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resolved to the customer's satisfaction
Resveratrol Ultrarefusal to reverse credit card charge

Do not order from this company!!

Repeat do not deal with these people!!

Placed order for free-trial of resveratrol ultra on april 12
Received order april 17 - on arpil 30 spoke with foie to register dissatisfaction with the product and requested reversal of credit card charge of $87.83.

May 1 spoke with frank requesting address to return product and he stated it was not longer necessary to send the product back but I was to call back in 3 days. Gave me confirmation #736-879

May 6 spoke wih joan edwards and she refuses to reverse the charges because the product wasn't returned within 15 days from the date of the order even though I didn't receive it for 5 days.

This is a scam to get $87.83 from everyone who uses their free-trial offer.


  • Sa
    sandy g johnson Dec 14, 2010

    I don't know how to get them to stop...since I haven't been able to get their attention! I am reporting them to the BBB .I don't know if it will do any good but I am sick and tired of these people getting away with screwing people over!

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  • Ch
    Cheryl Linton - Julian Feb 25, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just opened a FREE trial of Resveratrol Ultra
    from Gifts Ltd., PO Box 13579, Linlithgow, EH49 9AH, UNITED KINGDOM

    I was billed $128.00 for it and after phoning number provided was told I cannot return it as it has a 15 day return policy. I got it AFTER 3 WEEKS of being tricked into ordering it along with another free item called "cleansmoke".

    This is a SCAM, NOT FREE RESVERATROL (was only to be charged shipping, but my credit card was used for the RESVERATROL SCAM CHARGE.

    Also, they were about to continue shipping and charging for automatic shipping of more of their NOT FREE RESVERATROL, without my understanding or agreement to this SCAM.


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  • Ja
    jamescastroslittledick Feb 01, 2010

    Everyone call James Castro for a resveratrol complaint. He says he is in charge- but he could do nothing for me. Maybe if everyone who has a complaint about resveratrol (and all the added charges, plus the fine print on returns and conditions which are not included in the order like every other legitimate company) called James- maybe James Castro, who is in charge, will do something. For some reason, I do not believe that James Castro is in charge. I worked customer service, and I always believed in "the customer is always right policy." I always tried to help the customer to a satisfactory settlement because a satisfied customer is worth more word of mouth than advertising. Instead, James Castro and Resveratrol now have another unsatisified customer who is putting the information forth. I will go on every site and blog about James Castro and his unwillingness to provide good customer service; therefore, as the voice of Resveratrol, he is saying that Resveratrol Ultra does not provide quality customer service as well.

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  • Jw
    JWV Jan 27, 2010

    I ordered the free trial in April 2009 & as soon as I received the product, I immediately called to return it. I was given a return authorization & on the same day, my credit card was charged over $80.00. I called to get the charges reversed & they said they would. Called again in May & was told to give it 3 weeks. Called again July, August, September of 2009. Todate, I still have not received a credit for the returned product. And when I call the 800 #, all I get is a recording - thank you for your call & interest in the product and leave your # for someone to call you back and no one calls you back. This charge cost me more than $300 in NSF charges. Once they credit my account, the bank will refund the more than $300.00

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  • Jr
    JR1 Dec 28, 2009

    I experienced the same scam, etc., as those of you who have filed complaints against Resveratrol Ultra. Accordingly, I have filed a mail fraud claim against the product with the Postal Inspection Service. Its Form 8165 contain the following statement: "If you know of others who believe they were victimized in a fraud scheme, we recommend that you encourage them to submit a Mail Fraud Report as well."

    You make the decision!


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  • Ti
    tickednow Dec 18, 2009

    They write the part about charging your account monthly in their ( Terms/ conditions) Unfortunately they do NOT wait till you try the product for 14 days! they start charging from date of order!!! I never received my product till after i went through 2 months of heck with bank! it actually took 3 months to get some in mail!! I had just closed my bank account! BEWARE !! In a few months another company called ( Quality resources ) a 727 number will call and offer you 40.00 free gas voucher for being a preferred customer!! send you another product for 1.00. 30 trial ! THEY ALREADY HAVE YOUR CARD NUMBER!! I chewed butt and want to know who has my number and they wouldn't tell me!! This is theft!!!

