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Hi. So glad the sharing of opinions online can help people avoid bad experiences with criminals like My story is very similar to the ones below - I was seduced by the chance to purchase the complete region-free DVD set of the television show Ally McBeal. This great show seems fated never to be released in the US due to the prohibitive cost to the company of keeping the original music tracks embedded in the episodes. For some reason, this does not present an obstacle to releasing the DVDs in other countries all over the world. An entire little shady industry has sprung up to put Ally McBeal DVDs into American hands. Unfortunately, many sellers are also scammers. My recommendation to you is not to be tempted to go through dicey-looking websites like and others, but instead to purchase through or UK, which provide a layer of protection from these scammers - even Ebay cannot do this--and to help ensure that you actually receive a quality product. But first I had to go through a 3-week trial with these jerks because their price was lower. Here's what happened. I placed my order on 12/28/07. Order did not post to credit card until 1/04/07. Started emailing the company on 1/15/07. I did get responses, but they just kept thanking me for my patience. When they claimed that my order had shipped, I demanded a tracking number. I was asked to wait for 2 more days for a tracking number. I said "If you shipped it, why do I have to wait for a tracking number?" They gave me a tracking number for a package received by CanadaPost in Quebec. When I tracked the package, the website simply told me that it had been received, but was unable to confirm that the package ID number was actually a package from RareDVDs addressed to me. Bottom line, I called my credit card company and YOU CAN GET YOUR MONEY BACK IF YOU CAN DEMONSTRATE THAT RARE.DVDs HAS MISSED ALL OF THE DEADLINES FOR PROCESSING ORDERS THAT THEY ADVERTISE ON THEIR WEBSITE. A company called "IP-Supreme Sales" that is based in the Bahamas is responsible for charging your credit card. This company seems to exist only to defend and other companies which sell on-line memberships to porn sites against customer complaints. It is their full-time job to prevent you from getting your money back. YOUR CREDIT CARD COMPANY JUST TAKES THE MONEY RIGHT BACK FROM THESE CRIMINALS, in just a few keystrokes and a 5-minute telephone call. Don't let get away with a $150 or more of your money. Just call your credit card company. Those DVDs are never going to arrive. If they do, and they are damaged or of terrible quality, RareDVDs/IP Supreme Sales requires you to process the return within 5 days of receiving the goods or they won't refund your money. As all of these Epinion posts demonstrate, getting a hold of ANY representative of those companies is either extremely difficult or impossible. Don't be parted from your money! Have the satisfaction of thwarting these jerks. In the course of one day (1/25/07), has morphed into a new site, called and jacked up their prices by $70 per DVD set! Beware - they are still the same lame-o crooks as they were yesterday.

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Mar 27, 2022 5:00 pm EDT

I wish I had looked first because it seems they are crooks they only got me for 16 dollars but I still would like to have's not past time yet so I will give a chance my question is why have they not been shut down...

Mar 17, 2017 1:39 pm EDT

My movies took forever to arrive and are bootleg copies that will only play on my older DVD players

Aug 18, 2007 12:00 am EDT

Oct 2006 my wife ordered and paid $135.00 for 6 Season of "Chips" as a Christmas present. Well by Christmas it did not come. Finally in Feb 2007 we received the DVDs. When we played the first disk we found that these DVDs were copied off the Bravo channel because the Bravo logo appears in the right corner the entire DVD. Also there are about 30 seconds of Candian commercials as you would expect where the commercials were. We contacted again and were given a address to return them to for a full refund. I did and did not receive the refund.I did some checking and found that was registered in the US but product was out od Canada. I even contacted Universal Studios DVD fraud department and was told there was nothing they could do but they were aware of them. Finally in March 2007,guess what came back in the mail, the boot leg DVDs because the shipping address they provided did not exist. Someone needs to shut them down. WARNING, DO NOT BUY FROM

Apr 20, 2011 7:16 pm EDT

I ordered "Duck Tales" from ( Before the items were shipped to me I checked my card and saw that they charged me twice for the same item. I wrote to the company several times about this, but received no response. I then wrote them requesting a cancellation of my entire order due to their ignorance of my previous inquiries. No response again.

I contacted their payment processing company, but again did not receive anything.

I still received neither my money back no DVDs. Stay away from this company. I am now trying to get my money back through my credit card company.

Feb 03, 2009 11:18 pm EST

Just wanted to thank you for posting this. I wanted to buy a set of DVD's and was going to purchase them through one of these sites. When I realized that that 6 out of the 11 seasons were not on DVD yet, I became suspicious and started looking up info on this type of thing. You all have just saved my family $140.00. THANK YOU! :)

Dec 09, 2007 1:55 am EST

Would these folks please contact me. I have been the victim of these scammers, and would like to lodge a complaint with the Canadian Police. I've engaged this company with several emails and they are currently ***ting themselves as I work in Law Enforcement in Australia. I have promised them that if I don't see a refund in my account by first thing this monday morning (tomorrow) that they will in fact be going to goal, no doubts about that. The net is full of complaints about which is one of the so called companies this one has morphed into. They are actually based in Canada, I have their address, so the next stage is to get folks to lodge complaints against them with the Canadian Police. And yes, please please please contact your credit card company, you can get your money back.

Mar 20, 2007 6:31 am EDT

I made a order for the Odd Couple set back on Nov 3rd 2006, they charged me twice for 2 orders of The Odd Couple. I called and canceled the orders and I still have no received my Refund... They use a answering machine to avoid you... I want my money back. Someone tell me how to get my Money back! ... These people need to be shut down!