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Resveratrol: I ordered this product via an online after having reviewed several online pieces about it. the product itself provided no change in my well-being nor did I feel any energy boost / experience weight loss. the website purported to give a free bottle for $3.95 shipping and handling. this turned out not to be the case...
Chain of events:
5/14/09 ordered product
5/16/09 billed for $1.00, and $2.95 separately
6/1/09 billed $87.13 note the rebilling of the $3.95 for s/h as the product is only $83.18

I was also charged for charges made outside the country by my bank... so something in this billing is outside the country!!!

Attempted to contact after receiving bank statement from 5/23/09 - 6/24/09 on 6/27/09 but found that the department I needed wouldn't answer after hours florida time... funny they took my order at 11:35 pm central time.

Below is the continuation of my calls -
1437 started call on hold hung up on
1445 started call was transferred to john who hung up on me
1453 started call talked to christine 1506 transferred to supervisor
1524 the music stopped for a moment but no one came on then continued
1544 still on hold
1654 never answered hung up

Began call on my cell phone
1554 started call on hold
1603 karen answered
1605 karen refused to transfer to supervisor put me on hold to bring up information
1620 gave rma # wont confirm amount to be refunded
1620 gave returns address 3007 greene street hollywood, florida 33020
1627 refused to give contact information for refunds department
1629 nor give a way to contact refunds department
1630 dean supervisor repeated karen's information
1635 found out that karen had made an error regarding information about rma #
1637 gave email for refunds department (note on gmail account) [protected]
1645 provided company address 314 east dania beach blvd suite 117 dania beach, fl 33004
1654 finished call

Watch out for these super fraudsters!!!


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      Jun 09, 2009

    I have been double billed for what I assume is the same item under 2 different company names. I ordered a freeresveratol sample which I received and was appropriately charged shipping on. subsequently I was shipped another bottle with no invoice or statement enclosed... when I finally located online the return shipping info I found that the product must be returned within 15 days for a refund and it must have a return shipping number on the return package (a catch 22 if you ask me). I sent the item back as requested and received an email that my refund was processed and would be on my next cc statement. when reveiwing my current cc statement I was charged by resveratolulta and ac berry cycle for the same charges. my husband has currently been sitting on the phone for 30 minutes and still cannot reach a live person to talk too.
    Are we a satisfied customer... h_ no! I think the attorney general needs to look into these business practices.

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      Jun 10, 2009

    Dear sirs,

    I ordered a free trial of resveratrol on june 3, 2009. today is june 10, 2009, and I called
    To cancel my order so that it would not be put on my credit card. I called [protected] and spoke to
    Janet. she was very cooperative and immediately issued a cancellation # for the order. she said
    That my free trial was mine to keep as it had already been sent out, although I still needed to pay
    For the shipping, which is what I agreed to do.

    I think the problem with many of the complaints is that you wait too long to cancel or you wait until
    You get the product, which you know is going to arive way too close to the deadline for cancellation.
    So, in order to not get scammed, you need to cancel before you get the product (within 7-10 days)
    Not business days of when you have ordered. hey, if you really like the product, then you have the option
    To order it again for the full price.

    I will let you know if I do get charged for future orders on my credit card.


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      Jun 11, 2009

    Please see g. of terms and conditions as of 6/10/09. after the free trial period of 15 days (starting when you order, or when they deem the period is over and charge you $87 for that free trial bottle) you must cancel every thirty days to avoid being charged for bottle and postage (elsewhere the postage is up to $5.95) which is close to $84 mo.; and by the way, their demo prices won't last forever, it says someplace in the terms.

    I think they run the timer so people won't read the 8 pages of terms & conditions, you check the little box so you get your free sample. woops, there is no free sample, but a free trial of the $87 bottle, which your receipt says was "discounted" to "zero" which after 4 days you will pay $87 for!

    Also, there are 3 phone numbers (only one listed in terms & conditions, use that) which require your entering your credit number again to cancel. that implies more trust than many people have after being charged $87 for a free trial. I called all of them; on one several people answered who could not carry on a conversation (then music); another option was just music (is 866 no. free?). there is one website you can't get on (requires member id and login password). there is one e-mail that returns your e-mail (that's what happened to me). the point is people are discouraged from cancelling.

    And if you don't cancel within 2-4 days after you receive the bottle of 60 tabs, you are locked into g. terms and conditions above.

