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American General Financecharges 26% interest on a $6000 loan

This company took advantage of my near 80-year old parents by making a loan to them at 26% interest on a $6000.00 loan. When I approached them to reduce the interest rate which is currently less than 5%, I was told that whether or not my parents understood the implications of the finance rate, they had signed the loan and that was that.

Other people out there, stay away from these predatory lenders (American General Finance in Gaffney, SC). My parents have excellent credit and should have been able to use the lowest possible interest rate. This loan has been being paid for years and they still have a balance of over $5, 000! Beware. Avoid these bloodsuckers like the plague they are.

If you must get a mortgage loan or credit repair, go to for help. They will provide interest rates from 0% to 5% with no money down and guaranteed foreclosure protection. Do not ever use American General Finance as their financing will never be paid off no matter what you do.

American General FinanceInconsiderate and rude

We have had a loan with AG for over 5 years now. It was a small loan that has been re-written multiple times which in turn has not really helped us pay off our debt. I am writing to let you know about one of your employees in the West Valley Branch. Carrie. She took over our account a couple years ago. We have gone through a rough time recently with a newborn in the hospital which in turn made us default on our load. We have a court date set up to settle our debt with AG however we will be paying off our debt before the actual court date. I am very dissatisfied in the treatment we have received while being in a hard time. Most American's are going through a hard time right now which is why I am writing this to you.

We have been continually hassled with phone calls and voice mails at least 3 times a week since we have been served papers. I don't know if this is policy, but it is annoying and I don't really know what else you would like us to do when obviously we can't do anything about our debt.

My husband received a phone call on 1/11/11. He answered the phone and it was Carrie. She was very rude to my husband. As he explained he would be paying off the debt in a couple of weeks before the court date, and he asked if he could be offered a settlement. Carrie told him no, and why would she offer us anything at this point (maybe to put money in your pocket???). She then continued to insult my husband and then she hung up on him.

Does American General treat all of their customers this way. In this day and age you will get further with common courtesy then being overbearing, harrassing, and plain rude to your customers. I thought I would let you know about this situation to avoid it happening to other customers. We have been dealing with this kind of behavior from most of the employees from the same office for almost a year and I find it unacceptable.

I am so excited to finally be able to pay our debt. I won't have to hear from the inconsiderate employess at American Genral anymore!

  • Gr
    Greenlady Mar 15, 2011

    AGF has the rudest employees in the country. They're corporate crooks... don't borrow from them. They will lie to you and harass you even if you never had a late payment. They suck!

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American General FinanceDon't use agf

I have too many reasons to mention. To sum it up, this company is deceitful and its representatives are extremly rude. I will be contacting the BBB next. They do not take blame when they make an error. They want their payment and will get it at any cost, even if the payment amount is wrong. You will be charged interest and you will be charged silly misc fees. I have had car loans in the past with credit unions and local banks and have never been treated the way this company treats their customers. I was so happy to find this sight and be able to vent after a year and a half of being treated poorly. I hope this saves others from using this company. I would not want another innocent person to be treated the way I have.

American General FinanceMortgage /Refinance

I am exposing this to you all because I have a mortgage with American General Finance on my property in South Philadelphia where there is current a Tenant residing. On October 6, 2010 (yesterday), a representative on behalf of Fox and Fox Law served my tenant with a copy of paper work from the Court of Common Please of Philadelphia County (Trial Division) regarding my property being under mortgage foreclosure. The tenant was instructed by the representative to NOT provide me (the Landlord/Owner of the property) with a copy of this paper work because the papers was for her records and they also told her that they already gave me a copy of these papers (which is was not true). Scared and panicking, my tenant called me because she had never experienced anything like this before. I had no idea of what she was talking about so she gave me the papers that was presented to her. However, I filed Bankruptcy with my attorney so I immediately faxed the papers over to his office late last night. I received a telephone call from my attorney's paralegal this afternoon informing me that my house is not in foreclosure because of the bankruptcy, and then he informed me that we would meet early next week to go over those facts. He also said, that he would speak with my tenant on my behalf because basically the bankruptcy is going to allow a reorganization of my debt including the property...I was okay with that.

