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Asset CareUnwarranted calls that are not complete enough to call them back.

For 6 months I have recieved recorded calls from Asset Care, because I have "Privacy Director" from my phone company the recording is blocked out by the privacy Directors instructions.
The company blocks return information so I can not call them to get it stopped.
I get calls all the time with people giving out my phone number to get loans and mechandise.
The loan companies never follow up with a simple phone call to the number given to them, that is not until the payment is late and they are looking for the person they gave the loan to.

I always remind them that that would have saved them a lot of time with this seach if they had called the number before they loaned out the money.
There is always silence when I make that point.

Asset Carenuisance/wrong identity

Roderick Latimer keeps calling us from Asset Care for a debt collection. We do not know anything about Asset Care. We do not owe Asset Care. He should get his records corrected and stop harassing and calling us immediateing.
We have tried to call the number above with no result. He did give a ref. ID, however I am not sure if I got it right--32852. ????

Mrs. Harold Abrams

Asset CareCalls

I receive three to four calls a day with a request to return a call to [protected]. When I call back and give them the phone number (which is a business number) they called and they say that it must be a mistake because that number is not on their list. As soon as they say that they hang up on the call. I try to talk to someone but they refuse to give me a manager.
A few hours later I will receive another call asking me to go through the same thing again. They are calling a business. This harrasment has been going on for three or four months now and it must stop.

Doug Maluchnik

Asset CareHarrassing Phone Calls

For a solid year, I have been harrassed by debt collection agencies calling my home phone number 2 to 3 times a day looking for someone I DON'T KNOW!!! I told the callers repeatedly that they had the wrong number, yet the calls persist. I want this madness to stop! Please advise the agency or organization responsible for oversight to the Asset Care debt collectors. They need to know that their tactics are harrassing and will not be tolerated any longer.


  • Ro
    Robinr Oct 08, 2009

    I am receiving phone calls from Asset Care that are computer generated. The computer tells me to call Roderick somebody but doesn't tell me who is supposed to call this Roderick person or what it's about. I'll talk to a person, I will not take computer generated calls. That's the hight of lazyiness.

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