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D Jul 02, 2019 Review updated:

I have my SSA and SDI checks put on a direct express debit card as required to do so by the social security department after my mom passed away against my better judgement. I had noticed a 49.60 charge being charged to my account since November of last year and had no idea why it was being taken. I tried to contact the people at direct express multiple times and never had been able to get a hold of a person until today. They informed me that a transaction was done yesterday for 47.07 and for 2.53 totaling 49.60 and it was who was charging me at which time i was given the # to call. The gentleman who i spoke to was very helpful and quickly refunded me 3 months of payments but told me i would not be able to get back the other 300.00 of charges for the other 6 months. That is total bull crap because i never have even heard of the place nor had tried their services ever. How can they take my money without my authorization for 9 months then only refund me for 3 of those months when i actually got to talk to a person? So charges began he said on 10/13/18 and every month on the 1st since 11/1018 i have been charged 49.60. I want all my money refunded because i was robbed and didn't know i had even opened any door or window to let anyone in for access.


  •   Jul 02, 2019

    You didn’t notice fifty dollars being taken out each month? You either can’t read or have so much money that fifty dollars means little to you

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