15 minutes after speaking with my attorney's paralegal, I received a frantic phone call from my tenant telling me that there was someone there that presented her with additional paper work and he was telling her he was there to put a security lock on the property so that she and I could not have access to it because the property is in foreclosure. I asked to speak with the person while he was there, and when the man got on the phone he said he never told my tenant that my property was in foreclosure but that it is in preforeclosure. I said to him, are you there on representing my mortgage company, he said, he was just a contractor instructed to pad lock the company because the property was in preforeclosure. I said what company are you contracted through, he said, JCR. I said, well I need to give you my attorney's information because my house is not in foreclosure therefore you have no right to pad lock my property, he said, he didn't need my attorney's information so I asked him for his instead, he didn't have a business card to give to my tenant either but he gave his information to me (or so I thought it was his honest information until I researched it and found that he gave me bogus information because he knew he was doing something COMPLETELY ILLEGAL on behalf of the bank and he was trained not to get the bank in trouble) and said he hopes it all works out for me but that he only pad lock homes that are vacant and he wasn't going to pad lock my property tonight because my tenant is in there.

They have violated many of my consumer privacy rights, such as discussing my personal information with my tenant, giving my tenant a copy of my financial information which included information about all of the monies that was exchanged during the sale and purchase of my property, all of my loan information, my personal home address and other addresses that I have occupied in the past. In addition, they had no right to pad lock my property if it is not in foreclosure. Further, if it was in foreclosure the law requires that in order to pad lock my home, they must have a written rit of possession, as well as a sheriff or police escort in which they did not. Now, I am totally distraught because after doing further research over the Internet, for harassment law suits against American General Finance (also known as American General Consumer Discount Company) I found that there are many consumers that had an experience with this company coming to their homes personally an*d harassing them as well. This company must be stopped. After speaking with my attorney, we decided that we will pursue this harassment matter in court. Moreover, American General Consumer Discount Company is a big rip off, my interest rate is 12.89%. I initially did a refinance with this company so that I would have a fixed rate on the house back in February 2008. The original loan amount was for $64, 635.21 but at the time of maturity I would have paid out $255, 387.60 and I tried to do a loan modification with the company but they told me that because they were a private lender they do not offer that option because they are not legally required to. I purchased this house in 2006 with a 2/28 so I had to refinance it in 2008 to put a fixed 30 year on it. For the first 2 years of ownership I made my mortgage payments my self because I was rehabbing the home, but in 2008, I decided to move and rent it out. I explained this to my loan agent (Allison, who ironically is no longer with the company) at American General but she told me it would be best to do a owner occupied and say it was my primary residence because it would be easier for her to get me the loan that way and because it is still considered my primary residence given that it was the only mortgage I had and have ever had on my credit report so I signed the loan papers based on her advise...not knowing that her advise was not correct. With that being said, I didn't always have reliable tenants so the mortgage did fall behind at times, but on occassion, whenever I had extra funds, I would try and catch the mortgage up out of my own pocket and look for better the mean time, I tried the loan modification thing with American General because I wanted to make sure that I could afford to pay the mortgage if my tenants didn't pay again in the future (but at a 12.89% interest rate I knew I couldn't afford that and I was trying to make the payments smaller just to be on the safe side) but American General said NO WE DON'T DO THOSE and WE DON'T HAVE TO BECAUSE WE ARE fact, I went through what is known as consumer credit counseling who was offering to complete this process on my behalf with American General and American General told them no.

I have been publicly violated, humiliated, embarrassed and harassed at the hands of American General Consumer Discount Company and their associates...PLEASE HELP ME EXPOSE THESE HARASSING, INTIMIDATING, LAW BREAKING, PREDATORS because no consumer deserves this treatment.

