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4:04 am EST
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Ajay Nair Fraud traced Ajay Nair...coward face police now

Beware! People! Ajay Nair the mastermind fraud has been traced !

Ajay Damodaran Nair his full name also known as melvin in BPO industry!

Ajay Nair has taken all money from I collect inc account for selling fake process t mobile, voice campaigns and couple of more as well

This cheat Ajay Nair now has been vanished taking money and posting fake comments on forum ...

FIR has been launched against this fraud traitor mastermind called Ajay Nair

All his South Indian bank statements have been given to police along with a NC issued, this ### can't hide anymore weather he is in navi Mumbai or his home town Kerala Kunnur.

Ajay Nair you coward ### come in public and police will show you stats now in day time...coward malu...see now legally you get screwed how.

You have to pay back all the money you have taken.

Now only police can save you as investigation team has got your banking details as well
South Indian bank..! where you operate from all this fraud activity.

People this is already proven that this fraud coward ### has taken a lot of money and vanished in terms of legality.

Ajay Nair try finding a job now in any established firm weather BPO or any other field see what circumstances you face on your own...

Return the money else !you know it well!

Sameer Gujral

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3:57 am EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Ajay Nair Ajay Nair the true money eater ....Ajay Nair Fraudster Scammer ,IIts your turn to pay back all money you took

Ajay Nair Coward Unac Fake Fraudster Money eater! Your game and time is up!

Ajay Nair is the main culprit behind I-Collect Inc, people he has vanished from Mumbai with all money, now that its proven and he is accepted that all money he took in his South Indian bank wIll be refunded soon.Since all his bank statements had gone to legal department, now he can't hide in navi Mumbai or Kerala Kunnur his home town, this frauder AJAY NAIR is playing with fake posting all over now he can't do so,
As the truth of this ### AJAY NAIR is revealed and open

Ajay Nair also known as Melvin in BPO industry, his full name is AJAY DAMODARAN NAIR,
Now onwards you act smart you will pay heavy price for all your moves, where ever you hide won't make a difference, as all your game positions are traced well offically intact this posting is also official.

Beware all...AJAY NAIR your names with your identity is blacklisted in leading BPOS so that you realise how difficult is to get a genuine job domestic or international
All money you enjoyed now its time pay back or Suffer big time.

Sameer Gujral

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