    Paul Petrozzo Nov 12, 2008

    After hearing commercial on TV about the "wonderful" services of Associated Tax Relief, I paid this company $13, 000.00 about 18 months ago to negotiate a payment plan of my back taxes with the IRS. To date, no services have been rendered.
    They reassigned my case to four(4) consecutive case managers over the 18 month period. With each reassignment I had to re fill out extensive paper work concerning my current finances . To date they have made one phone call to the IRS stating they would be handling my case.
    It is impossible to reach any senior people in the company by phone or by mail.
    This company has caused me to have to declare bankruptcy over my unsettled taxes which have gotten progressively worse over the 18 months that they should have been working on a negotiation for me, due to penalties .

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  • Un
    unhappy tax payer Apr 21, 2009

    I contacted ATR in November I was desperate. I looked to them to help me with my Payroll taxes. I was told that they could most certainly help me. I paid them the up front money and filled out the paperwork. They asked for more paperwork which I complied. I was told they would go immediatly to the IRS on my behalf and stop all Liens and stop the interest and penatlies. I paid them the $2400.00 and felt I was in good hands. To my dismay I was contacted again about three weeks later by David Niven and was told that things were worse than they thought, I owed $42, 000.00+ in taxes and ATR need more money to do the job. I was in a state of panic I once again copmplied. I heard nothing until I recieved a packet in March (dated Nov 5) and they asked for the same information that I previously had given them and they set up a payment plan with the IRS. They got my Tax Burder down to 21, 000.00+ and I was to start sending money to them (IRS). I was so upset that I tried to call ATR and from that day forth I recieved 2 phone calls back form a LInda Wilson who is very rude. I have since contacted the IRS and gues what my Tax Burden is $10, 000.00+ less that ATR quoted me. I have faxed ATR the information so many time and got no RESPONSE from them. If you don't want anymore hearthache stay away from Associated Tax Relief, I thougt the IRS was horrible, well don't get caught like I did. I am now out $6300.00, and I am going to go to the IRS and work thing out. By the way I did get a lien put against me home. SOME HELP ATR WAS!

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  • Ge
    Gennedy Jul 11, 2009

    I contracted with Associated Tax Relief to help me reduce my taxes and was charged a flat rate of $5000.00. After 1 year there had been no progress in my case except for the phone calls I made checking on the status. After the first year of trying to get them to do anything all that happened was they demanded more money. I said no and they no longer took my calls, not that they did before that. Collie Walner and Linda Wilson are the main people that would only take money and not perform.

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  • Vi
    Victor Feb 25, 2010

    We had a problem with our federal income tax. We hired Associated Tax Relief to help us. They did NOTHING but stall so our penalties and interest grew each month. We placed over 100 calls to them and they never returned our calls. We faxed, called and sent letters and still they did nothing. We paid them $3000 and we got screwed.

    We especially loathe Bich Nygen who is the manager there.

    In the end I had to work it out with the IRS on my own. It was much easier to deal with the IRS than Associated Tax Relief.

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  • Ry
    Ryan Jamison Aug 11, 2010

    Most the people you talk to when you first call these companies are not authorized to handle any tax cases. He is neither an attorney, CPA, or Enrolled Agent which is required for one to represent someone before the IRS.

    Most of these companies are sales based, and not service based companies. When things go wrong - they rely on the service agreement.

    When you call Prefferred Tax Releif, Nationwide Tax Relief, American Tax Relief, Tax Masters, and most the others, your call is directly connected to a salesperson, not someone who is authorized to handle your case, and technically that person is not legally allowed to give you tax advice either.

    However, there are a few tax resolution companies which are run correctly.

    One is Tax Resolution Professionals, They are owned and operated by real tax attorneys with no salespeople. They are based in Los Angeles as well. When you call them you speak with attorneys the entire time on your case. I have had two friends use them and they were extremely happy with the result. They have an extremely good reputation in the industry.

    The key is, when you call a tax resolution company, ASK who you are talking to! Most likely it is NOT an Attorney, EA, or CPA, but just another unqualified salesperson!

