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This company is a scam. I searched them on the Florida Department of Corporations and it says that their company and all their names they use as entities are Inactive and Un-Authorized. They flew a friend of mine down to Florida, promised her modeling shoots and a great career. When she arrived she was told to work at a strip club, and scheduled for porn shoots and meeting with clients. Talked to local police and they told me that they are basically scam artists and pimps. These people need to be stopped immediately. If you are thinking about working for these people, please don't do it. They make you give them all the money you make and only give you 250 per week! This is crazy that people like this can get away with this. Police in South Florida, and Tampa are looking for these people at this time. The main guys name is Gary B Lewis. Do not trust him. 6'0" tall, african american, short hair, heavy build, 300+lbs, drives a white tahoe at first then he uses rental cars. Police are trying to locate the black ford taurus he currently rented.


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    A Real Model Feb 28, 2010

    I have worked with Raven for several years as a model and doing promotions. I will be the first to tell you that Raven Magazine is a print glamour publication and doesn't deal with all that craziness stated in the complaint. It amazes me and I don't know how Gary and the staff at Raven takes this abuse. Maybe there to smart to read this trash. The girls that don't have what it takes and that don't take the industry serious or better yet think they are the next coming writes these type of lies. What kind of person would stoop so low to try an destroy a company that is trying to provide models opportunity. I know this complaint is a lie because first of all Raven doesn't pay any models and never has. They will tell you quickly that the shoot is for publication. Let me assure all the models that read this non-sense that I know Gary and I know the quality of work they do. I tired to tell Gary about this complaint and he said what I thought he would say "If there not talking about you then your not doing something right" and "If there talking about you then your doing everything right". So I assure you that this want effect Raven because I'm certain they want pay any attention to the "Haters" of the world. By the way just in case you want to know who I am. I'm the "hot" Burnette that was featured in there last issue. So go get your copy today!

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