    What blows my mind is that with all this genuine interest, why would you immediately scam people $87 and entrap them into monthly payments of same with postage until the end of time? perhaps ultraresveratrol hired the wrong marketing operation? or perhaps these tricky devices were all intentional from the start?

    The monthly price of the product is too high for people like me. if I were ultraresveratrol, i'd have sent a few pills for a few days as a free sample. i'd have enclosed a sheet with different options, "i'd like to place an order for 1 bottle, 2 bottles and send to my address". make it like hewlett packard and ordering print cartridges. make the price reasonable (not $87) so I can order one or two bottles if I want on my meager budget whenever I want to or am able to.

    If the price is reasonable, some people might want to subscribe for the entire year. since this is america, a lot of people might want to order by carton, or might want to order some other product (like acai berry) with the resveratrol. my father had a bad sample experience with acai berry. but many people would be repeat customers if they were treated nicely.

    But no entrapments, please! don't make it like the record companies. I stayed with a fine record co. 2 or more years ordering nice cd's until I began receiving cd's I didn't order (which were not the original terms, someone became desperate). then, sadly, I had to cancel.

    There are way too many tricks, here and no one thinking about the customer interest and satisfaction. so by definition it's a scam or a fraud. the interest in this has been mind-boggling. I agree with comments another person made: why would they mess it up with poor business practices?

    When I saw the slip with the 5 other companies, I had to worry that besides a hundred a month from ultraresveratrol ($1200 yr.) i'd have to worry about 5 other co.'s with my credit card no. doing the same thing. if the product is really resveratrol, I don't understand why the marketing team would run a deceitful promotion. everyone wants it!

    The terms & conditions are very harsh, since there is really no free trial period given. the prices are way too high if you are not earning six figures or a celebrity. on the internet, developing trust in a company is very important. the terms & conditions blow away completely anyone's trust.

    I'm glad that claire had some success in her cancellation and was treated nicely. also, some people on this board were getting boxes from china, mid-east and being charged for border postage in so. florida, perhaps the 5 companies are too inter-mingled.

    My feeling is that if this product is real, they need to revamp their marketing strategy and their thinking in terms of offering their customers reasonable options without entrapping them. let them buy one or two bottles; surely they will be repeat customers if they have reasonably priced options and can trust you. think avon (or your favorite cosmetic co.), think hewlett packard, or nordstrom (some of us can't afford to go there) or your favorite store (ll bean, landsend) in terms of appealing to the customer. the problem is that the way this promotion was handled, it has minimized trust from the consumer.

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      Jun 17, 2009

    Dear claire... beware! on may 26th 2009, I ordered the "free" 15 day trial bottle with $ 0.99 shipping cost. on june 9th my debit card had a pending for charged $87.13. I immediately called the hollywood, florida office to cancel.. I was also given a refund confirmation # and told to keep my pills as a courtesy. I was told that my debit card would be credited for the refund and it should show up in 3 days... well, it did not! I called customer service again on june 12th. ater being hung up on twice,,, I asked to speak to the supervisor. this "alleged" supervisor said that there was no record of my cancelling! I was not too happy about this. I informed him that I had listened to the status of my order with resveratrol prior to speaking to him... and the recording did indeed state that I had cancelled on june 9th... furthermore, I read him my confirmation # and then he just happened to find it. he re-issued a new refund confirmation # to me and said to check in 3 days for my refund. I doubt that it will be there! especially after reading all of the complaints about this frauduleny company. I have contacted the better business bureau, who intends to forward my complaint to the florida bbb. I also plan e-mail oprah and dr. oz about this... infact, I am going to also contact president obama!!! the most important thing I did in regards to this "b. s." situation is : I closed my debit card account today!! I suggest that you do the same! sincerely, melinda

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      Jun 23, 2009

    I am experiencing the same - bottles of resveratrol keep coming in spite of a written reques to stop sending the product & charging my credit card. keep all records of dates you returned the product and do it with a tracking # or a return reciept requested with us mail. my credit card fraud dept. has been notified and they send me a form with questions and have credited my accout back. my charges were $87 and $83 (may and june). they will investigate and start me a new account, with a new account number if they continue to send me product. that is the way to do. if you have the charges taken out of y0ur bank account, you must see a manager and they can help you. get a new account if necessary and that will stop charges. good luck. this is so wide-spread - and I think because dr. oz supported the product on the oprah show. i'm writing them an email today. she should do something on her show to notify the public.

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