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Associated Tax ReliefTax help SCAM

I called Associated Tax Relief because I had a tax problem. I had zero income at the time and they said I qualified and that it was a guaranteed no brainer and I would pay $2000.00 to the IRS instead of $25, 000.00+. I scraped up $4, 100.00 and filled out all the paperwork requested. They sent back to me paperwork to sign but it was not even filled out properly and was missing all my figures I had sent them. Months went by and nothing was done. I was told it was part of the process. Then they contacted me about wages again and I was making about $50, 000.00 so I sent that in. Nothing was done again and no phone calls were returned. Months later they requested wage info again and I sent it in but I was making $75, 000.00. at the time. Again they sent me paperwork back to me with missing info and wrong numbers on the paperwork. Phone numbers that I were given to contact them were changed so I could not contact them. All mailboxes were full and they never answered any letters. They rotated phone numbers and fax numbers and never returned calls when I did get thru. I had paid an additional $150.00 for the "offer in comprimise". The IRS denied it because of lack of information...all the info I kept telling them they were omitting. Finally months later I talk to Stephanie and was assured this was part of the process, not to contact them and do not talk to the IRS. "We have plenty of time we will contact you. Multiple times I had to refill out paperwork because i was given new case workers. They had all my 2007 tax info and did nothing with it. Again they wanted more figures but now I was making $120, 000.00. The IRS denied the offer in because of lack of info. I had sent all info requested for over 18 months. Associated Tax Relief says I never helped them. I called again about all the missing figures and innacurate figures. "They will revue my case and get back to me". I was told don't worry about your 2007 taxes, we will do a settlement first. Months go by and it is impossible to get in contact with them. Then I find out they lead you in this direction and the fine print says all contracts are denied if all tax years are not done. I call the IRS and find out they only recieved one offer in comprimise and all contact with Associated Tax Relief had ceased. I filed a complaint with the Attorney General of California. I finally got some paperwork because of this complaint. Associated Tax Relief lied to the Attorney General. I started checking around about this tax service. They have changed names, addresses, phone numbers and fax numbers. I called some of the old phone numbers and none of the old numbers jived with any tax service. Even the addresses were all bogus.

  • Sc
    screwed by ATR Nov 17, 2009

    What has the Attorney General of California done? The CA Bar Association.
    No one damn thing.
    I recorded all of my calls and the lies they told me. After they failed to do their job, I was levied and finally sold my business to pay the whole bill-tax and penalties. The only thing Associated Tax Relief did was compound my penalties for two more years at 8% daily-the Federal Rate from 2006-2008
    I will sue them

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  • Ri
    Richard from Arizona Jan 29, 2010

    They promissed to help with my tax debet and after paying nearly $5000.00 and a year later I was told my attorney no longer worked there. This new attorney was on my case but was told she could not help me after the first attorney told me they could. Nor could I GET A REFUND AFTER THEY PROMISSED TO HELP.

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  • Jo
    Joe Mastriano CPA Apr 29, 2010

    You should never hire someone based solely on hype, advertising, or recommendations from "friends". Always do background checks on the people or firms you are looking to hire, before you hire them. In the age of Internet it is so easy to run their name through Google and see what you can find out about them and what complaints they have. One hour of research over the Internet may save you thousands of dollars and a lot of headaches.

    I'm a licensed CPA with over 25 years of experience in tax problem solving and IRS representation. You can find a lot of useful free information and tips on IRS and tax problem solving on my website at:

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  • Be
    bettiebetbet Oct 24, 2011

    I am having the same problem with ATR tax relief, how can we sue them ? Are they in business and have changed phone numbers and address.

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Associated Tax ReliefBad service

Hired company for my wife's tax problem. Company took my money but never did anything. We have called several times and are given voice mail or a disconnected line. No one has ever called back. The person anwsering the phone will take your money but will tell you they are a temp and cannot help you or refer you to anyone handling your case. THIS COMPANY IS A FRAUD! They will steal your money. I am writing a letter to the FBI to investigate these people for wire fraud.