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  • I0
    I've been lied to Dec 08, 2009

    After returning the product, which was not delivered on time, the company has refused to return my money. I have been on the phone with various "management" members for 7 months. For the first 5 months they insisted I did not return the product and that it went somewhere else because I had an incomplete RMA # which THEY supplied to me. I was then told to email all docs showing the UPS tracking info and verification that an employee did indeed sign for the return. Again, several months have passed with more phone calls to management, and each person said a refund will be posted to my credit card within 5-7 days. Today, I spoke to a rude management member who now claims the complete opposite of everything I have been told for 7 months. After months of being told I will get a refund from every person I spoke to, since ALL 4 unopened bottles were returned, she claims that I won't get a refund. However, they will restock those bottles and resell them to someone else and charge me a 30% restocking fee. She claims that the email address I was given to send in my verifying docs is not the way they normally do business ([email protected]). She wanted the docs now faxed to [protected]. Of course, the line rings busy for quite some time before finally going through. Dr. Oz is a respectable man/doctor and I hope he pulls his endorsement from this company.

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  • Sa
    saltydog Nov 25, 2009

    wife sent for free trail. contacted them that she did not want to recieve their product anymore and to not charge. they went ahead and charged for the product and shipped it. when it arrived we marked on the unopened box "return to sender". now they refuse to refund the 2nd charge of $80.00. this stuff is only worth $10.00. called them again and they said we did not return the product properly and no refund will be given.

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  • 48
    48843 Nov 25, 2009

    This website leads you to believe that you are ordering a free sample and you will pay for shipping and handling only. BEWARE!!!
    You credit card will be charged 87.00 dollars for this "free" sample and will continue to be charged monthly. Canceling is listed as an option. I'm still trying. Scam Scam SCAM

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  • Uo
    Uokley Nov 16, 2009

    Took them up on their "Trial Offer" for a sample of Resveratrol for $1.95. They billed me the $1.95 plus two other unauthorized charges for over $80 each!

    I tried to call them numerous times about this but got through only one time - talked to a lady who could not speak english - but I told them they had made charges against my credit card that were not authorized and to correct it. She hung up on me.

    I contacted my credit card company, the Federal Trade Commission, the Florida Attorney General (learned he was investigating them too - case# L08-3-1245), the BBB of Boca Ratan, Fla (learned they have an "F" rating with them).

    So, now, I am contacting Morgan & Morgan attorneys - they are looking into the matter - hopefully class action suit - in either case - these rip-off artists can't continue this way much longer... they are coming down!!!

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  • Ha
    Hammer Nov 13, 2009

    Resveratrol Ultra, from Hollywood FL, may be a fraudulent company. I accept the demo bottle by $1, and nothing else. I didn't sign or authorized any thing. However that company had charged without my consent, twice more than $86! They delivery the bottle, without any invoice. I don't have any phone number to make a claim.

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  • Ia
    IamScared Nov 12, 2009

    I tried the "trial offer" of resveratrol ultra and was ripped off big time. I did not receive the product until three days after the expected delivery. they state in the "terms and conditions" that you have 15 days, and they do not count the time for delivery, so that should add 3-5 days to the trial period, but instead, exactly 15 days from the date of the order, they charged my account for the full price even though I called the day before to cancel my subscription for recurring shipments. when I called customer support and spoke to the representative, she began sounding like a recording as soon as I told her that they need to reverse the charges and she kept telling me to refer to the terms and conditions. since they are supposed to allow for delivery time before the 15 day trial period begins, I was still within the trial period. they took my money and ripped me off!

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  • An
    ana camacho Nov 09, 2009

    i am trying to cancel they keep sending bottles i cannot get them by phone what shall i do?

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  • Ra
    Ralfy Nov 09, 2009

    I ordered from this company, that states it is affiliated w/ dr. oz. they charged my credit card for a 4 month supply. I noticed there were additional charges on my credit card that I did not authorize. called the company, they stated that they did not put these charges on - that I needed to call my bank. the bank coding indicates "international exchange fees" — that I purchased something sold in another currency (china I am guessing from what I read here). I cancelled future shipments (thank goodness). they state that they are not a foreign company, that they are headquartered in carson city, nv. I have indicated the address they gave me at their customer service center. the person answering the phone stated they were in florida. do not order from this company. rip off.