American General FinancePoor business

we have 2 loans with ag big mistake;talked with ag about what was going on health wise and no we werent behind they just didnt get it the date on the coupon we have never been behind they always got the payments that month its due, today 9/7/2010 i talked with ag and explained that my husband check was short due to me in the hospitial so i couldnt do both payments on 9/10 but would make both payments on 9/17 they asked for post dated check and i explained my lawyer says that is illegal and dont do that!!! they then kept pursuing the issue and said he would call back if any problems oh did he call back they said that they were taking our credit line away from our mortgage and then *** hit the fan, i let them have it

and explained that they knew the health issue and they even said i can see your good paying people but we need a postatedated check or credit revoked, after 30 min i hung up and call the district manger waiting for a return call think before you use them i wish i did

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American General FinanceAmerican General - Predatory Lender

I had a loan from American General for $5, 000.00 with my vehicle as collateral. I made my payments every month for almost 2 years, but fell behind on few payments due to illness and loss of income. I was originally $800 past due, but by making monthly payments above the minimum I reduced the past due amount to $300.00. I also expressed to Nancy that I intend to continue to make payments and catch up on the past due amount. Well I end up in and out the hospital for 2 weeks, and I come home one morning to find my car repossessed. I called American General, who basically told me since I didnt return any of their phone calls they repossessed my vehicle. They refused to work with me. I offered to pay the past due amount, next months payment, and the repossession fees, but they were downright rude and refused to work with me. I have to pay off the entire balance of my loan over $8, 000( due to the ridiculously high interest rate) within 7 days to get my vehicle back or it will be sold at auction and American general will keep any profit made off the sale of my vehicle. They took my $16, 000 car to settle a $8, 000 debt when I was only one month behind and currently making regular payments to catch up. I encourage anyone considering a loan through American General to find another lender. They wont work with you, they are out to rip people off. They will also harass you with daily mutiple phone calls to your home and place of employment, they also come to your door demanding payment.

  • De
    debbie Apr 30, 2009

    I have been a victim of endless telephone calls with content that violate my rights under the fdcpa. I would love to be a part of any class action law suit filed against these unrelenting, unprofessional collectors.
    my email [email protected]

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  • Re
    readthepaperwork May 28, 2009

    If American General is the original creditor, then FDCPA does not apply...per FDCPA:

    The term “debt collector” means any person who uses any instrumentality of interstate commerce or the mails in any business the principal purpose of which is the collection of any debts, or who regularly collects or attempts to collect, directly or indirectly, debts owed or due or asserted to be owed or due another. Notwithstanding the exclusion provided by clause (F) of the last sentence of this paragraph, the term includes any creditor who, in the process of collecting his own debts, uses any name other than his own which would indicate that a third person is collecting or attempting to collect such debts. For the purpose of section 808(6), such term also includes any person who uses any instrumentality of interstate commerce or the mails in any business the principal purpose of which is the enforcement of security interests. The term does not include—
    (A) any officer or employee of a creditor while, in the name of the creditor, collecting debts for such creditor;

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  • Pa
    Paul Giaimo Jun 03, 2009


    So cut the ### / AIG and AGF are LIABLE

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  • Bo
    boneyard Jul 23, 2009

    Paul you are full of crap

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  • An
    animalmonkey12 Nov 16, 2009

    Pay your bills and you won't get collection call. All creditors make calls. If you pay what you owe and on time, you will be left alone.

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  • ^
    Responding to the above comment...

    It is illegal to keep the proceeds of a repo sale over the balance of the loan. Just thought I would fill you in. FYI: return calls, or have someone return them for you and you will not have your vehicle repo'd. I do know from experience that you are able to get your car back by paying UTD and the repo fees. YOu are not necessarily required to pay the entire balance off unless you are a repeat offender and it is apparent to the company that you will continue to be a collection problem. If this is the case, American General will repo the vehicle, take it to auction, get as much out of it as they can, and give you the difference (by law in the US, they HAVE TO!!!).

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  • Sa
    sammy123 Jul 20, 2010

    I do work in the industry and like the above person stated, by law, a company cannot keep the proceeds from a repo sale.

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  • Pa
    paradiseco Feb 09, 2011

    I bought windows for my home (Colorado) and fell behind 2 payments. They wanted to take me to court and told me that I would have a judgment against my home unless I come current with approx $400. I did, and I just found out that I have a judgment against me as of Oct 31, 2010. I have been current ever since, and at the time of the court date, which was supposed to be canceled, I was current in my loan. Now I have to go thru the process of getting this judgment taken off!!! Can I take them to small claims court or should we all get a class action suit together? I prefer the class action, there are power in numbers!

