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10:45 am EDT
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I transferred by Columbia College, when I only had 3 courses left before obtaining my bachelors degree. I did so because the financial aid office seem to have problems with my student loans for that remainder of my last 6 months and I grew tired of it and went to American Public University. I emailed before dropping my other college and told them of my...

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5:33 pm EDT
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APUS Financial Aid Corruption

APUS is the absolute worst experience/nightmare anyone could go through when choosing a college online. Through their own incompetence, which knows no bounds, I was accidentally dropped from class by their Instructor which took them over 2 weeks to resolve, in the mean time the Dept of Education was informed that my status had dropped from full-time to part time and I lost 1500.00 in pell grants.. and that's just the beginning of the HORRIBLE stress this BUSINESS, it's not a real college- puts you through. They hold your financial aid proceeds as if it's their money- to earn interest off of it, giving every excuse in the book- you receive a notification from the Dept of Education that the loan has been dispersed and yet the University states and told me, "Our system was unable to accept it, we were not set it for it." Yea right, you don't have a simple bank account? Then they make more excuses as weeks go by, they lie, distort, defraud you. BIG HUGE WARNING SIGN, DO NOT GO HERE.

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Frustrated with APUS
Des Plaines, US
Nov 06, 2013 5:59 pm EST

You don't begin to realize APUS is a massive SCAM until you are well in their web and dealing with their horrendously powerful financial aid policies. Once you file the complaint, you will learn that they are within their rights to hold your loan money for interest until the end of the fiscal year. I encourage everyone to file a complaint with the Washington, DC Attorney's General Office. There is not West Va AG office, but they are under the DC jurisdiction. Only a loud collection of complaints will reach the ears of someone who might remotely care. Otherwise, APUS has the best SCAM going and you, my dear friend are completely at their mercy. Good Luck. WRITE!

Galesburg, US
Oct 21, 2013 11:05 am EDT
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I have had huge problem with APUS and that financial aid office. I was enrolled by their error into their masters program. I had 174 credits from a previous college, my previous college sent them the transcripts. APUS told me I was enrolled into the Masters prg. I message them to verify this was correct since I had not received my bachelors. ( I lacked 3 courses) I was told it was fine. I was five weeks into the program, and had already received the disbursement check, when financial aid suddenly needed a conferment date for grad. for bachelors. I told them that I had none and they were very aware that I did not since they placed me into the program after seeing my transcripts and receiving several emails enquiring about it. I was dropped and told that I could enter their bachelors prog., which I did . When I went to register, I was told that I was placed on a hold until I paid them 7, 999 dollars. I argued repeatedly with these people and filed grievances which did no good. I told them that I owed the government 49 thousand dollars, which 7, 999 had just been applied and I did not receive that much money in that one disbursement and had only been in class 5 weeks. Needless to say, they did nothing. Since then, I have tried going back to my original college but am being held up from obtaining that degree because APUS has a hold on transcripts. Which is another ridiculous thing, since I never received a grade from there. I am on disability and if I had 7, 999 dollars to hand out, I would not need financial aid. I have recently filed a complaint with FSFA omnibudsman but it will take weeks to hear from them. If you check out other complaint boards, you will find page after page of complaints again APUS. With all the complaints, why isn't something being done for us?

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