Real Canadian Superstore / unethical behaviour from management

Vi Jun 21, 2019

I feel the need to inform customers of the unethical behavior performed by a manager at Leamington, Ontario's, Real Canadian Superstore. My friend and I had a very disappointing experience during our last visit on Friday, June 21, 2019 at est. 9:30pm.
We have been loyal customers and have always enjoyed our visits to this location because of the quick and friendly service, until last night. My friend and I arrived at the checkout around 9:30pm behind a few people who were purchasing groceries and beer. The cashier was very friendly to the customers in front of us, making conversation and saying the usual "have a nice day."
When my friend was next, the cashier manager, Leah, quickly walked in front of him, grabbed his beers and walked around to the other side of the cash while rudely asking "do you both have your IDs?" without giving Joseph the chance to be friendly to us like he was with the customers ahead of us. My friend politely said "I have mine" holding it up for her. She turned to me and said "do you have yours?" looking at me. I took my hands out of my pockets with my keys and said "I didn't bring my purse in with me because I'm not buying anything". She loudly said "you shouldn't drive without your license, that's not good" in a rude tone. She then continued to loudly say "I can't sell it to you if you both don't have your IDs." I was shocked at how rude and unprofessional she was treating us that I didn't even stand there to tell her that my purse was in the car which was in the parking lot. We both left the store in shock, I was so upset and disturbed by the way she embarrassed us that I just drove away. Then noticing how disappointed my friend was, I turned around and headed back to the store so that he could purchase his beer. We went back and got his beverages and walked to the same cashier, unfortunately the same thing happened again. The same cashier was being very nice to the customers ahead of us and there was a different cashier manager, from the self-checkout, was checking peoples IDs ahead of us. Leah was closing the other cashiers tills during this time. When it was my friends turn, Leah quickly ran over, yelling, "you both got your IDs?" At this point I couldn't believe the way she was treating us for the second time. I pulled out my ID and told her that the way she treated us was very rude. She then said "how was I rude?" in a very rude tone. I responded telling her that she just was. She then didn't respond, swiped our cards, gave them back and then walked away, not saying a word. During our two visits we were never told "hello, how are you, have a nice day" or any other basic customer service that was being given to the other customers.
My friend and I have been to this superstore many times and have never had such a terrible experience. It is evident that Leah made this a case of discrimination when she clearly treated us differently because of our age. I have no problem with the fact that she didn't sell to us because I didn't have my purse with me; it was the way she immediately assumed we were underage and embarrassed us in front of the other customers. The way that she tried to embarrass me by announcing that I drove without my license was very disturbing.
This was the most unprofessional experience I have ever had with a manager at any business. She mistreated the situation and purposely embarrassed both of us in front of other customers. We both found that this behavior was disturbing coming from a manager and hope that this matter will not go without being addressed.

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