Regal Cinemasrude/poor management


I come to this Regal in the Gulf Coast Town Center in Estero on a regular basis and would like to report a poor experience I had with management. I purchased 2 tickets for my husband and I to "Secret in Their Eyes" at 1:30pm on Sunday. We arrived at least 20 minutes prior to the start of the movie and realized that the theater was very busy. We were planning on meeting a group of 3 others so we wanted to get seats that were together. The only available seating for this was in the first few rows, so as a group we collectively decided to see a later showing at the Regal in Coconut Point, closer to our house. I went to the ticket box and the attendant informed me that in order to exchange my tickets for a later date, I had to talk to a manager inside at customer service. I spoke with who I believe was a general manager, Joseph. I told him about my issue and how I would like to see a later showing, and was immediately struck by his attitude. His exact words were "I bet there are plenty of seats available." He was actually arguing with me about how the theater looked when I was just inside it. I told him we did not want to sit in the front row. He was EXTREMELY RUDE and only after practically begging him did he give me re-admisstion passes. He was unapologetic about my experience, and I just got the feeling that he was annoyed by me. Very poor experience, especially when the staff is more friendly than management. We will not be coming back to this theater.

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