Reprofinance,ufxmarketsis it a scam

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I just want to find out if reprofinance is a real online investment or a scam a friend of mine has invested a lot of money with them I just find it very dodgy as they offer very high returns but I can not find anything on their website that states they are a scam or ponzi scheme, while at what about ufxmarkets are they real also and Iforex, please help any one with information.


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      Dec 20, 2011

    UFXMarkets are defently for real.

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  • J
      Dec 20, 2011

    UFXmarkets is a regulated company by the Cysec regulation as well as Mifid. That means that European regulation covers them.

    Your best option would be to check with both regulatory boards to see what those different companies histories are.

    You other option is to go to Google News and see what's written about them. Iforex seems to have had a lot of trouble recently and have been all over the news. UFXmarkets looks clean. Reprofinance seems oddly too clean.

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  • D
      May 01, 2012

    ufxmarkets is a scam they delay giving any money back that you request from them or you don't get it back at all.

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