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P Nov 15, 2019

To Whom it may concern!

CC Lisa Ambruster

Consumer & corporate affairs, suite 500, 1919 Saskatchewan Dr.
Regina, SK S4P-4H2 888-374-4636 louise.[protected]

John Graham, Retail council of Canada 201 Portage Ave. 18th floor
Winnipeg MB. R3B 3K6 888-254-1654 [email protected]

I have had several issues regarding your policies and operations. I have complained to westfair foods prior and received an e-mail that someone would be contacting me regarding my concerns but no-one ever did. This was about a year ago regarding the gift certificates I used to get from pharmacy when the manager of pharmacy was Patel. When he was replaced the new pharmacist cut out the gift certificates so I moved my account over to the co-op, who was glad to now have an account that was consuming over $800.00 per month. No skin of my ass, you just lost 800 per month of sales but yet you didn't feel it required giving me a response to this issue!!!
Another one of your practices that infuriate my wife is this price on the sticker is such that in fine print says when you by two, three or in some other multiple. How underhanded is this. If this is the way you want to advertise a price, why don't you say double the price shown when you by two…not the single price. I know you are not lying but you are conniving or truthfully being crafty!!! Another [censored] I have is when you say you will beat all competitors with the same product, then you say well it's a different brand and you don't have the same brand that the competitor has. For instant when Walmart had butter on for $2.77 a pound with a limit of four, your store had no name (cheapest butter on the shelf) but for a limit of two. When I called to task about this I was told superstore didn't carry the Walmart brand. (Dah no kidding)
Another issue is when you have produce on sale you can bet your bottom dollar that item will not be on display and you will get the patterned answer "we were short shipped, try again in a few days. Who has time to do this [censored] by making several trips to do grocery shopping. Then the product is usually seconds or wilted to the point its only good for animal feed.t although its none of my business how you run your store like this
Once upon a time you had a great meat department, however a couple of the managers had it in for the meat manager at your store so they fired him for whatever reason I do not know. I do know that the meat department has never been up to or close to the quality of when Ernie was there. In fact, now it's been a fricking disgrace. the shelves are always bare, the coffin coolers are mostly empty and the everyday meat products are none existent. I am sure your personnel will deny this or have an excuse, but case in point! I went there on Monday to get a couple of either round or sirloin roasts and in the entire store there were 4 roasts- I am not [censored]ing you and I have attached photos to prove my concerns. Shame on you for calling yourselves grocers. This is your best you can do to service Moose Jaw with our population of 33, 890. What are your people smoking!!! when I go to bed at night I pray that Jimmy from BC will get his ass in gear and do something for us here in moose jaw.
Also just to let you know you can quite easily track my patronage by my points. I have around 0ne and a half million points now even though over a year ago I burned up a half a million when I purchased a large screen Sony TV. Now you only get my last ditch attempt being as my wife refuses to shop with your store period, and has not been in your store for over a year and a half, as she is now a loyal Walmart customer. I am a Canadian and do not like patronizing Walmart, even though I will admit they help to keep prices in check. I do not like the mentality or concept of the co-ops, and Safeway is for the most part, exorbitant in their prices. Boy talk about me being between a rock and a hard place!!! I will say I believe you have a great store manager (Lisa) and I believe she does her best, but it seems she is unable to control your concept of cut throat management. I also am quite aware of how treated a friend of mine who was one of your store managers in another city and I can only say that, if it were me, I would have sued your ass off, I guess it's true what they say, the larger the corporation, the less they have a conscience and the less they care about people!! However, that's really no never mind to me but your attempt at being a grocer does as I do not have any other option, except when I go to Regina and then Costco and Save on get my business!!! PS by the way the most people I talk to feel the same way about your operation here in Moose Jaw.
Most regrettably,

Preston Folbar
PS the two photos wont load as the message was they were to large. you can get them from the store manager in moose jaw Lisa

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    even you web site sucks by making me jump through hoops

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