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  • Ch
    Chilledout Nov 02, 2009

    I got it online as a free trial and paid for shipping. In the next 20 days, I was charged twice for $89 or so with an additional international service fee. Can't reach customer service. Had to go through the hassle of filing affidavits to prevent further charges.

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  • Do
    douglasd Oct 26, 2009

    Beware - rip off

    I signed up for a "free trial". next thing I know i'm receiving a bottle every other month, and $87 is being charged to my credit card. tried to cancel on their online "chat line", and got a reply that the email address was closed down. called three difrent times, and waited on hold for over 45 minutes before I finally got a rep and cancelled the "subscription" that I never knew I signed up for.

    These guys are just plain crooks!

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  • Hi
    HinR13 Oct 21, 2009

    I ordered this product on 5/15/09 and cancelled on 6/5/09, believing I had 30 days to cancel future orders. this company misleads the public into falling for a "free trial" of their supplement, resveratrol ultra, "pay only s&h". however, if you miss the fine print, that is the catch. their tial time is counted from date of order including weekends, not receipt of product. if you do not cancel within their time, you end up paying $87.13 for a bottle of 60/250 mg/2 capsules of a supplement which is nowhere close to the recommended amount by the doctors. I will contact barbara walter's headquarters to inform them of this company utilizing her 20/20 report to promote their product. I called to cancel future shipment within what I thought before the end of free trial time, until I noticed the charge on my credit card. I called them to get a refund of my money to no avail. the representative even hung up the phone on me. if I do not get my money back, at least I want consumers to extremely aware of this misleading practice by this company! I am afraid to even take this product since I have no idea what is in the capsules.

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  • Ok
    OklahomaSis Oct 17, 2009

    I too have been taken by this company along with all of you and Oprah and Dr Oz. I am fighting this thing with you!!

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  • Me
    merdodson Oct 15, 2009

    Tapped my bank account unauthorised

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  • Fo
    fortheloveof Oct 06, 2009

    My husband ordered the trial and was charged initially the $3.95. he canceled right after ordering (within three days of the two-week trial period). he was subsequently charged over $40 and possibly had his credit card information stolen from them in the process (investigation pending). not worth the hassle and possibility of having your identity stolen. do not use this company!

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  • De
    degra27 Oct 05, 2009

    I called the first number given [protected], and it did take a little while to cancel and I got a very long cancelation number. however the lady that answered was very polite.

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  • Ja
    Jaja0110 Oct 04, 2009

    Thank you for the post.

    I am also experiencing the same problem at the moment. there have been so many unauthorized charges made on my debit card.

    To make it worst I have not even received any product from the company.

    I have been trying to contact them but did not manage to get hold of anybody. I regret having fallen into this scam.

    It seems there are so many victims of this scam. is there any way we can prosecute the company??/

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  • Ai
    airframer Sep 28, 2009

    Company is a scam!!

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  • Ai
    airframer Sep 28, 2009

    I actually got ahold of them and I have a cancellation #, I told them I could not afford it also and had no intention the keep going with a 87.13 charge what a rip offf.

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  • Tr
    TrojanDaddyO Sep 26, 2009

    Resveratrol ultra: I agree with with the complaints. I do not wish to receive any more bottles after the free trial offer. I have received 2 bottles that I have returned the 1st bottle with a letter for them to remove my name from listing. I just received a 2nd bottle. I have tryed to call the phone # listed & I get a recording saying the # no longer in service. I called the other # & have been on hold for at least 30 min. this iss some kind of fruad.

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  • Ho
    howard russel Sep 19, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered tril on8-18-2009. received9-15-2009. supplier said 14 days trial. 2 days later charge to my credit card of79.95. what happend to 14 days trial

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  • An
    annym Sep 18, 2009

    I ordered a "free trial" of resveratrol after the website stated I would only be responsible for shipping costs. I was then billed for $83.16. I contacted the company to cancel and then was shipped another supply. I called again to cancel and a few days later my credit card was billed again for $83.16 plus additional shipping fees.