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  • As
    a stone Oct 13, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i was totally ripped off i bought a house eight years ago from american general. my house is not half the price of what i paid for it then. they had some lady come in and jack my apraisel up three times what the house was worth. so i would get the loan with high rate i had never bought a house before so i didnt know at that time but boy i tell you i got ripped bad been paying for my house since and i learned my lesson never do that again they take advantage of low income peaple that have a dream to buy a house i was single with a child making minimum wage and they got me and still getting me to this day

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American General FinanceBad treatment

American General Finance in Hillsboro, OR, has been very helpful in the past. However, the personnel at the branch became extremely defensive when my wife called and stated that our payments were to be on the 20th as the loan officer had agreed to as that has always been the due date on our loan.

Buck, the branch manager, put my wife, Susan, on the speaker phone so that

everybody in the office could hear the conversation. He stated that all of his accounts are due on the 15th. The loan officer also said we could get a loan elsewhere.

American General FinanceFraud

We went into AGF's office initially for a refinance. We were assured after we provided documents (2 week old appraisal, two years worth of tax returns, year-to-date earning statements for current year) and they pulled credit, that my husband MORE THAN QUALIFIED to refinance our existing mortgage. I was staying out of it because I am a displaced real estate broker with no job and no promising prospects for one. During the conversation about the mortgage refi, I let it slip that I wanted to get the truck sold that day so that we could keep current our existing mortgage. Pouncing on this info like a spider monkey jacked up on Jolt cola, the loan originator said, "why sell the truck, your husband said he wanted it for his business, we'll write an auto loan for it now and then the auto loan can be absorbed by your refinance because you have over $150k equity in your property. Once the home loan closes, we'll give you the title to the truck back; we won't even take it out of your name but we do need you to sign a bill of sale if you decide to do this.) Skeptical and being the voice of reason I asked my husband if he thought this was a good idea. He shrugged and then this very rude man said "Don't listen to her, she's not going to be listed on either loan." Excuse me, the title to the truck is in MY NAME! My husband then told this rude man that should the home loan not go through, we would not be in a position to make monthly payments on it as well as try and get a mortgage loan elsewhere. Again we were told "you're MORE THAN QUALIFIED again and IT WILL BE NO PROBLEM TO GET THE MORTGAGE LOAN CLOSED WITHIN THREE WEEKS; You WON'T OWE a truck payment." We discussed it in private and my husband agreed to do it based on the promise of NO PROBLEM to get the mortgage loan. Guess what, big problem. A week went by and my husband called to see when he could expect to go in and sign documents. He was asked, "what home loan, you don't have an application for a home loan with us, you only have an auto loan with us." when asked why did they want a current appraisal for our property the answered with "what appraisal, we don't have an appraisal in your name and by the way, your first payment is due in two weeks." To make a long story short, we didn't make the first payment on the loan, instead we filed a complaint with the local Justice Department alledging fraud, and set about trying to find a more affordable monthly house loan. Well, AGF filed a big black mark on our credit bureaus and we were unable to get financing even after we explained that we were duped into the truck loan in the first place. Subsequently, to make a long story short, we were foreclosed upon, now AGF has hired an attorney and is suing us for possession of the truck for non payment. We fired back an answer Pro Se of course because we can't afford an attorney and now are in litigation. We were scheduled for trial in October. But AGF decided court order be damned they repossessed the truck. Well we got it back ( the same day) after a blazing conversation with their lawyer and the trial judge but they damaged the transmission now so that we don't even dare drive it for fear it will be damaged further. Now their lawyer is trying to forego the trial (he's afraid, I think with all these deceptive lending practice going on) and is trying to deny us our ability to tell our side of the story. I'll let you know what happens in the future; I'm trying to draft an opposition brief in response to their motion for summary judgment but I'm not an attorney but I used to want to be one; does that count?!?

  • Jr
    jrh=1 Feb 21, 2010

    I feel your pain. No matter how difficult the task, don't give up. There are gov. agencies watching these guys. Unfortunately for consumers like you and I, the gov. investagory agencies are overloaded and unable don't move on them right away because pre-mature action may tip off the other vermin and allow them to go underground before there is enough evidence to bag them. The gov. for the most part go after the big fish. They direct the small cases to local consumer affairs agencies. In most states, there under funded.
    Times are really hard when you see attorneys who worked hard to pass the bar and build there business, risk it all by ripping of consumers, investors and big business around the country.

