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Real Property Management review: My bad experience with Real Property Management

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My bad experience with Real Property Management:

I moved from Phoenix to Las Vegas in January of 2009 to take a new job. Real Property Management asked for the typical first and last month rent upfront totaling $2800. Right before my family and I began moving Real Property Management asked for an additional $1400 security deposit. Their explanation for the extra $1400 security deposit was that they could not verify what my income was going to be at the new job (even though it was the same line of work). I agreed and moved in.

The contract I signed included monthly pool service. After the first month of living in the property we noticed no one had contacted us for pool service. When we called Real Property Management to ask about the pool service they told us that it was not included. They also asked that we sign an addendum to the original contract to state there would be no pool service. We didn't sign that!

When our first water bill came in the mail we noticed it was really high ($300). We contacted Real Property Management and told them that they should check for a possible water leak. Real Property Management told us that the water bill was high because we were not used to having a pool. In the second month we got another ($300) water bill.

At this point we contact the water company and they tell us we have a major water leak! We contacted Real Property Management and they denied there was a problem. At the end of month 3 and another ($300) water bill we contacted the water company again. The water company had to call Real Property Management and ask what they were doing to help preserve water in Nevada.

Four months later Real Property Management finally sent out a plumber to correct the problem. By this time my family and I are having a difficult time keeping up with the rent. We began paying our rent on the 15th instead of the 5th. We had to pay 10 days late because of the water leak that Real Property Management chose to ignore until the Water Company called them.

Then to add insult to injury, Real Property Management began charging us late fees. I’m in the last month of my lease and have paid over $3000 in late fees. I have never been more than 10 days late and never would have been late at all if Real Property Management would have taken care of the water leak when it was reported to them.

If you are planning on renting a property beware of Real Property Management. They will put you in a choke hold and take every last dollar you have. Just for good measure here are some keywords, My bad experience with Real Property Management:

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Jan 18, 2013 6:11 pm EST
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This complaint is inaccurate and completely false. REAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT LAS VEGAS has no record of this tenant ever renting from us. There are four franchises in Las Vegas and each one is independently owned and operated. We have no control over what any other office does. Our office has a 24hr maintenance hotline so tenants can always get ahold of a real person when they need help at the property. Property management is a very difficult business on a good day. We apologize for your troubles and would be happy to help in the future!


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