    This company scams people into thinking they are getting a free trial of the product, but actually signs them up for an on-going, monthly subscription that they don't allow you to cancel. they keep charging you until you cancel your credit card.

    I recommend anyone with this problem file a complaint with the ftc.

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  • Do
    Doctors Choice Inc Sep 16, 2009

    We too, while not actually scammed are definitely not happy with these people. we have been receiving numerous calls and complaints regarding this resveratrol free trial from people thinking that we are the instigators. we are not in any way shape or form connected with this free trial. we have been investigating the complaints that have come through our phone lines and email. most can be traced back to this [protected] number or an internet advertised “free” trial originating from hollywood, florida.

    Consumers beware – free is not always free and scammers use what I call the “getcha” phases to lure you in and suck you dry. free, money-back and guarantee are terms loosely used by these shysters and are not usually backed up by business my opinion, you would be much better off going with a dependable company and paying for the product. most genuine businesses will honor a guarantee or return products without all of the gimmicks and hidden tricky clauses.

    We at doctors choice inc are a legitimate business with an online nutritional consulting business and sell nutritional supplements through our websites. we are listed with the bbb and are proud of our customer service, business values and standards. we sell resveratrol. it is an excellent product and if purchased from a well-substantiated source, can be helpful to many people (check with your medical professional to see if it is right for you). we are not sure how we came to be connected with this resveratrol ultra free trial or how our company name and phone number came to be associated with it. you may rest assured that if you conduct business with us we will deliver the product you have ordered, in a courteous, timely manner. if you are not satisfied, return the merchandise and we will refund you for the product. (30 day money back guarantee)

    Doctors choice inc.
    Business manager
    [protected] x32
    [email protected]

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  • Cn
    C. Neermann-Hinds Sep 14, 2009

    With my free trial bottle of pills, I kept getting more bottles. Found out in the fine print, you are signed up for regular mailings. When I realized what was happening, I called and was kept on hold for 20 minutes, hung up. Finally called back weeks later and got through, was told I was stuck with all the bottles, but may return one for credit. I have 4 unopened bottles. Now, I am on the phone waiting to talk to a supervisor for 20 minutes now. I will contact Oprah and on and on. Thought Dr. Oz had something to do the character of the company. Very disappointing since the original bottle seemed to have absolutely no benefits.

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  • Tz
    TZZ Sep 12, 2009

    I ordered the 99 cent trials for resveratrol, aciaberry detox, and life cleanse. I never received the product and it has been 10 weeks. I have over $300 + charged to my creditcard! I cannot get anyone to answer the 866 number listed. I have contacted the "live chat" 4 times and have been promised the product each time, a complete refund upon returning the bottle (which I never received), and my money back even without the return of product.
    I suggest:contacting the [protected] or [protected] attorney general for the state of florida. contact the fraud division of your credit card, as well as the irs and [email protected] for the better business bureau for florida!!! do not sit by being too embarassed to speak up. help put this company out of business.

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  • Ni
    nikki nicole Sep 09, 2009

    Free trial. yea right, they have been charging my account several times under different names. first charge on 7/8/09 of 99 cents, then 7/21/09 $87.13, then 8/10/09 $2.00, then 8/11/09 $1.95, then 8/10/09 $83.18. wow and I thought it was free. I called them and they say I can return to product for a refund, we will see. watch out for this company, they will give you the run around. I wish I had read this web site before I ordered, hard lesson learned and very costly. I haven't even opened the bottle's yet. I will sell them cheap, lol

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  • Ch
    chris69 Sep 09, 2009

    Like others said, its a total scam,
    When you sign for the free 19 days trial, the trial start the first day of your order but the product comes more than a week later, which means that you have only a few to return, yes you have to return the product to cancel the free trial.
    After the trial delay they charge you $80 + for it.
    This is really not explicite in their website

    Stay away from it and call bbb

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  • Al
    alig2008 Sep 08, 2009

    Can't we start a class action suit against FWM? I received the Resveratrol/Pliagel offer. Cancelled shortly thereafter. Received a call offering a complementary sample of an anti-wrinkle serum - no discussion of price, or auto-shipment program, and no receipt recieved to indicate a purchase. I just logged on to to look into returning the last bottle of Resveratrol and noticed that I've been charged for two bottles of anti-wrinkle serum at $49.95 +shipping. I never received anything (after the conversation about a "complementary" sample). This would have gone on undetected for some time, since I wasn't receiving anything for $49.95 each month. Isn't that embezzelment?