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American General Finance — Predatory Lending, Loan Fraud

American General Financial's shady, and predatory lending practices have started the landslide to it...

American General Financeharassing home visits!

Can you believe that the company representative actually CAME TO MY HOUSE to collect the payment??? I was COUPLE OF DAYS BEHIND, not weeks, not months but COUPLE OF DAYS. They came to my house (thank God I was not home, my mom opened the door). When I called the company they told me that they were trying to get a hold of me for days (I did not receive one phone call) or a letter for that matter.
Yes, it was my fault for being late, but that's ridiculous. I have never seen anything like this in my entire life.
I was able to get a home equity loan shortly after the incident and PAID THE LOAN OFF 6 MONTHS AFTER I OPENED THE ACCOUNT. I will never ever ever deal with this company again!!! Beware!!!

  • Ra
    RAINMAN Dec 07, 2008


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  • Ar
    arlene1338 Mar 26, 2009

    I agree I currently have a loan with American General in California and yes they came to my house to haunt me down too after being behind on a payment that they could have easily could of reported it to my credit but NO they want to stalk people down like if we are criminal but what they don't understand was that they did not have my pink slip in their hands for 1 of my classic car that is worth more than the amount of the loan that they lent me.
    I totally will never use this company again & will never refer any friends, family or any one else in general

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  • Po
    pornsak luerngchaimongkol Dec 24, 2009

    They did the same thing to me not just went to my home they also went to where i work and would not leave
    right in front of my customer then they called one of my supplier and asked them about how i was doing, i think
    the company policy is to makesure they get pay no matter what they have to do, i wish someone that can tell
    how they treat consumer and can really help remove some of the company that always try to get on top of you
    when you down thankyou for reading and sorry about venting on text

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  • Ma
    MAMA8787 Feb 26, 2011

    The same happen to me the manager came to my house and called someone from her personal cell phone. He said he was the supervisor and he needed money unless he was going to foreclose on the property. I was not even a month behind the supervisor has came to my house with other coworkers showing them my house SHE WANT THE PROPERTY FOR HERSELF.

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  • Go
    goodcitizen100 Feb 26, 2011

    You need to call an attorney and Sue them for harrassment. Email me with your contact, I will be glad to guide you. There is a way to get attorney's assistance for a few dollars a month.

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American General FinanceHarassment

I took out loan for transmission 90 days i payed all but 145.00 1 month over paid in full extra 5.00 for interest for being late on 145.00. They took me to court i lost had to pay full amount of interest of 1350.00. Not only did they get interest they had a corrupt judge made it a total of 688.00 so if you think your right it don't pay to go to court they have lawyers and corrupt judges. You can imagine how i fill about our court system it stinks American general can go straight to ***. I will get back at them if its the last thing i do watch for it I'm pissed.

  • Mi
    minimama May 27, 2009

    I also got a loan with the American General Finance in Lancaster, CA. I purchased the unemployment insurance and recently lost my job. I called to activate the insurance and they said it would take 30 days before they would make a payment. So they called and said a payment was late even though I thought the account was current. One of their employees showed up at my home to inquire about the payment and let me know they would take me to court for it. I reminded them of my financial situation and that I would catch up that one payment when I started receiving unemployment benefits. They said that was unacceptable and they demanded the money. At this point, I told them to do what ever they wanted and I was going to wait for the insurance to pay. My other creditors have all been professional and helpful when it came to catching up payments while I was waiting for the unemployment insurance to pay. I went back through my statements later and realized they did not credit a payment to my account and also noticed that they have misapplied payment amounts to my account in the past. Of course, I called to complain and they denied any knowledge that the payment was not applied. I had to go through months of bank statements to see what I had paid and when I paid it. They still have not acknowledged their mistake. They also proceeded to call everyone I put on my loan application when I did not immediately answer the phone when they called. The insurance is paying now, but they still call me every month for the payment and I have to tell them to check their records. I should I have known they would not be helpful when I activated the insurance. Before, when I was working they would call me days before the payment was even due(at work of course) to find out when I was making a payment. I will never use them again and I have told everyone I know not to EVER use them.

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