Rent A Center Northport ALreturning my check stub

B Apr 06, 2019

We were looking for a sectional sofa w/chaise and saw the one we want in talks store in Northport, Al and asked what do we need to purchase this sectional/chaise and he replied the most recent check stub and a bill with your name on it so we told him we would return the next day with this information when we returned we gave the guy our information and he took them bit when he return he told us that the bill would do much get a copy of of another one and we could start from there so we took our bill but didn't notice that the check stub wasn't with it so I gave them a call and yet he guy on the phone what had happen so after that he asked his fellow workers and returned to the phone and said that he would have it pit up so when we returned we could pick it up but when husband went and asked Robin she said it was destroyed and there was nothing they could do so now we can not get the loan that we needed so we can pay our house payment or anything else that we needed to do
Please contact me asap regarding this
Thanks the days

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