    I would imagine there are hundreds of thousands of people who may not have logged onto the website to check their accounts and since the company doesn't send reciepts, have NO IDEA this is going on! It's criminal!

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  • Ro
    roger5200 Sep 07, 2009

    suppored to get a 19 day free trial for 99 cents.I failed to read the fine print in thier 7 page term and conditions . As a consequence i was charged 79.95 after having the product only 14 days, did not know the free trial starts the day you place your order.

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  • Tw
    twcinsj Sep 02, 2009

    Yes, I would like to get in on a class action law suit, also. This company is running a scam and they will never give us our money back. I have been charged twice in one month and I wrote their customer service to ask for a refund, but I doubt if I will get an answer. I'm afraid to even take the pills because I don't know if I can even trust them to send me real Resveratrol.

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  • Ka
    Kathryn Cleary Sep 01, 2009

    I had ordered trial of resveratrol ultra. Later, talked to a "representative" and told them I did not want the product. My debit card, however, was billed for over $80 for a product I definitely did not want. They sent me two bottles, one of the original product and another that had not been mentioned. I have attempted to contact them to see about sending them back, but am always put on hold. What a scam!

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  • Jy
    JYOUNG09 Aug 31, 2009

    The lead defendant named in the suit is fwm laboratories of hollywood, fla., which sells resveratrol ultra, acai berry detox, and other supplements. customers have complained to the better business bureau that fwm makes it difficult to return products, and the company continues to charge their credit cards long after they cancel. fwm is currently under investigation by the florida attorney general's economic crimes division.

    I purchased from them and had a heck of a time getting my refund but I did get it... I notified my bank, emailed the company with a very nasty "I will pursue legally" note as I did cancel within the 15 day time frame. they tried to say I needed to send back the product and I provided to them, their own terms and conditions which says if you notify them prior to the end of the free trial, they will no require the return of the product.

    Bottom line here — read the rules, but more importantly I wish I would have checked this website first!!!

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  • Pn
    pnorcross Aug 31, 2009

    I too had difficulty contacting the many phone numbers of the company. they claim they have a "24-7 chat line", but yet they never answered on sunday. I got so frustrated and paranoid that I finally went to the bank and cancelled my debit card. I am also thinking of having the product tested to see if it is really what it says it is. I am highly suspicious. I am actually afraid to take it because I don't think it is what they say it is.

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  • Km
    KMIdaho Aug 31, 2009

    Buyer beware!!! tried the free-trial (only free for 15 days).. the company automatically signs you up for a website with a 29.95 per month charge... they says it is in the fine print, it was sooo fine I could not find it... then they charged me for two months worth of product at 87.18 per month, I never recieved the product... there answer oh well in order to recieve a refund, you must return the product... and as usually the only people you can talk to when you call is someone in india.. what a pain in the @*#, I am tired of these internet products that you always end up screwed on... I am keeping my money local and @*&# the internet sales.

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  • Jf
    JforJules Aug 30, 2009

    Not sure how long you canceled after receiving the product, but by the time I canceled, which was a week or two at the most, they had already taken $87.13 from my bank account, & I necer orderd resveratrol!! I ordered a face cream that I thought was endorsed by oprah. they offered my resveratrol and I said no I do not want it, do not send it! they sent me 2 boxes. they gave my an "rma#" to included in or on the box and told me to return the product for a refund... just to be safe, you might want to call them and do the same. I still haven't received my money, after 2 calls, and it's been over 3 weeks, but I would call and try to return it anyway before they take your money, too!! good luck!

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